9 Easy DIY Paper Lanterns To Light up Your Holiday Season

DIY paper lanterns are a perfect craft project you can do with your kids because they’re incredibly easy to make and really versatile. Paper lanterns are perfect for home or party decoration. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make these. With a bunch of colorful papers, you can make it.

There are many kinds of design to make but the result is according to the creativity of the DIYers. This is the type of project that you should make with your kids. To make it easier, here are some DIY paper lanterns ideas to have creative fun with.

1. Colorful Paper Lanterns Using Toilet Rolls

diy paper lantern cluster

Check out these pasty colored lanterns. It’s only made from simple and cheap materials. You’ll only need toilet paper rolls, colored or patterned craft paper, glue, scissors, ribbon, and a stapler. Each lantern’s got one toilet roll as the base.

After getting the right measuring and cutting, you can just simply glue the paper to the roll. The ribbon is used as the hanger of the lantern. You can hang it on the ceiling for your kids’ room decoration. It would look more stylish and impressive.

2. Gorgeous Butterfly Lantern

diy paper bag lights

Look at this gorgeous paper lantern. The colorful butterflies are so lovely. They’re popping out and sharing the inside light. It’s a functional type of craft that you can have in your bedroom. During the night, you can turn the main lights off and turn this lantern on.

By installing a small light bulb inside the lantern, it would offer a nice glam of ambiance to let you sleep in peace. The calm feeling of a bedroom at night will be supported by this gorgeous lantern. In the project, you can let your kids make the butterflies as much as they want, the more the merrier.

3. DIY Paper Lanterns for Holiday Celebration

diy paper bag lantern

Looking for craft ideas to celebrate your local holiday? Well, this crafty paper lantern would be a nice one to explore. This illuminated paper lantern is perfect for almost any kind of celebration or holiday, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, even Diwali.

This lantern idea is a great piece of craft for any form of decor. You can either hang it from the ceiling or set it on the table as the centerpiece. Light the inside using a small light bulb to get it illuminated.
This lantern is not that hard to make, but you will face a bunch of measuring steps with various tools and materials.

4. Chinese Style DIY Paper Lantern

diy paper lantern clouds

This Chinese style paper lantern craft would be the perfect decoration ideas for your party. Its colors and festivity can be achieved just by using the simplest of supplies, colored craft paper. It’s also so simple to make. You just have to choose the right paper and colors for gorgeous results.

In order to make this paper lantern, you will need a giant sheet of heavy brightly colored paper, gold-colored contact paper, and craft tools. You can use this type of craft as centerpieces or hanging decoration right from the ceiling.

5. Globe Watercolor Lanterns

diy paper lantern balloon

It’s one of the easiest DIY lantern ideas out there. You can have this project with your kids during the weekend. The use of watercolor is what differs this DIY paper lantern with the others. Many people face an issue with traditional watercolor since they can get overly messy.

So, there’s a high chance of ruining this kind of project when watercolor is involved. It’s a fun and artistic project to do. Well, it’s not a craft you’ll make from scratch. The main duty of this project idea is to creatively apply the watercolor onto the white paper lantern.

6. Tiny Lanterns for Cake Topper

diy paper cup lantern making

Wanna have a cute cake decoration? why don’t you make a miniature version of a DIY paper lantern? It would make an interesting cake topper. You have an endless color combination to choose from. Match the lantern design with the ones that party using.

You should prepare some materials such as crepe paper, glue, wire, washi tape, bamboo skewers, scissors, gold string, large needle, tissue paper, and a small hole punch. You can just copy the tutorial of making the regular lanterns. Do it precisely and gently.

As you can see, the cake topper makes the cake looks more festive and adorable. Matching the cake with the lantern design should also be one of the considerations.

7. Simple DIY Paper Lanterns for Halloween

diy diwali decoration ideas paper lantern

This easy DIY project is a perfect choice for kids. It’s got a simple and fun design which kids can totally handle. It’s a perfect decor for Halloween class parties. The orange color with a black accent, that represents the Jack O’ Lantern thing.

Apparently, the black-colored shapes are the key to the Halloween theme applied in this craft. You should prepare the orange and black papers, a stapler, ruler, scissors, and gluesticks. You can just copy the paper lantern in the picture.

With a few simple steps of making the lantern, your kids will be done crafting in a few minutes. It can be a great last-minute party decor ideas.

8. Chicken Head Lantern

diy paper lantern easy

It’s a fun addition to the ceiling of your kid’s bedroom. Light it up from the inside and the cute head of the chicken will be the main attraction of the entire bedroom. You can let your kids draw the shapes and stick them to the white globe lantern.

Instead of just having the ordinary paper lantern lights the dark bedroom. This one is more fun and memorable. It gives the bedroom a strong character, especially during sleeping time.

9. Festive Paper Lanterns for The Kitchen

diy earth paper lantern

It’s probably a little bit weird having such festive lanterns right above the breakfast nook. For some people, it’s a unique way to incorporate colors inside the bright white room. The garland accents on each lantern really pop the whole atmosphere.

If you think this one is a little bit too much. You can just eliminate some of the lanterns and hang enough lanterns you wish.


Those DIY paper lanterns can make any celebration more impressive and festive. All of them are simple and easy to make. You don’t need to waste a lot of time and money to make such amazing decorations for any needs.

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