20 Amazing DIY Craft Sticks Ideas for Kids to Make

Want to do some fun and creative projects with your kids? Having no idea what material to use? Try popsicle stick crafts. There so many creative possibilities you can create with popsicle sticks, from playful items to musical instruments. All of them are easy and fun to make with your children. They would love the craft sticks project from the process until the results.

These 20 project ideas that we are about to show you, are all guaranteed to bring lots of fun and engagement for your children at school and at home. Popsicle sticks are not difficult to get, some grocery stores sell that kind of sticks with an inexpensive price. It doesn’t have to be the popsicle ones, another kind of sticks can also be used. It is according to the design of the crafts.

Popsicle sticks or similar kind of sticks provide endless options for your kid’s imagination or inspiration. Prepare to be amazed, you will see what simple wooden sticks can be turned into. These craft sticks projects are designed for toddlers and preschoolers, so it must be designed as fun as possible. Overall, these ideas are fun, simple, and easy to make.

1. Craft Stick Harmonica

Craft Sticks Idea: Harmonica

Making a playful musical instrument with Popsicle sticks? Why not! This little harmonica is made of popsicle sticks. It is fun to play and your kids would love it. The pitch can be adjusted by moving the straws. This project is neat and it’s a good project you can do in a group. The materials are not expensive and very easy to find.

Craft Sticks Idea: Play Harmonica

This is not just craft sticks activities, but also science learning for kids. How the sticks can produce a sound like a harmonica, there must be an answer to that. As you can see, there are three materials needed, rubber bands, straws, and the sticks.

2. Craft Stick Exploding Boomerangs

Craft Sticks: Exploding Boomerang

This craft idea is a little bit tricky to make but it’s super fun. Some kids might be having a hard time to stick the sticks in the right shape and arrangement. In this case, an adult or the parents need to accompany them to make sure the kids are doing it the right way. You will only need 4 sticks with various interesting color. Just stick the sticks like in the photo and let it dry.

3. Epic Marble Run with Cardboard Box

Craft Sticks: marble run

In order to make this playful cardboard, you may need a cardboard box, hot glue, and of course craft sticks. For your kids, this might be a challenge of engineering. With the help of an adult, the kids will be having a lot of fun times making it.

They will need to decide the sticks position, the path where the marbles will roll, and a number of marbles that will land in each paper cups. They would love it when it’s done. Keep an eye on your kids when they are playing with it, make sure the marbles not put in their mouths.

4. Craft Stick Crocodile

Craft Sticks: crocodile craft

This project is an easy peasy one. You only need craft sticks and pipe cleaners, then your kids will have their own cute crocodile crafts. Take a look at that cute little green crocodile, it looks so fun especially for your kids.

5. Craft Sticks Minions

Craft Sticks: Despicable Me

If your kids like the minions, this is the craft you should try. The color of yellow is a yellow marker, the color of blue is from the blue paper, and the black color is also from a black marker. With simple materials, you can let your kids creativity lighting up with these cute little craft stick minions project.

6. Stick Puzzle Craft

Craft Sticks: Puzzle

Create a little playful challenge for your kids with this stick puzzle made of popsicle sticks. The puzzled pictures should be interesting for your kids. You can choose cartoon characters they love, cute animals, or even their own photographs.

7. Wax Paper Lantern

Craft Sticks: Wax Lantern

This is the kind of project that requires some adult supervision. You need to help your kids to build this super cool lantern which is made of wax paper, craft sticks and a few paints. Installing the battery-powered tea light should be done by the adult. Take a look at the result, it would be nice little accessories for your children’s bedroom.

8. Craft Stick Coaster

Craft Sticks: Coaster

This one is quite functional, your kids could easily make this at home with some popsicle sticks which are painted in various colors. The coaster would be a lot cooler when the color choices well-blended together. Your kids would love to use the coaster that they make by themselves.

