31 Aug 2017

20 Awesome and Amazing Ideas for Craft Foam or Styrofoam

Being crafty is similar to being creative. Applying your creativity in making crafts is the right thing to do. There are many things you can turn into something decorative and stunning. One of the decorative things we’re
29 Aug 2017

20 Amazing DIY Craft Sticks Ideas for Kids to Make

Want to do some fun and creative projects with your kids? Having no idea what material to use? Try popsicle sticks. There so many creative possibilities you can create with popsicle sticks, from playful items to musical
15 Aug 2017

30 Creative and Awesome DIY Crafts for Boys Ideas

Let’s face it … it isn’t really simple to discover crafts to get the attention of the normal little young boy, much less one that leads to something that will stimulate their interest. Here are thirty amazing
7 Aug 2017

List of Recyclable and Non-Recyclable Household Items and Materials

Did you know that most items are recyclable at household waste? Did you understand that the typical individual in the United States produces around 4.5 pounds of waste each and every single day? Multiply that by around 300 million,