11 Ingenious Paper Garland Craft Ideas

Some colored paper garland crafts can give a punch of luster and color in your decoration. Such ingenious craft can make ideal backdrops for party too. There are various papers you can choose to match your decorative ideas.

Paper garlands are great elements to set the right mood inside the space and welcome the guests to the party. In this post, there are some DIY craft ideas that would get you excited to try your hands on them.

Here are some ingenious paper garland ideas you might wanna have for the next projects.

1. Cheery Bunting Banners in Blue Bedroom

paper garland craft
Source: yandex.net

It’s a perfect decor idea to be incorporated in a girls’ room. That interesting bunting banners decor in the bedroom makes this girl’s bedroom much more cheery. The banners are placed on the beds and walls. That soft blue color and pattern in the room blend really well with the decor.

For a house with two girls, it’s something that the house should have. The soft and light blue scheme that blends with colorful garland is making an enormous combination. It’s both comfortable and cheerful.

2. DIY Ruffled Tissue Paper Garland

how to cut a paper garland
Source: yandex.net

This DIY craft idea is so easy and affordable. It’s perfect to decor the walls for the upcoming party. In order to make three strands of this paper garland, you don’t have to spend a lot of tissue paper. You will only need a pack of tissue for three strands.

If you already have something in your stash, you probably don’t have to spend more money on that. However, this project won’t waste a lot of money. In fact, this ruffled tissue paper garland is so affordable. For the materials and tools, you probably spend about 3 dollars.

3. Ombre Paper Triangles Garland

paper garland backdrop diy
Source: alicdn.com

This ombre-color papercraft would make a great wall decoration for the party. Use the white wall as the base to get the garlands pop even more. You can have this on the wall for any kind of party.

Some simple folding steps would be enough to make such interesting garland. It adds some ultra-modern look to the empty wall. Hang a lot of this paper garland craft to make the party decor more festive.

4. Loopy Paper Garland Idea

paper airplane garland diy
Source: casaydiseno.com

This loopy paper garland would make a great addition to the wall. You can make this loopy garland by sewing the paper strips to a ribbon. In this idea, the garland looks astonishing with that blue and green combination.

You can make a more special loopy paper garland by choosing different colors, the ones that you like. This kind of personal touch would make the craft project more exciting and fun.

5. Paper Flowers Garland with Balloon

paper garland bulk
Source: littleinspiration.com

It looks like a garland that consists of balloons and some real flowers. Well, all of those beautiful flowers in the garland are made of paper. Both of them are tied together making an amazing combination.

If you have this as part of your party decor, it would be something that your guests won’t forget. This unique party decor would really be something that makes you receive compliments from the guest. The white balloons make a perfect base for the colorful flowers.

6. DIY Newspaper Garland Craft

how to make a paper garland backdrop
Source: thesprucecrafts.com

This paper garland DIY is surely the winner on the list if the only concern is simplicity. This garland idea is extremely simple. Well, this newspaper garland shows you that you don’t need to waste a lot of money for a garland project.

To achieve this creative garland craft, you just need some newspaper and paint. The various colors of paint will add some festive charm to your party. Because this idea is so simple, you can let your kids do the project with you. Kids will have fun with it.

7. Washi Tape Paper Chain Garland

paper garland design
Source: thesprucecrafts.com

The paper chain is a perfect type of garland when it comes to washi tape. This kind of craft has been around forever. Many children in kindergarten have experience making something like this one.

You should choose the washi tape that has a bright pattern. So, the craft doesn’t look out of date and it looks more modern. You can make a lot longer garland a lot faster.

8. Budget-Friendly Heart Paper Garland

paper elephant garland
Source: onelittleproject.com

This craft project is something you can prepare for the wedding party. It would elevate the romantic feeling all around. This garland idea is quite easy and you can even make it in less than an hour.

You’re gonna need some heart scrapbooking punch, scrapbook paper, tacky glue, scissors, and a fishing line. You can also use the baker’s twine instead.

9. Halloween Paper Garland Ideas

paper garland doves
Source: onelittleproject.com

There are four different paper garlands in the picture. Each of them represents the iconic image of Halloween. As a whole, this one is a quite fun project. You can even use the free printable template online or you can just draw the images by yourself as creative as you are.

These garlands look so cute to dress up your wall during Halloween. It would definitely impress the kids that visit the house asking for trick or treat. You can make it as many as you want until you’re out of construction paper.

10. Folded Paper Leaf Garland

paper garland circles
Source: makeandtakes.com

This simple garden would make great wall decor. This leaf garland can the decor of the fall season. It’s such an easy way to brighten up the empty walls in your room. It doesn’t have to be a party to have this as decoration. Just attach it to the wall whenever you want.

11. Pom Pom Bunny

paper garland christmas diy
Source: diycandy.com

This garland is perfect for Easter decor. That pom represents the egg that’s carried by the paper bunny. Use some bright-patterned paper for the bunny for a more festive charm.


After exploring all of those craft ideas, you must be very inspired. Paper garland is an easy and quick craft for both party and home decor. There’s no way to deny the festivity of this craft.

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