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25 May 2019

10 Cool DIY Crochet Craft Projects That Are Perfect For Beginners

Are you the beginners in the world of crochet crafts? You have come to the right place. We will show you some DIY crochet craft ideas that are not so hard to make. But before that, you
24 Oct 2018

10 Clever Yarn Crafts Ideas that Evokes Your Creative Side

The idea of crafting is to make something useful out of trivial materials which are easy to find and also affordable, such as embroidery floss or more known as yarn. In some cases, crafting could even cost
17 Aug 2018

Creating Your Own Cross Stitch Fonts in 7 Simple Steps

Are you still looking for some great cross stitch fonts ideas? Or do you need a pattern with text on it? You have come to the right place. This is the page you need to learn how
14 Jul 2018

35 Common Terms Of Cross Stitch For Beginners That Everyone Needs To Know

As beginners, understanding the terms of stitches is very important. Sometimes you are getting confused about new terms and weird acronyms in cross stitch. Learning cross stitch for beginners needs to familiarize themselves with many phrases used
13 Dec 2017

20 Unique Embroidery Floss Project Ideas to Challenge your Creativity

There are a lot more handicraft ideas to make from embroidery floss than only friendship bracelets.  Embroidery floss is one super easy and very affordable thing to get at most of any craft or hobbies stores. Besides
19 Sep 2017

25 Best Simple Cross Stitch Alphabet Patterns Ideas

If you’ve done cross stitching before, then you knew that deciding the right alphabet pattern is the very basic thing to do. Like font types in typing with computer or any other gadgets, there are a lot
11 Sep 2017

20 Most Popular Items in Embroidery Kits to Support Your Projects

There are plenty of embroidery supplies that you’re able to use to support your crafts and projects. They come in both non-brand and popular brand items and cover a wide range of kits, from the starter kits