11 Fantastic Crafts for Bottles to Do with Kiddos

Thinking about craftiness, there are various affordable supplies to create adorable handy-crafts. Crafts for bottles are fashionable projects with recycled items. Repurposing is also a simple way to empty your rubbish bin from old bottles.

Turn those invaluable bottles to get more attractive and beneficial stuffs. Any kinds of up-cycles bottles can be used for making these eco-friendly projects.

Create more crafts with water bottles, plastic bottles, clear glass jar bottles, and other types you have. This article lists some inspiring ideas of bottle crafts to create.

1. Soda Bottle Bird Feeders

Crafts for Bottles Bird Feeder

Put your old soda bottles into good use by creating these cute bird feeders. To create this design, just remove the middle part of the bottle.

Cut the bottom area as an opening door and drill a hole on the lid for hanging a string. Paint and draw the soda bottles with flowery and dotted patterns.

Gather the top with the bottom part to get a perfect shape of bird feeder. Embellish with raffia to give a pretty look. Fill with birdseeds and hang it in your backyard.

2. Colorful Wind Chimes

Crafts for Bottles Wind Chimes

Recycle your plastic bottles to make a crafty home decor. Decorate a stylish ceiling in your patio with colorful wind chimes.

Cut the top part of bottles into petal-shaped pieces. Poke a hole on each cap to pass a string through.

Apply colorful acrylic paints to the flower pieces and let them dry. Arrange the pieces into beautiful wind chimes.

Hang your bottle wind chimes as yard decoration. The plastic material reflects bright sun light to festive mood.

3. Soda Bottle Pencil Cases

Crafts for Bottles Pencil Cases

Get your kids involved in recycled crafting for soda bottle pencil cases. The kids will love the projects as they can use them to keep school supplies.

Use two bottom parts of bottles to form one pencil case. The bottom parts should have the same size.

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Attach colored zipper along both bottom edges with hot glue. The cute zippered cases perfectly fit for colorful pencils and crayons.

4. Hanging Planters

Crafts for Bottles Hanging Planters

Crafting and gardening are two joyful activities, while combining both of them will be more exciting.

Create hanging planters for your favorite plants with old water bottles. Remove one third of the bottom part and make two holes in the middle to hang with yarn.

Create geometric shapes with painter’s tape and stick on the bottles. Peel off the tape after painting.

Fill the planters with soil and plants after tying the yarn knots. Complete the project by hanging a bunch of planters together.

5. Flower Wall Art with Soda Bottles

Crafts for Bottles Flower Wall Art

Feel the joy of Cherry Blossom Festival by decorating your wall with pink blossom art panel. The flower stamp is made from the bottom part of soda bottle.

You only need to draw a black branch on a poster board. Stamp the flowers after the painted branch dries.

The five obtrusive points of the bottle are similar to flower petals of cherry blossom. Create as many flowers as desired. Display the flower art on the wall and relish the natural pleasure.

6. Plastic Bottle Lanterns

Crafts for Bottles Lanterns

Have a fun craft project with plastic bottle lanterns. Create joyful indoor and outdoor decorations by cutting the bottles into catchy shapes.

Combine different shades of color and patterns like stripes, polka dots, stars, and flowers. Add extra ornaments like tassels and pom-pom trims at the bottom.

Thread some strings to keep the bottles in place and tie a loop for hanging. The lanterns will look great for your patio, backyard, ceiling, and door.

7. Sumo Bowling Pins

Crafts for Bottles Sumo Bowling Pins

These tiny sumo wrestler bowling pins offer big fun for a bowling time with your kids. Watch them knock down and roll around again and again.

Believe it or not, you can create the sumo pins with up-cycled plastic bottles. To play a six-pin bowling game, six bottles are required.

Use small plastic bottles and cut the middle part. Attach the top to the bottom parts to make a full body of the sumo wrestler.

Fully paint the bottles before drawing the face and other details. Once dry, you can start a game of six-pin bowling with your kids.

8. Plastic Bottle Cap Puppets

Plastic bottle caps can be recycled into amazing art projects. Create funny puppets with old bottle caps.

Start to assembly the puppet by tying some pieces of strings to form head, body, hands, and legs. Drill a hole on each cap to pass the string through.

Thread each string up to the hole of the caps. Arrange as many caps as you like, the more you add the caps, the bigger puppet will be. Add details like a mouth, hands, ears, and eyes.

Create different characters in various sizes. Finally, have a spectacular puppet show with the kids!

9. Water Bottle Sailing Boat

Crafts for Bottles Sailing Boat

Indulge your boys in a fun up-cycling craft activity. Get a seaside mood by assembling a water bottle sailing boat.

Prepare a square-shaped cardboard which covered with duct tape as the platform. Attach two empty water bottles to the bottom part of platform.

Make a triangle sail from chopsticks and cotton fabric. Stick the sail in the middle of the platform. The boat is ready to sail. Let’s see! It really floats on the water.

10. Mummy Water Bottles

Crafts for Bottles Mummy

Mummy water bottles can be nifty Halloween crafts to make during holiday. Those will be great for Halloween party. The steps are easy so that kids can do by themselves.

Choose small water bottles and wrap them up with gauze. Add googly eyes on the mummy’s face with glue stick. Cut black paper for a mouth. Glue the mouth and add artificial spider.

11. Plastic Bottle Gemstones

Crafts for Bottles Gemstones

Do you run out of gemstones for ornaments? A plastic bottle offers a brilliant solution to imitate the gems.


Choose bottles with oval points at the bottom to be hacked into sparkling gemstones. Cut the oval shapes of the bottles.

To get a perfect shape, the cutting should be oval from above with flat sides. Color the gems with metallic paint, nail polish, or glitter.

Fill the gems with a tiny ball of newspaper and cover with cardboard. The artificial gemstones are ready to use as embellishments.

Do you get any ideas from the lists above? It can’t deny that old bottles offer huge possibilities to be transformed into unbelievable crafts for bottles. Be creative to invent your own crafty styles. So, no more wasted bottles increase every day.

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