20 Unique Embroidery Floss Project Ideas to Challenge your Creativity

There are a lot more handicraft ideas to make from embroidery floss than only friendship bracelets. 

Embroidery floss is one super easy and very affordable thing to get at most of any craft or hobbies stores.

Besides its easiness to find, the color options are also limitless, and the crafts making process is extremely simple.

In this article, you will find several ideas to get crafty with embroidery floss. The ideas are divided based on their function and usage.

Embroidery floss crafts can be applied to organizers, accessories, footwear, and decorations. Some of which may be categorized as advanced embroidery and challenge your creativity to create ones. Now let’s take a look at these ideas below.


1. Basket Storage

Embroidery Floss Woven Basket

Not only with floss, this basket storage craft also can be done with yarn, string, or anything you can use as thread.

This basket storage project is an actually easy method to include some shade to your space, plus it’s a possibility to have fun with seasonal shade schemes.

You can develop a cozy color combination with salmons and also plums for this charming woven basket.

Once you see the result, you’ll know that it is also perfect to be a handmade gift. Make it a lovely set with some stationary or even baked treats.

2. Dream-Catcher Earring Caddy

Embroidery Floss Dream Catcher

Some Korean drama popularized this kind of accessory. They said a dream-catcher will chase your bad dreams away and let you have only the good ones.

But our crafty side says: this dream-catcher can be our earrings organizer with floss’ help. Your earrings won’t be scattered and hopefully still intact in a pair.

It saves your desk space as well because you’re going to hang it beside your vanity mirror.

3. Color Block Napkin Rings

Embroidery Floss Napkin Ring

Napkin rings are one of the things that set the standard of an awesome dinner party. This project needs plastic shower curtain rings and a few colors or embroidery floss.

The floss color selection can be adjusted according to your party theme. If you celebrate Independence Day for example, then you can choose the colors of your country flag.

4. Neon Non-Slip Hangers

Embroidery Floss Hangers

By wrapping embroidery floss around your clothes hanger thoroughly, you will have non-slip ones and never be bothered anymore by picking up the slipping off clothes.

As the name implies, neon colors are preferable. You can choose to wrap the hangers in one color or accordingly combine some.

5. Mason Jar Vases

Embroidery Floss Mason Jar

For you who love to display flowers, this will be cute and definitely affordable vases. Though the work consumes a lot of time, the outcome will leave you in awe. Imagine, no need to buy an expensive vase.

You just have to spruce some unused jars you have at home and spent a little money to buy the floss, and then magically you get some additional beautiful vases for your flowers.

6. Jewelry Bag

Embroidery Floss Jewelry Bag

This is another great idea to organize your knick knacks using something very common. Your little stitching skill is needed here to backstitch the outline you draw on a muslin drawstring bag. And that’s that, no need further work.

After it’s done, fill it up with your jewelry and keep it in your hand carry. It saves a lot of time to gather the accessories you want.

7. Embroidery Floss Storage

Embroidery Floss Storage

For our dear embroidery floss, they also need to be stored. This is a smart way to store them without having them tangled with each other.

Just prepare clothes pin as many as floss rolls you have. Roll each floss around the pin and you will never face a trouble of straightening the messy floss anymore.


8. Braided Chain Accessories

Embroidery Floss Chain Accessories

To make your gold and silver accessories look different, tag along braided embroidery floss in any complementary shades.

Blue is recommended, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t like blue. If you’re this crafty, there’s a guarantee that you won’t need any expensive jewelry designer.

9. Embroidery Beads

Embroidery Floss Beads

You can start your own craft business or even store beginning from this DIY project. The materials you need are very low cost. Yet the result it makes is so great.

You can also reduce the waste by using scraps of paper or card stock as the beads. Just wrap them with embroidery floss or sewing thread to make unique embroidery ideas.

Don’t forget that color selection is also important. So combine those which have matching shades.

10. Wrapped Headphones

Embroidery Floss Wrapped Headphones

You can’t write your name on your headphone to mark that it’s yours and prevent them from getting mixed with your friends’.

