11 Funny and Adorable Dog Costumes for Halloween

Some ideas of dog costumes can be very useful to inspire you to dress up your pets for Halloween. The only reason for that is because your dog, or you might regard it as your best friend, deserves to come trick-or-treating.

Halloween is one of the most fun annual celebrations of the year. Get your pet in on the fun. It would be more fun to have the pet by your side in matching costumes. You can choose a favorite movie character, scary but cute monster, or silly food as the inspiration for the costumes.

Don’t forget to measure the dog’s body size before making or ordering a costume. Measure around the neck, around the chest, and down the body. Make sure you get the perfect fit to your dog for the sake of its comfort.

1. Angel Vs Devil Simple Costume Idea

dog costumes bride and groom

For a quick and simple idea of making dog costume on your own, this one is the best option you can have. This last-minute DIY dog costume is only about dressing up the head. You can either choose to have your dog dressed up as a devil with the horn or an angel with the halo.

You just need to prepare some felt, pipe cleaners, ribbon, and some hot glue. With a little bit of creativity, you can even make it more special than this. As we know, some dogs don’t feel comfortable wearing articles of clothing, then this simple idea would work well on them.

2. Mummy Dog Costumes

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It’s a classic costume idea for everyone. It’s, in fact, a very simple and easy one to make. You can achieve the mummy look just by wrapping the whole body of your dog using medical gauze. It could even warm the dog during the cold night while trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.

In order to recreate this look, before wrapping up the pet, you need to soak the gauze in brown tea water. Then, rinse and dry the medical gauze thoroughly. After that, you can adhere it to some white dog pajamas.

3. A Cup of Star-Barks

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This DIY dog costume idea is super easy to make. The main material is just cardboard with a to-go coffee lid, and a Starbucks logo. It’s designed to resemble the design of the popular Starbucks coffee cup. The cup lid is used as a cute headwear to complete the creation.

Furthermore, you can just switch the logo with another brand you prefer or the one that’s popular in your area. Try bringing your dog to that coffee shop. You might be given a free cup of coffee, who knows?

4. Garden Gnome Dog Costumes

dog costumes black lab

Obviously, this costume idea is not only for Halloween. You can also put this costume on your dog to celebrate Christmas. Just let your dog stands on your outdoor space. It’s like the garden gnome has come to life.

For the whole costume exclude the cone hat, you will only need felt and craft fur as the main material. You can easily find the materials at the local craft store nearby. Add another element as an accessory like a couple of mini mushrooms. It gives a whimsical touch for a perfect photoshoot.

5. Simple No-Sew Monster Dog Costume Idea

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The step of making this monster costume for dogs doesn’t include sewing. If you are not used to sewing, making this costume won’t be a problem for you. This cute yet spooky head-wrap is so easy to make.

It makes your pug looks adorable and amusing. You just need some green fleece, three ping-pong balls, white craft felt sheet and some tools. You can even change the colors of the fleece as you want.

6. Lady Pug Halloween Costume

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This ladybug inspired costume could be a nice inspiration to dress up your pug. You can call it as a lady pug with this cute costume. Making this endearing costume doesn’t require advanced sewing, just the most basic one.

Prepare some craft felt and fleece to make this cute costume. It would grab people’s attention during the Halloween party. You will be able to make this adorable ladybug costume in no time.

7. DIY Dinosaur Costume for Dogs

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This is a cool costume that will enchant everyone. This green costume looks lovely with those spinal plates. It completes the representation of the dinosaur. Transform your dog into a cute prehistoric creature will make it the center of attention.

8. Lion’s Mane for Dog Costume

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Another simple yet attractive idea for a dog costume, you can whip up this costume on the fly. This lion’s mane could be perfectly comfortable for your pet. It only needs about an hour of your time making it.

Let’s turn your dog into the king of the jungle. The Lion King movie is quite popular nowadays. This year’s Halloween would be the right time to have your dog wearing this simple lion’s mane.

9. Dog Pinata Costume DIY

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This pinata costume for dogs looks so colorful. You can dress up your pup as festive as this one. It would steal everybody’s attention. Be careful, don’t bring you this Pinata dog to a party because the people would think that it’s the real pinata filled with a lot of candy.

You need to get some tissue paper in various colors and cover the dog poncho with it. As an extra cuteness, you can top it off with a little sombrero.

10. Funny Dog Costumes Spider Tarantula

dog costumes batman

This costume idea for dogs went viral online. It will transform your pet into a global phenomenon. There are a lot of online stores and pet stores sell this tarantula costume only for dog. It’s spooky yet adorable. Let your dog walking around the street with this costume, it will look even cuter.

11. Sushi Dog Costumes with Salmon on Top

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If you’re looking for a silly food idea for the dog costume, this could be a great option. Turn your dog into sushi. It’s one of the funny dog costumes you need to put on your dog. This costume is available on Amazon.

It includes soft plush nigiri jumpsuit that will make your dog comfortable wearing it. There’s also a headband with Japanese sun detail to complete the look.


If you want to save your budget and create your own version of dog costume in no time, some of those dog costumes are DIY friendly. But still, it needs a little bit of effort to make. Make sure the costume fits your dog in a comfortable way.

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