11 Father’s Day Craft Ideas For The Best Dad Ever

It’s time to look up some father’s day craft ideas because the month of June is coming. In this post, we’ve collected 11 of the best crafts for a meaningful father’s day celebration.

The father would feel very special having the craft as a present. Apparently, there are a lot of options available to choose as a gift to your dad.

You can just buy some dad’s stuff from the store. However, even though it’s fancy, dads would enjoy a craft piece made by their own kiddos. Here are some inspirations to make a craft for father’s day.

1. Cute Handprint Fish Card for Daddy

father's day canvas craft ideas
Source: diyjoy.com

If you’re planning to give your dad a card with a theme related to his hobby, it would be a nice idea to try. For a dad who loves fishing, this cute fish card can be a perfect present for him. It’s one of the easy father’s day craft ideas for kids.

This craft allows kids to flex their imagination’s muscle to make their own version of fish. A handprint shape craft is something that your kids can enjoy. Any crafts that involve handprint is so much fun.

2. Peebles Frame Father’s Day Craft Ideas

father's day craft ideas grade 1
Source: glamamom.com

In the craft, you can write something that compliments your dad like this one. It says “My Dad Rocks”. Giving this craft to your dad during father’s day would make him smile and happy for you. This is one recommended puny present you can give to your dad.

The design of this craft is pretty simple. You can just gather some rocks with various colors and shapes. Then, make an ordinary frame with some patterned paper and glue all the rocks as the frame.

3. Personalized Glass Candle Holder

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Source: glamamom.com

This personalized votive holder for the candle is gonna be a perfect gift for your dad. It doesn’t have to be on father’s day, you can give it to him for his birthday too. This gift idea also suits the grandpas or pops.

This faux stained glass candle holder is an easy and fun craft to make. It’s as simple as drawing or tracing the glass. If you can draw, then this project would be super easy. Feel free to change the colors or the words and make it more personal.

4. Heart Art Painting with Frame

father's day craft ideas for early years
Source: pinterest.com

This one is a special gift to show the kids’ love for their dad. It’s a mess-free painting that looks so perfect for your little kids to make.

Just mix whatever color your kids like to paint on a white canvas. Then, add “From Your Child” at the bottom of the artwork and “To Daddy” on top of the heart art.

5. Origami Shirt Card as Father’s Day Craft Ideas

father's day craft ideas for babies
Source: decorfacil.com

It’s one of the easiest fathers day craft ideas for kids to make. Every father will enjoy having this adorable origami shirt card as a gift from their kids.

It would make him happy and proud of them. Your kids can even add a special note and picture inside. Add some accessories like confetti dots, buttons, pom poms, and paper ties.

The accessories would make the card more decorative. Prepare all the materials. You will need some colored construction papers, accessories, adhesive, and wallet size photos.

6. Rocket Ship Father’s Day Card

father's day diy craft ideas
Source: decorfacil.com

This DIY father’s day card can be a special gift from kids to dads. This card will show how much they love their dads. Fill the rocket ship card with a message related to the design, something like “I Love you to the moon and back”.

Dad would love to read that. You can let your kids personalized the card by adding their photo onto the rocket to switch those three orange circles.

The materials needed for this easy project is cardstock paper with various colors, glue, black marker, yarn, scissors, and a hole punch.

7. Photo Collage Gift Fathers Day

fathers day card craft ideas for toddlers
Source: diyjoy.com

As a parent, you can make this craft with your kids by simply taking pictures of the kids holding letters. Arrange all the letters to form a message that will meet their father’s heart. This craft is not only made for one-time use in father’s day.

You can hang it on the wall as an everyday decor of the house. It will show everyone in the house that your kids love their dad every day.

8. Treats in a Can as Father’s Day Craft Ideas

18 easy father's day craft ideas
Source: trieandtrueblog.com

This easy father’s day gift can be filled with some dad’s favorite treats or any sort of items for father’s day such as socks, new tie, and more. This can is quick and super easy to make. It will only need 15 minutes of your time.

You will need to prepare the fruit can, a can opener with a smooth edge feature, a patterned label, and double-sided tape. If you want to make a label just like the one in the picture, you can download it free on triedandtrueblog(dot)com.

9. Painted Rocks Father’s Day Craft Ideas

father's day craft card ideas
Source: pinimg.com

It’s such a cute rock craft. These rocks make a cute succulent plant. You can have this as a present from your kids to their dad. This succulent has a puny message that says “My Dad Rocks, Happer Father’s Day!”.

Feel free to make the message more creative to balance the cute little succulents made of rocks. It’s a great piece of dad can put on their office table.

10. Jar of Treats for Father’s Day

fathers day easy craft ideas
Source: pinterest.com/msgarlick

Check out this interesting gift idea for dad. It’s father’s day treats in a jar. It’s got decorated with some simple piece of paper that looks like a collar and its tie.

That’s a fabulous design to match the character of a father. You can add some message on the lid like “love you to pieces”.

11. Foot and Shoe Print on a Canvas

fathers day art and craft ideas for babies
Source: pinimg.com

It’s another simple gift to celebrate father’s day. It only needs a white canvas or paper and craft paint. The concept is to stamp the footprint and shoeprint of the father with some message that relates. It would feel special for your dad.


Father’s day is one time in a year when we show love to our dads. With those father’s day craft ideas, our daddies would feel the love and happiness. It’s even more special when it’s handmade by his own kids.

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