9 Fantastic Decor Ideas for Dorm Room

For college students, the dorm room is the place to relax and study. So, you have to design a dorm room that’s well organized and inviting. Dorm rooms tend to be small and compact. It’s not easy to design a small room to be inviting and organized. So, it’s gonna be a challenging project.

In this page, we’ve compiled some decor ideas that will make your dorm room from basic to fantastic. Consider adding some of these things to your space to get the organization and relaxation you need inside the dorm room.

1. Add Some Decorative Small Plants

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Check out these stylish green succulents that will give an instant home-y feel to space. It would make a great centerpiece of your study table. You can also put some of the greenery on the floating shelf on the wall.

Succulents are great indoor plants that don’t require a lot of cares. You don’t need to water it regularly. Just leave it that way, it will live longer than you think. You can also choose the artificial plants. There’s no need to watering it ever.

The succulents you see in this picture are actually the faux ones. Having it displayed as part of the decoration will impress the guests. They will think that those plants are real.

2. Vintage Pink Trunks as Dorm Room Side Table

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It’s an interesting piece of furniture for your dorm room. It has an eye-catching design that makes the room more stylish and fresh. The brass accent and accessories above it fulfill the whole charm of this vintage suitcase.

These two trunks are not just some unused collectible items from the flea markets. Each of those two can still be used as a storage unit or even a suitcase to travel with. You can match the trunk side table with a reclaimed wood floor and a pink bed sheet.

3. Festive Dorm Room Wall Full of Flowers

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Take a look at this crafty gallery wall. Those faux flowers make a great decoration for your white dorm room. Say goodbye to your bare dorm room walls. Besides flowers, you’re gonna need some masking tape to attach each flower to the wall.

The white wall would become the perfect canvas for the colorful faux flowers. You can achieve this pretty flower wall easily. Don’t add any other elements that can make a statement. So, the attractive wall has a great chance to become a solid focal point of the dorm room.

4. Simple Metal Grid as Bulletin Board

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Instead of making tons of holes in the wall in front of the desk. You can keep the wall clean and smooth by adding this metal grid. It offers a nice space to stick photos, notes, and accessories to make the wall more attractive and useful.

This metal grid is available on Amazon with an affordable price. The strong sense of black line can elevate the minimalism level you have in your dorm room. Such a wall element will bring a relaxed and leisurely feeling to the room.

5. Colorful Tapestry to Cover Bare Walls

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For those who don’t know, tapestry and wallpapers are two different things. Tapestry is a piece of a thick textile fabric that has attractive designs. The designs are formed by embroidering on a canvas or by weaving weft threads in various colors.

It’s mostly used for covering furniture, flooring, or some parts of the wall. Having this unique kind of element in the dorm room would be very interesting. It would make the room more alive.

As we know, most dorm rooms have plain beige walls. Wallpapers can’t be an option for a temporary place like a dorm room. You can transform the dorm room quickly with tapestry just like wallpapers or paint. It’s an ideal alternative option to have.

6. A Mobile Clothing Rack from IKEA

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If the clothing storage you have in your dorm rooms is not enough for your clothing collection, you may need another storage. However, the space in dorm rooms is very limited. You gotta be clever in deciding the best storage solution to add to the dorm room.

This IKEA product becomes a great storage collection, not only for clothes by also shoes and other accessories. This rack features a storage shelf and an abundance of hanging clothes. It’s packed with wheels so you can move it anywhere you want with ease.

7. Vertical Pocket Organizer for Shoes

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There’s an obvious reason why this rack is vertical. You can hide all the clutter of the shoe organization right behind the door. People from outside won’t notice the rack until they get inside the dorm room.

Adding this organizer inside the dorm won’t waste any space on the wall. All the things inside the room will still remain the same. However, you have more storage for your shoe organization. This pocket storage can also be used for toiletries or pantry items.

8. Ladder Shelf and Laundry Bag

dorm room bed shelf
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These two items are quite necessary to your dorm room especially when it’s time to do laundry. The ladder shelf will be useful to store some towels, blankets, or scarfs. That cute printed laundry basket has handles. You can carry the basket easily to the machines.

This basket is very important to avoid the cluttering of clothes all over the room. The round jute laundry basket has two handles. It’s designed by H&M that sells the basket for only 18 bucks. It will be ready to receive your dirty laundry.

9. Romantic Lighted Gallery Wall for Dorm Room

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Keeping all the high school best friends and beloved family around with you is very important to keep you strong. The photos of family and friends seem to be the must-have things that students have in their dorm.

Check out this attractive photo wall. It would be a great way to treat your sweet memories. This focal point wall can make you remember your loved ones every time you’re in the dorm room.


Overall, adding an element into your dorm room should be carefully considered. Make sure everything you add will improve the look and the functionality of the room without spending any space.

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