10 Amazingly Fun Pinata Craft Ideas That Will Start Any Party

A candy-filled pinata is a must-have item in a party or celebration in order to make it more fun. If you have a plan to make a fun celebration, you’ve gotta find some colorful pinata ideas that you can make by yourself at home.

Luckily for you, this page will provide you with some of the best DIY ideas to make a special pinata for your party. According to the theme, you can make pinata to represent something like mythical creatures, adorable animals, food, etc.

Without further ado, get your scissors and glue ready. Let’s make some colorful pinata.

1. Rainbow Letter Filled With Candy

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Source: coolcrafts.com

This fancy colorful letter could be an impressive decoration for your next party. The letter may represent the initial of the party owner. For example, the name is “Brian” the one letter would be “B”. Fill it up with candy to make everything better.

There’s a color of chocolate in between the rainbow scheme. This what makes this pinata so special is the garland. This rainbow pinata doesn’t have an extensive amount of garland.

2. Pinata Unicorn Idea

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Source: graphcms.com

Unicorn is probably the most favorite ideas for parties such as a little girl’s birthday celebration. Everyone would fall in love with this adorable pinata. Your kids will have a good time smashing the unicorn to get their candy.

It’s an ideal decor item for the party itself. In fact, this cute unicorn is DIY friendly. With the right materials and method, you can make your own adorable donut party decor to enliven the celebration.

3. Big Donut Pinata Idea

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Source: thesprucecraft.com

A big size donut could make an amazing attention-stealer at your next party. It’s gonna have the look that’s both impressive and yummy. Everyone will definitely like this donut pinata. You can even make it with some cheap materials.

This big pink donut can be filled with donut candy to maximize the excitement from this item. It has the cool factor that will amaze guests at the part. Sure, everyone loves donut, right?

4. Vintage Boombox Pinata Idea

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Source: postris.com

For a party with a retro theme, this one could be a great option. This 80’s style boombox looks so interesting and easy to make. The shape is simple and it doesn’t have a complicated shape. A little bit of garland on every edge makes it a perfect pinata.

In order to make this boombox craft, you just need some basic DIY material like cardboard, cardstock, mirror board, cardstock, and some DIY craft tools.

5. Pinata Cake Craft Idea

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Source: brit.co

Having a pinata that looks like a cake is really cool to celebrate a birthday. You don’t have to make a giant version of it. It’s enough to be just a little bit bigger than the usual cake.

The pink garland represents the sweet frosting of the cake. The green one has a role as the candle and the yellow one becomes the fire for the candle. The design is so detail that makes the cake looks like a real cake.

You can hang some this craft cake below the ceiling and have them smashed as the way it should be.

6. Shiny Silver Diamond-Shaped Pinata

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Source: postris.com

This diamond pinata looks super shiny. It looks like a really expensive diamond from distance. Closely, this pinata looks enormous. It’s also super easy to make. You just have to make the cardboard materials shaped like a giant diamond.

Then, all side of the cardboard should be covered with shiny silver garland. You don’t need help from anyone in doing this DIY project. You can make it on your own. Hang it from the middle of the ceiling area, just like a glitter ball in a club.

7. Simple Colorful Idea Made of Tissue Box

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Source: brit.co

Making your own pinata for a party would make it more special than having a pinata Walmart product. You can find your desired craft design without even have to spare some times to make it. But, there’s more fun in making the pinata yourself than buying it. It’s a more affordable option too.

As you can see, you can achieve this beautiful colorful craft just by using a tissue box that you’re about to throw into the trash can. You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy some pieces of the cardboard box. The empty tissue box you have will be very useful.

But, don’t expect to have a big pinata. It will only have a small or medium size. Don’t forget to fill the box with candy for a better result.

8. Color Wheel Pinata Idea

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Source: postris.com

Another interesting idea of the pinata for your kids’ birthday party. The choice of garland colors brings so much joy to the atmosphere. This idea uses complete rainbow colors to amaze every child. It will be so much cooler if the wheel can make a spin. The smashing could be so much fun.

As we know, it’s a DIY project. To make the wheel to be able to spin will require an advanced detail in the making of this craft. But, it’s still possible to be made by only one person if following the right steps carefully.

9. Pink Car Craft for Girls

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Source: thesprucecraft.com

Take your kid’s party to the next level with a pinata that looks like a mini car. When kids see this pink car, they wall love to ride this mini ride even though it can’t be ridden.

As you can see, this thing doesn’t have to be hung on the ceiling. You can just leave it on the floor or stage when it’s too heavy or too big to hang. It has loads and loads of groovy fringe to add more so much festivity to the object.

10. Pinata Dinosaur DIY Idea

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Source: coolcrafts.com

Even though Dinosaurs do not exist anymore. There are still a lot of kids love this creature. It’s probably because of movies they watch such as Jurassic World, Toy Story, and many more. There are so many ideas that represent dinosaurs.

We can go with the one that has a less complicated shape. This one would be a perfect DIY project for your craft dinosaur. It’s covered by all green-colored groovy shag fringe all over the dinosaur.


Actually, that’s not all. There are still so many pinata craft ideas out there. But, those ideas that you already explored above are all the best among the bests according to our creative team. So, let’s prepare all the materials, let’s have some fun making your own pinata.

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