12 Popular and Fun Crafts for Family Day Activities

Family is everything. Having a happy family feels like you have everything in the world. Spending togetherness with your family playing games or talking each other is the sheer bliss of happiness.

What do you think about making crafts for family? It can be an effective way to build a good communication with your family members.

It’ll make your bond with other family members stronger since you are there when they need you or just when your children ask you a favour to make them crafts out of everyday items.

Yes, you don’t have to make crafts from something expensive. The main point of making crafts will be to teach your children how valuable a togetherness is.

1. Disney Pixar’s Characters

crafts for a family reunion

Cars animated movie is quite popular among kids as well as adults, especially for parents. Take a look at these adorable Disney Pixar’s cardboard characters.

It’s a time-consuming craft and there it should be easy for you to make them. Kids may able to tell each of these characters by looking at the colours since they’re a big fan of them.

2. Stick Flag

crafts for the family

Every country in the world has a flag as an identity for each country. From a flag, you can tell what nationality they’re from.

There are lots of country flags you can build using popsicle sticks with your family to teach children to get to know how many countries and flags exist in the world. Your children can create it themselves since it’s not a rocket science.

3. Animal Topppers

the crafts family

Kids love animals. If your kids do, you can make these animal pie toppers for them. Ask them what kind of animal crafts they want to make and this picture can be used as a model to create them. You can create a bigger version of these crafts like a mask, for example, using this idea.

4. CD Photo Frame

preschool crafts for family day

If you’re not too pleased with the dull shape of a photo frame many stores sell, you can start making your photo frame using unutilized objects like CDs.

Since advanced technology takes over the world, people don’t really play music from cassette or CDs. Don’t throw them away. You can use them to adorn photo frame as you can see in this picture.

You’re going to need paper mache, CDs, tacky glue and scissors. Let’s pick a CD and then cut it into small pieces. Apply some glue on the surface of the frame, and use a scrap to spread it out.

Put the pieces on it one by one until it all covered. Tip: you can form a different shape of photo frame like flower, kite or a round shape. It’ll be terrific!

5. Coin Bank

family day crafts for kindergarten

To save some money is necessary for you and your family. You’ll never know if you are in need of money for some unexpected occasion such as maybe suddenly your car get hit by an amateur driver while parking their car.

It can also be a good education for children to save some money since young. If you think you’re going to build one, here are some materials you’ll need to build it: wood, bendy straws, foam boards, screws, and super glue.

These are the tools and equipment you can use: drill, jigsaw, ruler, eye protection and gas mask. You can visit this link to see the full tutorial video.

6. Pinecone Owl

easy crafts for family

Owls are adorable animals that many people love them so do kids. An animal with big eyes, round face with funny behaviour, a nocturnal animal whose voice sounds creepy.

But they’re adorable no wonder people are into make crafts inspired from this nocturnal bird of prey. You can make owl crafts from anything including pine cone.

7. Family Stick Crafts


fun halloween crafts for family

Stick is one the most used material for crafts from an easy craft for children until adults who can even build a ship out of it for charity.

It’s because stick is easy to find and it has lots of usage when it comes to crafting. It can also be made into anything you want. From building a house, plane or even a kingdom, stick has that potential.

8. Birdhouse

family fun crafts for fall

All that you need is imagination. You can build anything you want with imagination. If you have a large number of sticks, you can create even a bigger house or building.

You can give it as a gift to your friends or you can sell it to whoever likes it. You can make it as a hobby or you can just do craft for pleasure.

9. Holiday Memory Jars

crafts family genealogy

Holiday is a great way to deal with stress. Once in a while, it’s good for you and your family travelling to a place you’d like to stay at for a holiday.

Visiting amazing places with unforgettable memories make you want to save it so you will never forget it. And you can visit the same place once again for old time’s sake.

10. Paper Ship

family crafts for infants

Keep your baby smiling by putting this awesome paper ship above him in the nursery. Crying is only natural for babies to express that they need your existent with them.

That’s the joy of being parents for adorable babies. Your effort will be paid off after seeing your baby smile happily. A happy family is when there’s a baby inside it.

11. Rainbow Wind Sock

family crafts for kindergarten

To point out which direction does the wind blow, windsocks are made. It quite simple to make if you’d like to have it to know which direction or how strong the wind blows. Although you may often find it at airports, you can have one too in your house. I’m sure everyone would love it.

12. Scrapbook

crafts for my family

Moments are pictured in photos whether it’s sad or happy memories, but you should cherish them. You might realize those photos are just there in your phones or computer doing nothing.

So, you might start wondering what you’re supposed to do with them. Making a scrapbook in which you can put all of those pictures would be a good idea, I suppose.

No matter how far you go, your heart will always be tightened with your family. You can bring with you crafts your family made everywhere to keep you remember how the family loves you.

We provide you with some ideas of crafts for family from different materials, shapes and purposes that we find useful. So, what crafts are you going to make for them?

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