Create Extraordinary Kids’ Projects by Utilizing These 26 Top Art and Craft Supplies

There are essential supplies to have in your kids’ craft area. They consists of textiles, beading, printing, and more. Collecting those art and craft supplies helps you to prepare any craft projects. The following lists are crafty items that your kids will create with.

1. Craft Felt

Art and Craft Supplies Felt Fabric

Felt is a great craft material because it is easy to cut, sew, embellish, and glue. It also has many colors and styles. Craft felt comes in pre-cut sheets that size 9’’x12’’.

The felt sheets are available in self-stick adhesive backed sheets, with stiffener added, and glitter sheets. Therefore, this kind of felt works best for kids’ craft projects.

2. Markers

Art and Craft Supplies Markers

Markers are one of crafty things to write with. You must have these items since the kids will love creating colorful art projects.

There are washable, permanent, and dry erase markers are available. Both thin and thick markers can be exert to get different scratch designs on your drawing.

3. Embroidery Floss

Embroidery Kits Embroidery Floss

Embroidery floss is commonly used for bracelets. However, some other crafts can be make creatively by using embroidery thread.

This cheap supply will be perfect to make woven art, tassels, and embellish a print.

4. Wood Shapes

Art and Craft Supplies Shapes

Wood shapes, both painted and unfinished wood, help you to start or finish off any wood workings. Most of them come in unfinished wood so that watercolors and acrylic paints are needed.

In costume decorating and paper crafts, flat wood shapes are mostly used. Flat wood shapes contain stars, squares, petals, hearts, triangles, and circles.

5. Strings

Art and Craft Supplies String

Craft strings come with bright and dark colors. Multi-color strings are needed to make lovely string art. Those ideally create colorful necklaces, bracelets, gift boxes, and other craft projects.

A very simple string art only needs strings, nails, and a surface ( a wood piece or another material for a base).

6. Rubber Stamps

Art and Craft Supplies Stamps

Rubber stamps are one of the art supplies to create stamping projects, kids’ crafts, card making, dyeing and batik.

The stamps are made from soft rubber blocks which are hand drawn and carved. The stamp types consist of alphabets, animals, flowers, vintage writing, and custom rubber stamps.

7. Feathers

Art and Craft Supplies Feather

Obviously, there is always a place for feathers. Craft feathers give sassy and soft touch to your art projects.

They are easy to sew, glue, mix, and match with any other materials. They made of sanitized natural feathers with no colorfast. Feathers also can create fancy boas, costumes, and masks.

8. Colored Chalks

Colored chalks encourage kids to use their imagination on drawing chalks art. The chalks are non-toxic so that they are safe for kids.

The washable and biodegradable chalks come in more colors and patterns. The kid-size chalks make them easy-to-grasp while drawing.

9. Paint Brushes

Brushes are painting accessories that commonly used in art paintings. Using these brushes to paint your watercolor projects will give an endless brush strokes for them.

Paint brushes are ready in variety sizes and designs to suit your need.

10. Paper Towels

Art and Craft Supplies Paper

Creating paper crafts with paper towels seems to be cheap and simple. Paper towels have cardboard tubes that also become staple supplies for kids’ craft.

Creatively use your imagination to make unique DIY art projects from paper towels. Recycle the paper into fun crafts such as bird feeder, toy watches, gift boxes and more.

11. Bubble Wrap

Art and Craft Supplies Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a recycled supply that can be created to make fabulous crafts and gifts instead of packaging material. There are more attractive craft activities with bubble wrap than just squeezing it to make it pop.

Cut, shape, and paint bubble wrap to create creative art projects like flower art, photo frame, or fish mobile.

12. Seeds and Seeds Pods

Art and Craft Supplies Seeds

They can be easily found at surrounding because seeds are natural supplies. Seeds that can be found are magnolia seed pods, locust seed pods, eucalyptus pods, pinecone, lotus flower pods, and so on. Practically, you can purchase them in the form of dried seeds.

Kids can do many sensory plays and craft activities with seeds. Seed pod stamping and seed mosaics are the best seed craft activities for them.

13. Crepe Paper

Art and Craft Supplies Crepe Paper

Crepe paper has an amazing texture and stretches well. It is not similar to tissue paper because crepe paper is opaque and wrinkly.

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Because of its texture, this kind of paper will be perfectly used to create realistic plant life. Crepe paper is perfectly for paper flowers, butterflies, bouquets and paper sculptures.

