13 Out-of-The-Box DIY Pallet Project Ideas For Your Home Furniture

Wood pallet, either newly-made or secondhand, is a valuable material. With these DIY pallet ideas, you can do more with just a few accessible materials.

So, without further ado, let’s check these 13 DIY pallet ideas that might inspire you.

1.   Your DIY Wood Pallet Stools

DIY Pallet Stool

For your minimalist home design, these wood pallet stools will help you to save some space. They even help you to save some money too if you know how to make them from secondhand wood pallets. Just add the zig-zag patterned, cushion on top.

Slide these stools under the table and you still have plenty of space to move around.

2.   The DIY Wood Pallet Coat Hanger with a Zig-Zag Placement

DIY Pallet Hanger

What can you do with some secondhand wood pallets that are not the same size? Make a coat hanger with a zig-zag placement. Stain or finish the wood pallets’ surface first before you glue them together.

With nails and a hammer, start assembling the iron hangers on one side and a bar hook on the other side. Hang it on the wall. Test its weight by hanging some jackets and coats. Hopefully, this DIY pallet project does not fall off and just succeed.

3.   A Doorless, Makeshift Closet

DIY Pallet Makeshift

Have not enough rooms for your closet? Use one corner with this doorless, makeshift one. You can stackup the crates as the shelves. Add a wooden pallet platform on the top. Build a bar for the hangers. The best thing about this DIY pallet closet is that you do not have to open the door. Just pick an outfit and go.

4.   A Shelf and a Hanger in One

DIY Pallet Shelf

Do not throw the secondhand wood pallets away, even when they no longer look good as new. With an authentic, barnyard look, create a DIY pallet shelf and hanger in one. Hang this furniture piece in the kitchen or an entryway.

Place some tiny pots on top while you can hang your coats and hats below.

5.   More Colors for Your DIY Pallet Project

DIY Pallet Shelf

Feeling bored with the same old, natural brown? Paint your secondhand wood pallets with other, much brighter colors. For example: light green and pink for your display shelf. You can place this shelf in your backyard garden or in the living room. Make sure that the remaining interior is a real match to it.

6.   The DIY Pallet Worktable

DIY Pallet Table

Here is another DIY pallet project that you can do with secondhand wood pallets. Do not worry about the different shades. That is what makes this worktable unique. With black iron bars attached as legs, you are ready for work here.

A suggestion: you might want to smoothen up the tabletop with a stain or a finish. After that, you can start really using it.

7.   Your DIY Wooden Pallet Kitchen Island or Tray

DIY Pallet Tray

There are two things you can do with this DIY pallet furniture piece. You can turn this into an old-fashioned tray if you attach the wheels under it. If it is too heavy, you can make this a kitchen island made of wood pallet.

You might need to do a proper and regular maintenance with this material. Termites love biting into wood, so you do not want these insects in your kitchen too.

8.   A Coffee Table in Your Living Room

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Coffee tables in the living room are often made of other common materials, like glass and fiber. Some may think that wooden pallets are just not cut it for an indoor living room.

But if you want something more unique, then this idea might please you. You can stack up two large and wide wooden crates or do some woodworking on your own for this. The choice is yours: leave the surface just as natural or paint it blue?

If the secondhand wood pallets are a bit tattered, you might want to stain or finish some of them in the surface. Cover the top with a tablecloth if you wish to or not.

9.   Another Doorless, Makeshift Closet with Open Shelves

DIY Pallet Doorless Makeshift

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Here is another doorless, makeshift closet out of old wooden crates or just pallets. It is not built-in to be a part of a room, though. With an iron bar attached to one space to hang your clothes, this closet still has a few open shelves on the side. There is no need to paint this, since the natural look makes this closet more authentic.

10. A Wood Pallet Covering The Wall

DIY Pallet Wall Cover

If you have had enough of wallpapers but do not want your wall to look vacant, perhaps you need to try this strategy. By sticking these wooden pallets into a frame of a wall, you make an out-of-the-box decoration idea. You can do this for your bathroom, bedroom, and even study room.

Secondhand wooden pallets look better this way, especially if their shades are rather mismatched.

11. Another Wood Pallet Coffee Table with Another Function

DIY Pallet Another Coffee Table

If you do not want to have an all-wood-pallet coffee table, you can combine it with another material. Change the legs and the frame with brand new, well-painted wood. Then assemble the wood pallets as the tabletop.

This DIY pallet furniture piece also works wonder as a chair to sit. Place this outside next to a swimming pool and you will get the picture.

12. The Matching Set of Chair and Coffee Table

DIY Pallet Chair and Table

Not just the coffee table, you can even make the matching chair from the same recycled products. You can use an old wood crate as the table, with a little modification. Then add a tablecloth on the tabletop.

You can do the same thing with the chair, though. Just add some comfortable cushion pieces for anyone to sit in. You can also modify the arms of the chair by creating smaller shelves. 

13. The DIY Wood Pallet Shoe Shelves

DIY Pallet Shoe Rack

Last but not least, you can also create your own shoe shelves from secondhand wood pallets. If you have a collection of boots, you might need to have one shelf just a little bit higher and more spacious than the rest. The last thing you want is to have your boots in a terrible condition.

These are the 13 DIY pallet projects or ideas that you can use for your home. You are welcome to choose your most favorite.

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