12 Remarkable DIY Wood Headboard Ideas

Looking for some DIY wood headboard ideas for your next project? Well, you don’t need to waste a lot of time searching for the ideas because we’ve gathered some of the remarkable projects to make your bedroom great again.

The headboard is like the crown of the bed and it would easily be the focal point of the bedroom. People use the bedroom every day to get away from everything for a while and just enjoy the relaxation. It’s one of the most personal spaces in the house.

That’s why you have to make it special by incorporating a headboard that you can make by yourself. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

1. Rustic DIY Wood Headboard Design

diy wood headboard easy
Source: pinimg.com/

This one is for rustic lover. Many people would think that it’s pretty risky to have a rustic focal point in a bedroom. They’re afraid it would make them uncomfortable or it would look dirty. However, many other people just love the beauty of the natural texture and color of the lumber.

This barn door headboard is inspired by a bedroom design on Pinterest. You can just varnish some old barn doors and install it behind your bed. Or, you can build the barn door from scratch using some reclaimed woods.

2. Midcentury Modern Bed with DIY Wood Headboard

diy wood headboard and footboard
Source: decoredo.com

When the headboard it’s DIY, making it look rustic is quite easy. However, it can be a lot of works when it has other styles like this one. Midcentury modern style is unlike rustic. This one has an interesting design to be a headboard.

It’s like a piece of art right on the wall above the bed. It has a classic, understated look and clean lines that’s got the minimal fuss.

3. DIY Liam Barn Headboard with Lights

diy wood headboard tutorial
Source: jeab.com

As you can see, this twin-bed has a wooden headboard with light sconces in the middle. The color of the headboard matches the side table. It’s like one set of bedroom furniture. The light sconces will be so helpful to support the light you need for reading during the night.

The size of the headboard is a bit taller than the ordinary height. It’s designed to give an ideal spot to install the light fixture.

4. DIY Wood Headboard for Queen Sized Bed

diy wood headboard king size
Source: 1001pallets.com

If you have a queen-size bed in your bedroom, this wood headboard can make the bedroom entire design much more simple. With the right instructions, you can make the headboard by yourself with some basic woodworking skills.

You may wanna match the headboard design with the bedsheet. Like you see in the picture, it’s got the bed covered with a sheet and pillow covers in coastal style.

5. DIY Wood Crate Headboard for Bed

diy wood panel headboard
Source: prosenttia.co

The bedroom will be much more exciting with this extraordinary headboard. Even this material is friendly to a DIY project, no one would ever think that it would make a great headboard.

As you can see, this queen-sized bed is looking great now. Those crates are well-arranged and they are multi-functional. You can use each crate as a shelf for your special things.

6. Boho Headboard with String Lights

diy wood headboard youtube
Source: homedit.com

This headboard idea can be a perfect element to fill up your Bohemian paradise. The natural color of reclaimed wood really pops in this bright room. The white domination in the room really gives the wooden headboard to make an impact.

That string lights emphasize the headboard even more. There’s also a hanging light bulb on each side of the headboard. Those decorations are pretty supportive of improving the bohemian style in the bedroom.

7. Herringbone DIY Wood Headboard

diy wood headboard dorm
Source: homeklondike.com

Herringbone is one of the most popular patterns when it comes to room decor. Then, the pattern can make an outstanding impact on bedroom design. Herringbone pattern looks great on any materials, such as ceramic tile, fabric, and of course wood.

This bedroom has its countryside mood more powerful with that wooden herringbone headboard. The combination of colors really put interest in the bed design. Some of the colors even match the sheet and pillow fabric patterns.

8. Easy DIY Wood Pallet Headboard

diy wood headboard full size
Source: heystyles.com

Looking for the easiest headboard project? Have a look at this one. This headboard doesn’t require any woodworking skills.

The wood pallet material doesn’t even have to be redesign or redecorate. You can just simply clean it and place it right behind the bed.

Just put it like that and there you have it a wood pallet headboard. You should make the pallet the focal point of the bedroom.

The strong character of a wood pallet has been exposed in this bedroom. The white elements around it make the pallet charm stronger.

9. Simple Wood Sleepover Headboard

diy rustic wood headboard
Source: abeautifulmess.com

This DIY project idea can a nice inspiration for your bedroom. The word “Sleepover” really represents the welcoming vibe in this bedroom. The headboard is a great idea for a guest room. You can also change the written text into your name or a funny word.

A wood headboard with a name on it would make a perfect element for the kid’s bedroom. The unique charm that every lumber has is so interesting.

10. Picket Fence Headboard for Kids Bed

diy wood headboard ana white
Source: happydiying.com

If you plan to redecorate your kid’s bedroom, you might wanna consider this headboard. It could make a big change to the bedroom atmosphere. The shape and character that the picket fence is adorable and perfect for children’s bedrooms.

11. Vintage Headboard in Beach Cottage Bedroom

diy wood headboard with shelves
Source: insterne.com

Check out the unique shape of a headboard. It’s really something that’s able to catch attention so easily. That’s because it’s the only element that’s different from the others. The white color, curvy shapes, and texture make this cottage bedroom a bit fancier.

12. DIY Wood Headboard Made of Twigs

lowes diy wood headboard
Source: decochid.com

This idea is proof that twigs can be so useful in a DIY project. If you’re dealing with DIY things, everything is possible. This twig headboard is quite extreme idea to have. However, this twig headboard is perfect for you who loves some unusual but artistic elements inside the bedroom.


When it comes to the headboard, you have to go all out in planning for it. If you’re a bit crafty and wanna make the personal room becomes so personal. You’ve got to make the headboard yourself. Those DIY wood headboard ideas are inspiring enough, right?

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