11 Easy Peasy Butterfly Crafts For Kids

Giving your kids some butterfly crafts is probably one of the best nice ways to make them happy. Your kids will be full of excitement when they get some colorful and beautiful butterfly crafts.

This kind of craft is a great option for art projects for your kids to flex the creative muscles they have.

There are a lot of ways to design and color butterfly crafts. Here are some of the best craft ideas you can have to inspire your next project.

1. No-Sew Felt Butterfly Craft

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Source: coolcrafts.com

Your children would love butterfly crafts because butterflies are one of the most favorite insects among kids and adults. They will love this one too adorable butterfly craft too.

This craft uses felt as the main material because it’s inexpensive and available in many stores. It’s so easy to make. You don’t have to sew it and it’s using a hot glue to be attached.

You will also need pipe cleaners, scissors, pencil, and circle templates like a glass lid. The lid will help a lot to make a circle on the felt and cut it.

2. Tulle and Clothespin Butterfly Craft

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Source: coolcrafts.com

The materials used in making this butterfly craft is very simple. You just need a pink tulle and a clothespin to create this pretty butterfly.

It’s gonna be a fun project you can do with your kids. Or, you can make it yourself and peg them onto the curtains of your kids’ bedroom as a sweet surprise.

Decorating the clothespin would be a plus. You can use acrylic paint to paint or draw the clothespin to make it as pretty as possible.

3. Fun Butterfly Craft from Paper Bag

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Source: siparent.com

This fun craft is made out of a paper bag, doilies, and some other craft items. It’s a perfect craft project your kids can do in the afternoon for springtime.

Using dot markers, your kids would have a little fun personalize the butterfly craft they’ve made.

The googly eyes really make the character of the butterfly more alive. Don’t forget to draw a smile on its face.

4. Paper Plates Butterfly for Kids

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Source: petrotimes.vn

These butterflies are one of the great ideas to make a craft using paper plates. You can let your kids flex their creative muscles in coloring the butterflies.

This craft is a combination of paper plates and wooden craft sticks which is perfected by the colors and face drawing.

To make such a beautiful color blend effect to the paper plates, you can use the shaving cream marbling technique.

It’s one of the most favorite technique of color crafting. Otherwise, you can let your kids paint it to the color they want.

5. Baby Wipe Butterfly Crafts

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Source: pinimg.com

The concept of this craft is quite similar to the tulle and clothespin butterfly craft above. In this case, it’s using a tie-dye baby wipe instead of tulle.

The color is made using colored markers. The baby wipe is able to automatically form a nice blend of colors.

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With your creative minds in combining the color, you can make it more and more impressive. Also, let your kids choose the color they want.

6. Butterfly Magnet Craft For Kids

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Source: theinspirationedit.com

It’s a great accessory you can stick on the fridge. Those cute little butterflies are made using pipe cleaners, pompoms, and clothespin as the base.

Adding a magnet at the back of the craft makes it more functional. It’s not just gonna be the toy your kids will play with.

The fridge needs to be decorated too. Add a couple of googly eyes to give life to the butterfly. The various colors of the item are important in this craft.

7. Popsicle & Yarn Butterflies for Kids

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Source: janecanblog.com

This butterfly craft idea will make use of your leftover popsicle sticks to be the materials for your kids’ summer project.

If the family doesn’t eat popsicles often, you can get the craft sticks instead. You should also prepare some balls of yarn in various colors, pipe cleaners, and wooden beads.

To make one, you should form two sticks into one forming an X. Then, you can tie a knot around the cross of the sticks with the yarn.

After that, you can continue to wrap the sticks with colorful yarn you have and add a finishing touch.

8. Watercolor Butterfly Suncatchers Craft

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Source; aljanh.net

It’s a craft for window art to create interesting decor to the glass surface. It’s made using a wax paper that gets splashed with some liquid watercolors.

That’s what makes this window art so artsy and pretty. This one should flex your kids’ creative muscle in applying the watercolor. Let them be the artist of this window art.

After they are done coloring, let the paper dry overnight. Add twigs in the middle as the butterfly body.

9. Patterned Accordion Fold Butterfly Crafts

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Source: pinimg.com

It’s such an interesting craft to make. When you decorate your wall with these butterflies, the entire world has an attractive vibe to enjoy.

The accordion fold has a great match with the butterfly form. Using patterned paper is also the key to such an impressive craft.

10. Rainbow Paper Butterfly Crafts

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Source: ofamilyblog.com

Rainbow paper is the key material of this craft. That’s what makes this craft is different from the other butterflies. You can use a template to get the right cut of butterfly’s shape.

You can also draw the butterfly shape yourself based on your imagination. To achieve the three-dimensional effect, you should glue two pieces back to back. The butterfly would look like it’s flying.

11. Baby Sized Washcloth Butterfly Crafts

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Source: coolcrafts.com

The fact that this craft is using a tiny washcloth to make butterflies is wonderful. The baby-sized washcloth could make some cute butterflies for your kids. What makes this project so easy because it’s a butterfly, not other animals.


If you want it to be larger, you can choose the bigger size of a washcloth and of course longer pipe cleaners. Don’t forget the glue to attach the googly eyes.


There are many other butterfly crafts that could inspire you for your next project. Those eleven ideas are enough to get you ready making butterflies with your kids. Just let them do the most fun part of the project. They’ll love it.

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