20 Cool Crafts for Kids Ideas That Everyone Will Enjoy

When summer comes, you must be wondering how to spend it with your kids in the coolest, easy yet educative ways. Here is what we’re going to give you: a list of twenty cool crafts for kids ideas that everyone will enjoy. The material is easy to collect. It’s all there around you. But please be aware that no matter how cool and fun the project, they still need parents guidance. Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s go and try it!!

1. Pop Rocks Expander

Cool Crafts for Kids Expander

Kids know pop rocks and soda. But do they know other ways to learn about gas particle? Try this for fun. First, pour pop rocks into balloon. Place the opening of the balloon over the mouth of a bottle of soda. Stretch it but make sure the candy doesn’t get dump into the soda. Grab the balloon at it lowest point, lift it up, and dump the pop rocks into the soda. And watch happen next….

2. It’s Frozen Time

Crafts for Toddlers Frozen Primary Color

Every kid in the world knows the movie Frozen and how awesome is Elsa’s power. Turning something into ice? What more do you want? Your kids surely would love this project. It’s gonna be magical summer!

3. Glow in the Dark Bouncy Balls

Cool Crafts for Kids Bouncy Ball

This probably cannot be considered a science project. But hey, it still a cool way to practice measuring and mixing things with your dear kids.

To make each balls, you will need half table spoon of borax, 4 table spoon of corn starch, and 4 table spoon of warm water. After that, in a separate bowl, combine 1 table spoon of white glue and 1 table spoon fluorescent or Glow in The Dark paint. Once all the ingredients are well mixed, combine it into same bowl. Allow the material to react by themselves for a minute before stirring them.

As you stir a sticky hard, a slimy material will form. Roll it and shape it into form of ball. Wait until the material becomes dry and rather hard, yet still moldable. Do these steps to 7 other balls. Once you have formed 7 separate balls, break them apart into 7 pieces and combine each part of it until it in the form of rainbow bouncy balls. Have fun!

4. Rain Cloud in a Jar

Cool Crafts for Kids Rain Clouds

Ever wonder how the rain was created up there in the cloud? What better way to help the kids learn the process through the coolest way possible? This project will give the kids the experience of the lifetime.

The material to make this science yet fun project is very easy. You probably already have it in your kitchen or around the corner of your house. There are four things you must prepare, that is glass of water, shaving cream, food coloring or liquid water color and a dropper or pipette for liquid water color.

Start the project by putting a large amount of shaving cream on top of a jar of water. Describe to the kids that the shaving cream is cloud up in the sky. Add drops of liquid watercolor or food coloring to the jar. Once it gets saturated enough, it will start to rain. This way, you could teach the kids of how the rain is formed, in a much cooler and creative ways.

5. Egg Drop

This one is classic. It sure will entertain and educating your kids up into their creativity limit. How low, I mean, how high can you go, kids?

6. Hovercraft

Cool Crafts for Kids Hovercraft

A cool toy that you could build it at your home. Imagine the kids having toy that flying around the house. Such a great idea to come up with. I wish I had this toy when I was a kid.

You only need four materials, which are a used CD, a push-up water bottle top, a balloon, and superglue. Using superglue, stick the push-up water bottle top into the center of CD. After the glue is dry and with the valve in the closed position, blow up the balloon and fix it over the valve in the middle of the CD.

Last step is place the hovercraft on a hard and flat floor (not carpet), let go of the balloon and pull the bottle valve to the open position. Watch it hover over the floor as the air escapes from the balloon through the valve.

7. Glow in the Dark Exploding Bag

Cool Crafts for Kids Glow in The Dark

Everybody loves science project that gives explosive reaction. Plus, this one brings little artistic alike. Just set the fun by allowing the bags to explode on a piece of paper. Give it a try.

What you need: homemade glowing vinegar, zip seal bags, baking soda, toilet paper, poster board, and corn starch (optional).

The homemade glowing vinegar is easy to make. All you need is vinegar and glowing paint of your choice. You can add corn starch if you like. But this only an optional. It’s all up to you. Once the vinegar is made, pour them into bags with a zip seal on it. You can fill the bags with more or less vinegar; the amount is again in your hand to decide.