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Well, here’s a clever idea to differentiate yours from others: mark it with floss instead. Simply wrap your headphones from right above the plug to its both ends using embroidery floss in one or more than one color.

11. Wrapped Rope Necklace

Embroidery Floss Necklace

This project needs chain or rope and your floss wrapping technique. You really make a necklace, here, from scratch, not only accessorize an already done necklace.

For you who’ve mastered the technique and like to be challenged, this project is recommended to do.

12. Threaded Rhinestone Hoops

Embroidery Floss Rhinestone Chain

It doesn’t have to involve a jewelry designer to redecorate pairs of plain hoops. You can actually do it by yourself using embroidery floss and rhinestone chain. The work is so simple and doesn’t take a lot of your time.

For each pair, you can try to combine these color combos: two shades of green, turquoise and maroon, blue and grey, two shades of blue, as well as purple and rose. You’ll see each combo selection creates a different vibe.

13. Side Comb Upgrade

Embroidery Floss Side Comb

Who ever thought of upgrading a side comb? Furthermore, upgrading it with embroidery floss? Maybe no one, until you see this craft. Almost everything done using floss is so easy, including this one.

You just have to prepare a side comb and floss in your favorite color, tie an end onto the comb, wrap around the top, tie at the other end, and that’s that.

Make sure to choose a color that makes a statement to your hair. For example, hot pink looks perfect in brown or lighter locks.


14. Friendship Sandals

Embroidery Floss Friendship Sandals

Friendship bracelets are something you’ve ever heard and seen, but friendship sandals? Not so much, perhaps.

Well, this is a great and creative idea to have a matching item with your close friends. Rather than go with something common, trying to be anti-mainstream is quite extraordinary.

Choose among gladiator sandals, t-straps, and flip flops to do this project.

15. Sneakers Upgrade

Embroidery Floss Sneakers

Do you feel that your Converse sneakers are too ordinary? Don’t worry; you can do something about it using a needle, some happy embroidery colored floss, and several ideas of cool patterns.

Draw the pattern at the hard part behind your sneakers, follow the pattern by sewing, and you’re done. It’s that easy.


16. String and Nail Art

Embroidery Floss Nail Art

Now, this is a very awesome decoration that fits in almost any room, theme, and occasion. Like the name implies, you only need strings and nails.

Spell out some words that suit the situation, like your children’s name on their room walls, your company name at the office entryway, or party theme to state the title.

17. Place Card Party Favors

Embroidery Floss Place Card

Place cards are another dinner party table setting that’s as important as napkin rings. The project’s steps are very easy.

Write the initials of each of your guests on a cardboard, cut them out, wrap with floss, and lastly, stick magnets on the back. Place each initial according to where your guests will sit.

They’ll surely like it to automatically know their place. Inform them too that the initials can be brought home as a party souvenir.

18. Map Artwork

Embroidery Floss Map Art

Are you such a traveler or have a dream to become one in the future? Then, this artwork is so you.

Get a framed map of the world or certain region you’ve been or desire to go to, and mark your place using needle and thread.

You want to make the line to be clearly seen, so do not pick a color that exists in the map, like shades of blues and greens.

19. Ombre Monogrammed Letter

Embroidery Floss Ombre Monogram

Instead of dyeing their hair in one color, fashion people choose to have a gradual blending of one color hue to another.

That’s what they call as ombre. The shades are actually moving from light to dark. And we can adapt it into decoration as well.

Apply it in a monogrammed letter using floss in three different shade of certain color. The order will be light, medium, and dark.

20. Thread Wrapped Stool

Embroidery Floss Wrapped Stool

Look around at your room and see if there are stools or table legs you want to add colors too. Probably they’re too bland or don’t match enough with the whole theme of the room. If the said things exist, then upgrade those simply using embroidery threads.

Pick the colors you prefer according to your initial goal. And you’ll have upgraded stools or table legs without spending so much money.

One thing you should pay attention is that an embroidery floss will not be a good selection for making and increasing the value of something to be of elegance and luxury. Nevertheless, in helping you saving some cash and exercising your creativity as well as crafting skill, it’s a magical solution to create brand new items or upgrade some old ones.

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