11 Cheap and Easy DIY Fall Decor Ideas that Will Save Your Money

To make your house more festive, nice decorations are needed. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you that much. Just try these eleven DIY fall decor ideas. I bet your family and relatives would enjoy visiting your house on the weekend.

1. The Handmade Wood Pumpkins

DIY Fall Decor Wood Pumpkin

Prepare some old cricket bats or wood stems or trunks. Use tree stalks for the pumpkin stems if you do not use cricket bats. Drill a big enough hole for the stems on one end. Some woodworking is required to make the pumpkins square.

Ask your kids to paint the wood orange with acrylic paint. They can also tie straws around the stems.

2. The Faux Dahlias in a Glass Vase

DIY Fall Decor Faux Dahlia

If you prefer something quick for your DIY fall decor, try these faux dahlias in a glass vase.

Fill in the glass container with some small, dry pine cones. Save some space for the dahlia stalks. Tie a ribbon around the glass container before you put in some faux dahlias.

3. The Thanksgiving Wreath

DIY Fall Decor Thanksgiving Wreath

Collect branches and twigs before you gather them. Vines are better since you can twist them a bit so they will go round instead of bending to a crack.

Wrap wires around the branches and twigs to keep them tightly together. Prepare your glue gun. Stick the faux autumn leaves and white scrap papers to the wreath. Add a styrofoam letter with glitter as the finishing touch on it.

4. The Lighted Fall Pumpkin Basket

DIY Fall Decor Pumpkin Basket

Here is another way to have a Halloween decoration. The pumpkins do not always have to be orange, though. You can use the white ones with the right supporting materials.


  • A bucket (galvanized) or another suitable container.
  • Mini lights.
  • Newspapers.
  • Faux autumn leaves.
  • Real or fake pumpkins.

What to do:

  1. If the bucket is deep, put some crumpled newspapers in the bottom. This will raise the pumpkins’ position a bit higher.
  2. Place the pumpkins the way you want them to be. You can do several tries until you get it right.
  3. Start placing the faux leaves in between the pumpkins. Break the faux leaf stems if you need to.
  4. Place the mini lights in between the pumpkins and the faux leaves. You may reposition them several times until you get the design that you want.

5. The Hanging Mason Jar Decor

DIY Fall Decor Mason Jar

There are so many ways to use your old mason jars for your DIY fall decor ideas. This hanging decoration is also worth a try.

The basic idea is almost the same as the faux dahlias decoration. The differences are the additional tools that you need. Aside from the mason jar and the faux flowers, you also need some paint, a glue gun, a small wood board, and some ropes. Do not forget a driller, some nails, and a hammer to hang them later on.

If the mason jar is made of clear glass, you can paint the surface first. Leave it dry for a while. Then put some kernels and some flowers in. Drill two holes for the rope to go through in the centre of the wood board. Drill another pair of holes for the hanger.

Tie the mason jar of faux flowers to the wood board. Secure the back jar to it with a glue. Hammer a nail to the wall. Use another rope to hang the board on the wall.

6. The Hanging Fall Leaves

DIY Fall Decor Leaves

There are so many things you can do with fall leaves (real or plastic), small pine cones, a yarn, some strings, a glue gun, and a wood hanger. You can start by tying the yarn around the wood hanger. Make sure it is all covered.

Before you tie some strings around the hanger, stick the fall leaves and small pine cones on them with the glue. Make sure each has a decent gap in between. Then hang them one by one.

After that, check if the gaps between leaves and pine cones are like what you want. Then hang this decor outdoor. This will make a unique appearance in the foyer.

7. Another Mason Jar Design for Your DIY Fall Decor

DIY Fall Decor Mason Jar

Here is another one of the DIY fall decor ideas with mason jars. This time, you can get the more colorful, plastic mason jars. (You can also paint them if they are made of clear glass.)

The basic idea is still the same, but you can vary your faux flowers with other plants. (For example: corn, paddy, or herbs). The finishing touch will be burlap ribbons tied around the mason jars and a gunny sack materials tied around them too.

You can even paint the gunny sacks with letters, one for each mason jar. For example: F-A-L-L.

8. The DIY Crate Planter

DIY Fall Decor Planter

You can use an old crate for this. You will need four small wheels attached below, so you need bolts and screws to do the work.

You can also paint the crate to make it look more interesting. Let it dry for a while. After that, just put at least two or three flower pots into the crate. For the finishing touch, hang a foam or a board at the front part of the crate. You can have an interesting greeting there, like “Happy Harvest” or something.

9. The DIY Pumpkin Decor with Waverly Inspirations Fabrics

DIY Fall Decor Pumpkin

You can use a faux pumpkin if you do not have the heart to use the real one. You can start by painting the surface all white. Leave it dry for a while.

Then prepare the fabrics you want. Make sure they are cut out according to the size of the pumpkin’s layers. You will need to brush the glue on one side first.

After that, stick the fabrics pieces onto each layer. Leave a gap of the layer in between. For a nice finishing touch, tie a rope or a burlap ribbon around the pumpkin stem.

10. Another Fall Leaves Decor in a Vase

DIY Fall Decor Another Leaves

Feeling kind of lazy but still need to have a DIY fall decor idea? Just prepare a glass vase, some autumn leaves (real or fake), and long twigs. Put the twigs into the vase before you arrange the leaves.

11. A Super Simple Glass Jar

DIY Fall Decor Simple Glass

For your Thanksgiving dinner, use a simple glass jar as a decoration. Print a greeting sticker design and stick it on the front of the jar. You can use this as a thank-you box.

So, are you ready to get creative with one of these DIY fall decor ideas?

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