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Next step is to take the toilet paper squares and pour baking soda into the center. Then fold it into the form of a ball, and secure the baking soda inside. These have been your exploding paint bombs.

Now, how to play it? Cover the floor with poster board. And then, to set off each exploding paint bag, hold the baking soda inside the bag and seal it as much as you can before letting the bomb go. Drop the bomb, quickly seal the bag the rest of the way, and quickly set the bag down. You will see that the bag will begin to expand. Once it reach its maximum, it will explode and spreading lots of beautiful art all over the paper

8. Fizzing Lemonade

Cool Crafts for Kids Lemonade

We always serve lemonade during hot summer. Furthermore, the kids love it. Now, we give you something better: fizzing lemonade! Let them experience the thrill, and by the end, let the kids drink the fresh reward. Here is what you need: 1-2 lemon, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, cold water, 1-2 teaspoons of sugar, juicer, glass, spoon, and measuring spoon.

First, you need to squeeze the juice of one lemon into glass, add 1 teaspoon of baking soda, give it a hard stir to have some reaction (you’ll see what I mean), add some sugar and lemon to the water. Final step: give it a try!

9. Borax Crystal Flowers

Cool Crafts for Kids Flower

The materials are as follows: borax, water, fake flowers, pencils, string, tape, spoons, containers, and paper towels.

These how we do it. First, remove the leaves from your fake flower. Tie the flower stems to your pencils using string. Dangle it into your container. Boil some water, pour it into empty container. Then, dissolve spoonfuls of borax one at a time until it no longer dissolves. Then, place your flowers into container and let them sit there for couple of hours. Wait for few hours, and enjoy the blooming flower of crystals.

10. Glow in the Dark Jello

Cool Crafts for Kids Jello

A sudden blackout in the night. And you are puzzled how to make the night more fun and cool with the kids despite the situation. Try this, a glow in the dark jello, a great way to makes things glow. You will need this stuffs: jello, 16 oz of tonic water, stove, liquid measuring cup, small pot for boiling water, mixing bowl, mixing spoon, refrigerator, and small table lamp with fluorescent blacklight.

And then, measure the tonic water of 8 oz (1 cup), pour tonic water into pot, turn stove burner into high, pour jello packet into mixing bowl, pour boiling water into mixing bowl, stir until dissolved, add cold water, chill it in the fridge, remove and test it with backlight.

11. Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Cool Crafts for Kids Bubble

You don’t have to wait little rain for some cool rainbow. Rainbow bubble snakes. Yups, your kids will have a blast seeing how long can they make their snakes. It’s fun to try. To make this project works is simple. What you need an empty water bottle from tour recycling, duct tape, sock that missing its pair, dish soap, and food coloring.

Start your working by cutting the bottom side of the bottle.  Then, slide the sock over it.  We used colorful duct tape to secure our sock, but you could use a rubber band as well. Pour some dish soap into a container, add little bit of water on the container and stir it gently.  Dip the sock covered bubble blower into the solution and gently blow. Remind the kids to blow out, and not suck the air in.

12. Rock Candy

Cool Crafts for Kids Rock Candy

This one is a classic from both perspectives: scientific and your sweet tooth. Help the kids to explore the process how crystals are made, and enjoy the sweet rewards of them. You need some wooden skewers (cut in half), water, sugar, clothespins and glass jars/drinking glasses. The proportion of water and sugar is depends on how many of rock candy you would like to make and the numbers of jars you have.

To make our batch of rock candy, we started with 4 cups of water and 4 cups of sugar. Put it all into a large sauce pan. Once your pot is on the stove, bring it to a low boil over medium heat, and continue to add sugar one cup at a time until you can no longer dissolve any more of it. Turn off the heat and allow it to cool for 15 minutes.

While your sugar is cooling you can prep your sticks. Soak the sticks into water. Roll them in sugar to give the sticks new sugar crystals. Be sure to let them dry all the way! Carefully pour your sugar solution into your glass jars. Slowly insert your sugared skewers into the solution. A smaller mouth jars or glass can do just fine, but only allow room for about two sticks per in it.