14. Wood Beads

Art and Craft Supplies Beads

Both unfinished and multicolor wood beads are essential to your fashionable crafts. The unfinished beads have rustic and vintage look while the colorful coating beads fit to adorable necklaces, bracelets and purses.

The beads have complete versatility with small pre-drilled center holes. Therefore, you can simply connect them to many kinds of threads, yarns, ropes, and cords.

15. Popsicle Sticks

Art and Craft Supplies Sticks

Popsicle sticks consist of wavy sticks, jumbo sticks, mini sticks and more. They are utilized for building and creating art projects.

There are houses, stick flowers, boats, puppets and tree ornaments can be created from Popsicle sticks. You can paint or stain those versatile supplies creatively to suit your needs.

16. Googly Eyes

Art and Craft Supplies Eyes

To create fun, googly eyes mostly glued on craft creations. They vary in sizes start from 4 mm diameters to big monster size about 15 cm diameters.

The classic googly eyes have white backs and black irises. Some come with white backs and bold-colored irises of green, yellow, red and blue. Those are made of plastic with flat backs to be applied easily on any objects.

17. Pom-Poms

Art and Craft Supplies Pom Pom

Pom-poms are made of acrylic which have fluffy texture. They can decorate any craft projects. Mini and large colorful pom-poms can be mixed to stick onto cards or wooly hats.

They also add texture to hanging decorations. Make unique characters by gluing pom-poms with fabrics, felts, and pipe cleaners.

18. Craft Foam

Art and Craft Supplies Foam

Craft foam is sturdy, spongy, and flexible to cutout in iconic shapes. It is possible to write on using markers because of the smooth surface.

You can also decorate with stickers, glitters, and rhinestones easily. Craft foam can be made into door hangers, finger puppets, masks, greeting cards and many endless possibilities.

19. Yarn

Art and Craft Supplies Yarn

Yarn is commonly used to knit sweaters, blankets, socks, and caps. It blends acrylic and wool materials to create soft and stylish crochet garments.

This yarn sometimes features a blend of colored sprinkles and gradual shading colored ombre.

20. Clay

Art and Craft Supplies Clay

The simplest and the most imaginative art projects are possible construct with clay. The modelling clay are multipurpose, light and easy to work with.

They can be compose into any shapes even ultra-thin pieces. Craft clay enable you to have endless color mixing on your project.

21. Straws

Craft straws are perfectly added to your DIY supplies for creating straw art projects. They are made of plastics with various colors available.

There are also natural straws with simple appearance. Those are mostly used for ornaments and model building materials. Combining the natural straws with color straws will produce wonderful accents on the art crafts.

22. Cotton Balls

Crafts for Toddlers Lamb

Cotton balls are made of spun cotton fiber and set up into many shapes and sizes. The sizes are from 6 mm up to 60 mm. There is a single hole in one end of each ball.

The cotton balls can be glittered, embellished, and painted as needed. Therefore, these versatile balls will work best with acrylic pants.

23. Acrylic Paint

Art and Craft Supplies Paint

Acrylic paint is mostly used for wood craft. It is also good for glass, canvas, and plastic. Choose the right color to get the best result. You can see the real color through the plastic rather than the label color at the bottom of the bottle.

Do not forget to choose good quality brushes. Acrylic paint and brush are best couple to brighten up your art work.

24. Thread

Embroidery Kits Metallic Threads

Craft threads have different types and uses. When you start sewing, doing cross stitch, and making craft with thread, it is important to choose the right types of threads. Some of them are embroidery thread, cotton thread, polyester thread, silk thread, and so on.

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Every type has its own thickness, softness, and durability. It also has rainbow colors to choose from. Decide your favorite type and color to determine how delicate your finished work will be.

25. Scrap Wood

Art and Craft Supplies Scrap Wood

Scrap wood usually comes in unfinished and varies in sizes and thickness. These wood scraps are thinner than traditional building blocks.

This supply surely suits to create wood design and sculpture. To avoid splinters, all edges and sides of the wood are sanded.

26. Floral Wire

Art and Craft Supplies Wire

Designing corsages with floral wires, stem wire, and ribbon will create beautiful flower arrangement. The function of floral wire is to support and lengthen stems.

To know the thickness and flexibility, florist wire has gauge number. The more it has gauge number, the thinner and more flexible will be. Instead of floral use, this florist supply is used for art craft.

Having a bunch of art and craft supplies will give a great chance for the kids to pick what they want to craft. You will have more fun watching them while they are picking their favorite craft supplies. Therefore, it becomes more essential if you are already well equip with those materials.

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