10 Compelling DIY Built In Bookshelves To Build

If you’re looking for some design ideas of DIY built in bookshelves, you have come to the right page. This post will provide you with some inspirations to build shelves for your book collection.

Make all the stuff well-organized in a stylish way without wasting a lot of space and money. Built-in shelves are the traditional elements that give your house a storied feel.

It’s not necessarily designed for a modern house but it’s flexible enough to add styles to a room. Shelves would be so useful because it gives extra storage space to the room.

Check out these compelling DIY built-in bookshelves that may inspire you to build one on your own.

1. Built-in Bookshelves in Farmhouse Living Room

diy plans for bookshelves
Source: pinimg.com

This living room has built-in bookshelves around the TV. The design matches the style of the room. It’s not mostly used for books. The owner arranges some decorative items like plants, big jars, framed artworks, and some goodies.

Right under the TV, there’s a special shelf that is filled with painted wood crates that have numbers on. It looks perfect for this stylish living room. It’s very functional to keep some stuff to get the room out of the clutter.

2. Simple Built-in Bookshelf Around Fireplace and TV

diy built in corner bookcase
Source: tribblogs.com

This one is a built-in bookshelf that installed around both the TV and fireplace. It’s a combination of an open and closed cabinet.

It provides an open space to arrange all the book collections. The entire shelves would look more interesting when you fulfill it with books collections.

You can have this built-in cabinet as the inspiration for your next DIY project. Makes every space on the wall useful for the interior.

3. Bookshelves with Various Size

simple diy built in bookshelves
Source: tribblogs.com

This living room has built-in bookshelves with various space size. It gives a great privilege in arranging the items. For the small shelf, you can fill the space with books. For the larger one, you can place some of your larger stuff like plants or a pot of flower.

As a matter of fact, that way of arrangement would make the white built-in bookshelves far more impressive. The colors from the books and flowers really bring life to the wall.

4. Attic DIY Built-in Bookshelves Design

diy built in bookshelf
Source: homedit.com

If you have a room in the attic, why don’t you turn one of the walls into a storage fiesta? This delicate and simple built-in shelves would be very useful for your stuff. It’s a great way to dress up the entire wall.

In this small space, you have to make everything spacious. Aim for skinny or minimalist furniture instead of the bulky ones. It would make the room less crowded. The attic style ceiling really sets a perfect mood for space.

5. Rustic Wooden Built-In Shelves

cheap diy built in bookshelves
Source: homedit.com

The shelves in the room match the overall design and visionary ethos. It has the rustic flavors you need for this classy dining room. Have these built-in shelves as your inspiration to dress up the wall.

It would make a great space for storing books and some other stuff. In this dining room, the rustic shelves have some ceramics in it. It looks like this built-in furniture is designed just for the sake of wall decor, nothing more.

6. Corner Built-in Bookshelves with Scandinavian Vibe

diy built in bookshelves with cabinet below plans
Source: archidea.com.ua

This space could be one of the most favorite corners you have in your house. It’s got a comfy chair and a corner shelf filled with all the books you need. It would make a great reading space in your house.

The unfinished wood look gives the room a Scandinavian vibe around the space. It’s ready to accommodate all the book collections you have. That unique metal chair with fur cushion really adds some unique looks to the corner space.

7. Well-Organized Modern Floating Shelves

easy diy built in bookshelves
Source: homedit.com

It’s another DIY built-in bookshelf for corner space. This floating shelf is perfect for your corner if you aim to have a modern version of it. Just stack the shelves neatly to the wall make some interesting arrangements on it.

These stylish shelves would be a nice little nook and cranny that you can fill with all the modern knick-knacks you have including books. S

8. BILLY Bookshelves from IKEA hack

built in bookcase how to
Source: socaldrivingschool.com

The design of this DIY bookshelves will make perfect furniture for your home library inside the house. This penny-pinching hack adds enough elegance to this calm bedroom. You can get the unit on the IKEA store at a great price.

The strong wood character on the materials of the built-in shelf gets paired with the dark blue wall. That combination offers a great ambiance for the calm atmosphere in this bedroom. Provide a comfy chair and table to enjoy reading the book.

9. Built-in Bookshelves Beside Window Seat

diy built in bookshelves with window seat
Source: nestingwithgrace.com

The entire thing one the wall side you see in the picture is built using all the things from Lowe’s for under 150 bucks. It seems like a project done by a professional. Well, the window seat and bookshelves are made by DIYers.

The shelves can make a great storage space to display books and other decorative items. The DIY window seat has hidden storage right under it.

So, you can hide some stuff to get the room out of the clutter. You can have this DIY furniture set for a nursery room or bedroom.

10. Half Wall Built-In Bookshelves

diy built in bookcase around window
Source: moveslikemartha.com

This one is a great idea to fill your big wall space. It’s something that does it justice for the room. The built-in shelves only using the half size of the wall.

Instead of filling most of the wall with shelves, the designer of this space decides to leave the half-space empty. It makes the room feels airier.

The structure of this furniture is very simple. You will only need to prepare a few materials such as 2 half width billys, 2 half-height billys, regular height billys with 2,5-inch depth, and 4 height extensions. Join them all together by following the tutorials.


For you who got a great collection of books, those DIY built in bookshelves will be very useful for your next project. It’s about time to store and display your books in a stylishly classic way.

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