Be sure that your sticks are not touching the sides or bottom of the glass or each other! They need room for the new crystals to grow! Set them up in a warm, sunny location where they won’t be disturbed, and wait until it form into a batch of sparkling sugar candy.

13. Galaxy in a Jar

Cool Crafts for Kids Galaxy Jar

First you need a jar (obviously), water, glitter, paint, 500-1000 of cotton balls (more the merrier). Fill 1/3 of the jar with water to begin! Add several drops of acrylic paint to the water, put the lid on your jar, and shake to mix the paint and water.

Add a bit of glitter to the water and paint. Stretch out your cotton balls and add them to the water until the bottom is filled with cotton, pressing them down into the water with a stick or butter knife. Fill 1/3 or less with water and add several drops of contrasting paint and repeat steps 2-4 so your colors start to mix into each other. Fill the final 1/3 of the jar with water and repeat the steps from the beginning.

14. Balloon Dart Painting

Cool Crafts for Kids Dart

These cool projects will teach your kids to practice their aim, and at the same time make some art painting all the way. So, what are you waiting for? Go have fun outside. Parents please aware of the dart. Make sure the kids knows how to play it safely

15. Cosmic Sun Catchers

Cool Crafts for Kids Suncatcher

The materials to make this project to be happen are as follows: lots of white glue, food coloring, toothpicks, plastic lids, hole punch, string. Here are few steps of making it: Pour some amount of glue into one of your plastic lids and swish it around to cover the entire inner surface.

Put 1-2 drops of food coloring around the glue. Swirl it with toothpicks the colors around in the glue. Stop swirling before the colors get too combined or the final result will be muddy and brown. Let dry. Last, when fully dry, peel the sun-catcher off the lid, punch a hole through the top, add a string, and hang in a sunny spot.

16. Leak-proof Bag Experiment

Teach the kids about the chemistry of polymers and how they work. By the time this ends, kids will learn and hopefully understand why polymers can be a leak-proof materials

17. Rainbow Pom-Pom Necklace

Cool Crafts for Kids Pom Pom Necklace

What you need are yarn, scissors, necklace cord, and needle. The pom poms can be made any size by wrapping the yarn around anything you’d like. For example, your hand. Remember: the more yarn you wrap, the thicker and fuller the pom will be.

Take-off the bundle and lay it on top of a length of yarn, make sure it’s long enough to tie around the bundle. Tie the length of yarn around the middle of the bundle. Make sure to tie it very tight. This is what keeps the pom-pom together. Next, slip the scissors inside and cut them. Now it’s starting to look like a pom-pom, right mate? Trim it up nice and neat. Then string them up and where them all the time. Poms go with everything!

18. Pom-Pom Chandelier

Cool Crafts for Kids Chandelier

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Why not? This projects basically the same like pom-pom necklace. Only this one we put it on top of our room. Swirl it around the room if you like.

19. Rainbow in a Jar

Cool Crafts for Kids Rainbow Jar

Good for decoration, and easy to make. Kids surely will have a lots of fun while doing it during their spare time. First, collect the materials: butcher paper, colored chalk, salt, jars (the size is in your good decision). Next step, pour salt on a piece of paper, enough to make a layer about 1/4“ thick in your chosen container.

And then, take your chosen chalk color and rub the chalk back and forth across the salt until you get the desired color saturation. Pour layer of colored salt into jar. Repeat the steps with another color of chalk.

20. Magnetic Field Sensory Bottle

Parents, please be aware that magnets are extremely hazardous if swallowed. Keep an eye your kids during the process.

There are few steps to make this project to be happen. First is empty bottle and rinse it well. Add ink into the bottle. Fill the bottle with water and seal it well. And last shake the bottle well, the more you shake, more better it is.

For the magical wand, use at least 4 magnets. Take your straw and make small lit in the end of it. Wrap the straw in tape. Make sure to cover up until the end. Last, play!

So, doesn’t it very simple and cool crafts for kids ideas for everyone to enjoy? Kids will earn a lot of experience and also learn some stuff. Summer holiday will be lots of color, lots of games. Enjoy it!

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