20 Awesome and Amazing Ideas for Craft Foam or Styrofoam

Being crafty is similar to being creative. Applying your creativity in making crafts is the right thing to do. There are many things you can turn into something decorative and stunning. One of the decorative things we’re talking about in this section is a craft foam and styrofoam.

There are a bunch of pretty cool things you can make from foam and styrofoam. You can make it as your room’s decoration or you can also consider it as a fun foam craft project for your children.

With those materials, you can create a colorful wall art for your wall decoration, crafts for your kids to play with, and much other decorative stuff.

Here are 20 creative ideas of craft which is made of foam or styrofoam. Hopefully, these ideas help you in finding some inspiration.

1. Faux Pallet Wood with a Deer Head

Craft Foam Deer Head

Is it Christmas already? Not yet, but you can prepare your Christmas decoration with this fancy ornament.

You can hang this on your wall in the month of the December to get the feeling of Christmas going.

It looks like, it’s made of wood but it’s actually made of foam. The foam is shaped and painted just like wood. The pattern is also created with wood effect.

This faux deer head pallet art is well-combined with the light-blue wall. There’s a pom pom bunting which looks like a colorful lamp as the accessories. The pom pom bunting really makes it more festive.

2. Easter Eggs Craft Foam

Craft Foam: Easter Eggs

This crafty foam is definitely one of the simplest craft you can make it yourself easily. It only needs a little bit of creativity and of course, a foam.

This might be a great centerpiece for your wooden table. It’s super easy and fun to make. When the spring season is approaching, you better get ready.

The green moss is there to add a natural touch to the centerpiece. This kind of centerpiece is called as Robin Egg.

It is because the shape is just like a small egg. As you can see, the color of the eggs is light blue which really lights up the room.

3. No Sew Window Valance

Craft Foam Window Valance

You can make this one quick and easy too. It’s a Polystyrene Valances you can put on your bathroom window.

You can do it yourself because it’s not at all heavy like a wood valance, it’s very light wood. You will need a Polystyrene Insulation Panel you can get from the store.

Take a look at the window looking. It looks really fancy and beautiful. The pattern really does make a difference in the bathroom. This styrofoam window valance costs only 10 dollars.

4. Styrofoam Cooler Ottoman

Craft Foam Cooler

Making your own furniture with styrofoam? Why not! You could actually make your own small furniture like an ottoman.

In order to make your own ottoman from styrofoam, you will need to have a very sturdy styrofoam cooler.

The Omaha Steaks Cooler is the recommended one. This is the one that you usually sit on in your garage.

The key to having a lovely ottoman is the fabric. The pattern of the fabric decides the appearance of the ottoman.

You have to be creative in deciding the pattern based on the main furniture. Make it similar or well-combined.

5. Foam Frames of Awesomeness

Craft Foam Board Frames

This is one of the foam board craft ideas you might wanna try. This idea would be suitable as the frame for your kid’s photos or the frame you can put as the decoration of your kids’ room.

These awesome and colorful frames are made of foam core boards. You can just buy the inexpensive foam board from the store and apply your creative ideas.

The faux texture of the foam is not there anymore. As you can see from the pictures, those cute frames do not look like a foam frame. This is an adorable choice for your kids’ room.

6. Green Mossy Wall Art

Craft Foam Mossy Wall Art

This is an art that you can do it yourself. Having this in your room would give you cooler and calmer feelings.

You will feel like you are standing in the shade of woods with a little bit of stream running around you.

This one is perfect for your lazy summer day project. It’s pretty easy to make. With the right tools and steps, you will have your own decorative mossy wall art hanging on your wall just like that.

7. Flower Pomander Ball

Craft Foam Pomander Flower

These are alluring floral decorations for weddings and parties. It’s actually inspired by the French, apple of amber or ball of perfume.

It was carried to protect against diseases and infections made by bad smells. But, it’s just a history now. Today, the ball of perfume is used as pretty hand-made decoration.

