11 Pumpkin Carving Ideas That Don’t Need Special Skill

Applying pumpkin carving ideas is not an easy task. It’s not something that your kids would make by themselves.

But, it doesn’t need that much skill to carve a pumpkin to be a simple, smiling jack-o’-lantern. Halloween is coming. It’s time to make a few decorations to hype the celebration.

A Halloween pumpkin is like a must-have item during the occasion. The first thing you need to do to make it is to choose the pumpkin that fit your design.

Prepare all the tools such as a serrated knife, a carving saw, a large spoon, and other carving tools.

Before the carving step, cut the top off and scoop out the seeds with the spoon. After the inner is good enough. The carving is about the begin.

Before all of that, you’ve got to explore these pumpkin carving ideas that could make this craft project more fun and easy.

1. Classic Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin

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This pumpkin carving is very iconic to celebrate Halloween. It’s the first choice of Halloween decoration all the time.

The evil smile of this pumpkin looks both creepy and cute. This classic traditional pattern has been around for years or maybe decades.

It smiles with some teeth and a triangle nose. It’s simple and easy to make especially for beginners. The expression of Jack-O’-lantern will never get old.

2. Personalized Pumpkin Carving Idea

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It doesn’t have to be a face in pumpkin carving. There are a wide variety of options you can choose to apply on your pumpkin. You can even make the decoration more personal by carving the last name on the pumpkin.

It’s a thoughtful way to let trick-or-treaters know just whose house they’re visiting. It’s not that hard to make. Carve out the letters on the printout paper you tape on the pumpkin.

3. Smiley Pumpkin with Creepy Teeth

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You can spice up the sense of creepiness on your pumpkin using only toothpicks. The picks offer an extra scary element to the pumpkin space you make. You don’t need to carve the tooth out of the pumpkin.

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It probably saves time a little bit in the making. You’re gonna nee an array of scattered toothpicks to achieve that creepy looks of jack-o’-lantern.

4. Creepy Cute Cat Pumpkin

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For a cat lover, having a cat face on a pumpkin is probably a good idea. Even though the creepiness is lower with this kind of face, but it achieves the cute side of the decoration.

You can be creative to make a sweet kitten face of your own. Or, you can just copy what you see in the picture. That’s not complicated, isn’t it?

5. Uncommon Side of Pumpkin Carving Face

pumpkin carving ideas bat

Mostly, the carving would be applied on the rounded side of the pumpkin. In this case, it finds its own way of carving and it offers something new to the spooky elements of the Halloween.

As you can see, these pumpkins are carved on the top side when there’s a stalk which is surprisingly perfect as a nose for the pumpkin. It looks way better and more realistic.

6. Fancy Geometric-Patterned Pumpkin

pumpkin carving ideas batman

It’s one of the easiest ideas on this list. It has a simple geometric pattern that everyone can easily make.

It’s not designed specially for Halloween occasion. It’s perfect for every day’s decoration of your interior. Just put it in the middle of the coffee table as the centerpiece.

It’s got an elegant and fancy look. Instead of using the natural orange color of the pumpkin, it’s spray-colored all over.

You may add some glitters to kick it up a notch. It would be an outstanding and fancy decor inside the room.

7. Fun Candy Corn Pumpkin Carving

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These pumpkin carving ideas must be the most decorative one in the list. For those of you who love candy corn, it can resemble your favorite candy.

For you who hate candy corn, you don’t have to eat it because you put it on the pumpkin. This model can be achieved by carving a simple face on the fruit and paint it white all over.

Then, you can continue to add some funky hair made out of corn cover. Stick the candy corn above the eyes as the eyelashes. You can use the candy in a lot of ways based on your creativity.

8. Black Pumpkin With a Stargazing Image

pumpkin carving ideas being sick

As you can see, some simple thin lines and dots can turn into a magnificent stargaze through a pumpkin.

The first thing you might notice immediately is the dark black color of the pumpkin. You may call it as the constellation ones.

Choose your favorite constellations that you want to carve on it. The first step is to spray paint the black color on the pumpkin to stand out the constellation.

9. Beautiful Rose Pumpkin

pumpkin carving ideas cute easy

Some girly touch to the carving art could be a perfect additional decor for the Halloween. It’s the beautiful one on the list.

In order to achieve the exact look, you have to carve deeper on some petals parts. It offers a textured look and a color contrast. To add more texture, you can do some shallow carvings for the vines and other flowers.

10. Emoji-Themed Carving

pumpkin carving ideas creative

The use of Emoji in the messaging system is probably the most trending thing that happens nowadays. That makes this pumpkin carving idea is a great one to try.

Paint some part of the fruit with yellow color. Then, do a little bit of carving as needed. For a finishing touch, you can draw the mouth or eyes to make it more “Emoji”. This could be the most up-to-date idea of carving art.

11. Branchy Pumpkin Carving Idea

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It’s a great idea of carving art that is quite flexible for nearly all seasons. For example, you can make this craft before the Halloween and you can use it for the rest of the fall season too. It’s got an elegant pattern that looks so perfect for any other occasions.

You can start it by spray painting the whole fruit with a neutral color. That sharp patterns can really bring attention in the room.

It will make an amazing centerpiece for your living room. The vine branch theme is not that hard to apply because it seems so simple.


Well, it’s time to get started. You now know which pumpkin carving ideas you want to have for Halloween. Don’t forget to prepare the tools to begin your preparation to make your own version of Halloween decoration.

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