How to Make a Catapult Out of Used and Waste Materials

Catapult is a sure way to have real fun for kids, whatever gender they are. The creation process itself is entertaining, let alone the playing time. But how to make a catapult out of used goods? You are about to find out not only one but five different ways to create catapult from waste materials in today’s article.

The five catapults will be presented along with the clear step by step instructions. One of the catapults will be made from popsicle sticks. Well, you’re going to miss the fun from too many spoilers. So, please scroll down right away!

1. Pool Noodle Catapult

How to Make a Catapult Noodle

Pool noodles are definitely suitable to be involved in summer craft projects with your little ones. But it doesn’t mean you could only make use of pool noodle during summer, because any season would do as much fun. The upside of this project is it doesn’t cost you a fortune, easy, and safe on top of that.

Supplies you need to gather are: a knife, some pom-poms, a pair of pool noodles, and four rubber bands. You could replace the pom-poms with lightweight different items, like marshmallow, for example. But if you feel it is too unfortunate to play with food, then stick to pom-poms.


  • Cut the pool noodles into two parts in similar length. It leaves you with four pieces now, but we’re going to use only three of them.
  • Attach two pieces together using a rubber band, one at each end, to make a short stack. In the picture, this step is applied to the red pool noodle.
  • Cut out a small circular indent as you see on the blue pool noodle. It is to rest the pom-poms.
  • Attach the blue noodle to the red one using rubber bands and form an X shape. Up to this step, your catapult is set. What’s left is how to play with it.
  • Put a pom-pom in its place and hit the other end of the blue noodle.

2. Popsicle Sticks Catapult

How to Make a Catapult Sticks

This catapult play is intentionally built to demonstrate elasticity. Therefore, it will be best to set when your children’s attention is completely on you. While your hand is busy making it, you get to introduce them also to simple physics.

Supplies you’ll need are popsicles sticks, a handful of rubber bands, and a small bottle top. And some light items to launch during the game.


  • Make a square to be the catapult basis using 4 sticks. Secure all the corners with rubber bands.
  • Make 2 pieces in the shape of V letter. Secure the joint part with rubber bands a couple of times. Attach the legs of the V-shaped pieces to the base square, again using rubber bands. This is the fragile form of catapult structure.
  • Then, make a cross using two sticks and attach the cross to the catapult structure to be the throwing arm.
  • Stick a bottle cap at the end of the arm to be where the ammunition rests. And the catapult is set.

3. Plastic Spoon Catapult Fun

How to Make a Catapult Spoon

Compared to the previous one, this catapult project is a lot way easier. Your elementary kids could even make it themselves.

However, do not let them unguided because this project involves a hot glue gun. Any mistake is hard to be forgotten for the matter. Supplies you’ll need are wooden clothespin, glue gun, a plastic spoon, and electrical tape.


  • Heat the glue gun before squeeze some into the clothespin center.
  • Insert the handle part of the spoon and let it sit.
  • Once it cools down, secure the glued part using the tape. Up to this step, your catapult is set.
  • Prepare packing peanuts to be the ammunition. Shoot them towards your designated target.

4. Cardboard Tubes Catapult

How to Make a Catapult Cardboard

You wouldn’t want to miss crafting this form of catapult. The materials are easy to find and cost you nothing. Supplies you’re going to need are 3 cardboard tubes, pom-poms, 4 rubber bands, and a wooden spoon.


  • Make a triangle stack using the cardboard tubes and secure them all together with rubber bands.
  • Place the wooden spoon at the front of the stack set. Loop a rubber band over the top part of the spoon, pull it around the stack and bring it again to meet itself.
  • Repeat step number 2 but this time put the loop around the rubber band over the spoon handle and not the top. And your catapult is done.

Launch the pom-poms to start playing. Hold the stack with one hand or stick them with masking tape to make the catapult stand still.

5. Homemade Catapult

How to Make a Catapult Homemade

Okay, so this might not be constructed using waste materials, but for the sake of the fun, please allow us to include this kind of catapult in today’s article. The idea is original and fresh, and no one before this has done the same.

Supplies you’ll need to make this homemade catapult are several small balls to launch, 6 garden stakes or dowels, a hole-puncher, a plastic cup, and rubber bands.


  • Make a triangle shape using three dowels to be the base. Secure all corners with rubber bands a couple of times.
  • Repeat step 1 to make another triangle and let it stand as you see in the picture.
  • Make holes with the hole-punch on the cup three times at considerable distances around the top part.
  • Cut three rubber bands and use them to tie through the holes in the cup. Let the other ends tied to the top and bottom corners of the catapult set. You’re going to need longer and bigger rubber bands to make this step happen. Refer to the picture if you’re confused.

Up to step 4, your catapult is done. What left now is how you’re going to play it. Place the small balls one by one to be the ammunition. Pull back the cup and release.

And that will be everything. Now you’ve learned about how to make a catapult in five ways using different materials. Your kids’ free time will never be the same again with some catapult tricks up on your sleeves. Happy launching!

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