9. Farm Animals Craft Stick Puppets

Craft Sticks: Animal Farm

This idea is pretty much the same with the minion stick. But in this idea, it’s inspired by the animals in a farm. It’s a simple project that will keep kids going for hours. They have no limit to decide what animals to make for the next one.

10. “I Love You”/Little Notes Craft Stick

Craft Sticks: I Love You

If your kids are currently learning how to write, this idea can be a medium where they can learn to write in a fun way. It’s simple and easy to make. Just let them color the sticks as they want. Then, let them write little notes on the sticks.

You can give them some examples of what sentence to write. But if your kids know what to write, just let them do it on their own. After the craft sticks are done, let them pass it to anyone they’d like.

11. Stick Pencil Holder

Crafts for boys: sticks pencil holder

Talking about functionality, this is what your kids could use. The pencils, painting brushes, pens, crayons, markers, etc, should be put in a holder. It will be very helpful for your kids to clean up the mess after doing craft projects.

12. Tiny Bow and Arrow Craft Stick

Craft sticks for Boys: mini bow

You can let your kids play with a toy they made by themselves. This tiny popsicle stick bow and arrow is actually not hard to make. With a little supervision of an adult, having a perfect little bow is possible. This is one of the fun crafts with popsicle sticks that your kids can make at home.

13. Craft Stick Picture Frame

Craft Sticks Photo Frame

Using only a few popsicle sticks, combining it with a lot of imagination, your kids will be able to create one cool picture frame made of popsicle sticks. You can hang your little daughter picture with this cute-pink picture frame. Giving it little golden sprinkles on the sticks will make the frame glowing even more.

14. Sticks Small Farm with Barn

Craft Sticks Small Farm

As you can see in the photo, this is not a simple and easy project. This idea needs a little bit of an effort. However, this barn craft project is still gonna be a fun project with your kids.

Just focus on finishing the barn first, then you can go with completing the other farm accessories. Your kids will be having a fun time exploring and doing imaginative play with this craft sticks farm with barn when it’s done.

15. Handprint Flower Garden Craft

Craft Sticks Flower

In this craft, popsicle sticks are not the main attraction. The focus is on the art of handprint. The popsicle is there to complete the looks of flower garden concept. Let your kids color their right hand with colorful paint and mark it on a thick white paper like a stamp. This will be a fun project for your kids.

16. Craft Sticks Weaving Looms

Craft Sticks Weaving Loom

This project might be the one that your daughter would love to work with. The effort of weaving is a little bit challenging for kids. Weaving is also given an amazing opportunity for kids to find out patterns and textures. It will also encourage the growth in fine motor skills and the coordination of eye-hand. That’s why this project idea is highly recommended for your kids.

17. Craft Stick Puppets of Your Kids

Craft Sticks Puppets

Instead of having farm animals and cartoon characters as the object of stick puppets, you can have your kids as the puppets. Your kids will be having a fun time cutting, printing, and gluing their own photography. It’s gonna be more fun when they play with it.

18. Craft Sticks Bracelet

Craft Sticks Bracelet

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Bracelet is one accessories crafts to make with popsicle sticks. Your kids are not just having it as decorations or toys. They can actually wear it as accessories around their arm.

You can have this idea for a project at home, brownie groups, summer camps, and playdates. The most important thing to do is to bend the sticks to be rounded. It needs to be supported by an adult because it includes hot water.

19. Cute Hedgehog Craft Sticks

Craft Sticks Cute Hedgehog

This idea is good for a fine motor skill for toddlers and a color sorter for preschoolers. It will support them learning to count to 20 little hedgehogs.

20. Craft Sticks Abacus

Craft Sticks Abacus

Math activity will never be stressful anymore. With this little craft sticks abacus, the math activity will be a lot more fun for your kids. This amazing craft tools, your kids will be fascinated even though they claim to hate math.

Final Word

Those ideas are highly recommended for you and your kids. There are some project ideas that require an adult supervision, so you have to get your hands dirty in it to support. Using popsicle sticks or another kind of sticks for craft sticks ideas are inexpensive, simple, and easy.

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