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24 Oct 2018

10 Clever Yarn Crafts Ideas that Evokes Your Creative Side

The idea of crafting is to make something useful out of trivial materials which are easy to find and also affordable, such as embroidery floss or more known as yarn. In some cases, crafting could even cost
21 Oct 2018

The Top 10, Cheap and Easy Anti-Boredom Holiday Crafts for Kids

Feeling bored on holiday seasons? Check out these holiday crafts for kids for your fun holiday. They will enjoy them as they have never before. 1. The Junior Masquerades Let’s begin with these junior masquerades. Measure your
16 Oct 2018

10 Easiest Dinosaur Craft Ideas to Execute with Your Little Ones

A very clever way to keep your children company is to introduce them to activities, make some craft for example, with animals involved. Any kind of animals is fine, but dinosaurs are mostly recommended. Since dinosaurs could
5 Oct 2018

How to Make Super Easy DIY Paper Flowers for Kids

Are you looking for a DIY idea that your kids can engage with? Why don’t you try making these super easy DIY paper flowers for kids? This flower paper idea is extremely easy and thus it is
30 Sep 2018

12 Holiday Craft Ideas for Your Cheerful, Independence Day/Fourth of July

What is your decoration idea for the Fourth of July? With stars and stripes in your heart, it is time to celebrate The United States’ Independence Day with these holiday craft ideas. Check out these top 12-holiday
3 Sep 2018

DIY Paper Flower Bouquet, Fun and Easy Step by Step

Time flies so fast. And your beloved mom is having her birthday party next week. You really have to give her an impressive gift. Unfortunately, you are short on cash which means buying her a fancy necklace
17 Aug 2018

Creating Your Own Cross Stitch Fonts in 7 Simple Steps

Are you still looking for some great cross stitch fonts ideas? Or do you need a pattern with text on it? You have come to the right place. This is the page you need to learn how
6 Aug 2018

How to Make Beautiful DIY Flowers in 6 Easy Steps

It is weekend and it is supposed to be a very nice day to go to the beach or have a picnic with your family. Unfortunately, it is raining cats and dogs outside so you have no
24 Jul 2018

How to Make Giant Paper Flowers for Wall Decoration in 5 Easy Steps

Your best friend’s wedding party is coming. You have promised her to jazz the party up. But now you have not come up with a splendid idea for the decoration. It must be something simple, affordable, yet
2 Jul 2018

Wood Crafts for Kids: 15 Less Cost More Fun Projects To Boost Creativity

Thinking of best ways to spend quality time with your kids? There are various wooden craft activities that you can do for handy kids. Wooden crafts and activities do not always need to use hammers and nails.