8. Word Foam Wall Art

Craft Foam Word Art

This one is pretty common. Create a word art with styrofoam. Decide what word you want to use as your wall art. You can choose to use your name as the word art.

You can cover the styrofoam with fabric or you can make it lighter by sticking a hot pink tissue paper as the cover. Just double-tapped it to the wall, it gives a charm to your wall.

9. Faux Gear Decoration Art

Craft Foam Gear

Wanna go antique and rustic? This is a perfect choice. This is truly a decoration for men especially the one who likes motorbike.

You can actually have this as your DIY craft foam projects at home. It’s pretty simple and easy to make.

If you want to make it actually like that gear, you may wanna print the shape first and cut it by following the structure.

The key to creating this art is the painting. You need to be creative to apply the paint and make it as similar as possible to actual rustic gear.

10. Tombstone for Halloween

Craft Foam Tombstone

This tombstone design which is made of thick foam board may be a perfect idea for your Halloween decoration.

In order to get the look, the whole foam needs to be covered with dark wax instead of paint. For a shimmering rustic look, you need to use a silver gilding paint. Both happy and sad masks add the festivity of this foam pallet.

11. Thumbtack Vase Fillers

Craft Foam with Thumbtacks

This one could be a nice idea for the centerpiece of your coffee table. Make the plain and flat feelings in the living room to be more festive and colorful with this centerpiece design.

12. Spring Buds Vase Filler

Craft Foam Easter Eggs

This is another vase filler craft foam ideas you can apply in your house. If you have vases that need to be filled in.

This one might be a good choice for the filling. It is made of foam easter eggs and small branches.

13. Colorful Framed XO Wall Art

Craft Foam XO Art

For flat white walls, this is the perfect accent for them. This project idea is not as hard as it seems.

You can actually make it by yourself. You will need foam craft sheets in many colors. The foam is super light which makes the pieces are not heavy at all.

14. Sponge Foam Club Sandwich

Craft Foam Club Sandwich

Get ready to entertain your kids with these simple and fun foam craft project ideas you can do it with your children. This sandwich looks so yummy, doesn’t it? It is actually made of foam.

You just need formed or shaped foam from styrofoam craft sheets. The color choices should be matched with the color of a sandwich.

15. Adorable Colorful Foam Pinwheels

Craft Foam Pinwheel

Pinwheels are one of the most favorite playful crafts for kids. This one is a perfect project you have with your kids on a breezy summer day.

16. Simple Foam Stamps

Craft Foam Simple Stamps

Your kids would love to stamp colorful images on envelopes, cards, and more with this lovely craft. This one is made of foam sheets and wooden blocks for the stamps.

17. Fish Windsock Foam

Craft Foam Fish

This one is inspired by the ocean windsock. The colorful ribbon makes this fish windsock perfect for your children to play with. Choose the colorful foam sheets and ribbon for the materials.

18. Pencil Toppers Foam

Craft Foam Pencil Toppers

This one is not only decorative but also functional. Most kids like to practicing the alphabet or draw anything on everywhere.

Well, you can have them a pencil with these cute toppers. It will please the kids and make the drawing and write more fun.

19. Foam Book for Kids

Craft Foam Book for Kids

A foam book sounds playful for the kids. Choosing the colorful foam sheets to be shaped like a book is a good choice. You can add numbers, letters, shapes, or animals which are made of foam, in the form book.

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20. Foam Bird for Puppet Performing

Craft Foam Birds

You might like to tell the bedtime story to your children with a puppet. This one might be a nice option for it. You can also use this cute little blue bird as the addition when you sing a song together.

Final Word

Remember, when we’re dealing with crafts, we need to be creative and inspiring. Getting some ideas for crafty inspiration is a must.

Styrofoam or foam is a pretty flexible material you can have for your crafts. Design the craft-based on your own creativity.

Those above ideas would be very helpful for you to decide what kind of crafts you are about to make using styrofoam or foam. Whether the craft foam is made for house decoration or children’s playful project, it needs to be impressive and interesting.

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