11 Cute Crochet Necklace Design To Wear

Crochet necklace is one of the cutest accessories to wear. A piece of jewelry doesn’t have to be always expensive and sparkling. Well, this crochet craft is a great “jewelry” to strike minds. You don’t need silver, gold, or other metal material to make a cute necklace.

With crocheting, you can make a piece of jewelry that really catches attention. Not only necklaces, but you can also make earrings and bracelets out of yarn with a crochet method. Some gorgeous and unique necklaces would be ready to be worn around the neck.

After scrolling many blogs and sites, we’ve gathered 11 cute crochet necklace ideas for you to get you inspired to make one in your house.

1. Crochet Necklace Coral Pattern

crochet a necklace
Source: pinimg.com

The combination of bold colored yarn and creative stitches would result in such an amazing coral-inspired necklace. It’s got a curly fringe and round shape like a coral. This crochet craft from The Little Treasures is easy to make.

The color choice is very important in this project. Look at how all the colors blend with each other. It’s a nice piece of “jewelry” to match with your dark-colored outfit.

2. Neon Pattern

crochet bead necklace tutorial
Source: burgundyandblush.co.uk

If you need inspiration to crochet in a certain season, well you should give this a go cause this one is perfect for all season. It’s quick and easy crochet to make. A load of different colors can be a great option for this neon crochet.

Any cotton-based yarn can be used to make this crochet necklace. The chunkier the yarn the better it would result. The one in the picture used the product from Hobbycraft, DK Cotton Blend. It’s got some simple pattern steps that you can easily follow.

3. Turkish Crochet Necklace Idea

make a crochet necklace with beads
Source: buytroy.com

This one is a type of thread crochet that uses specific stitches types to create a lacy design. This project needs a small hook to achieve because of the small detail in this type of crochet craft is very important for the design.

This vintage lace crochet is also called Oya. Turkish crochet jewelry comes with various designs. The one you see in the picture is a Turkish crochet necklace that has chip beads.

4. Artistic Kelp Necklace Crochet

crochet accessories necklace
Source: interweave.com

Take a look at this cool crochet necklace. The pattern is an adaptation of freestyle crochet forms that appeared in the artwork of Julia. That unusual pattern for a necklace is so eye-catching. It’s something that women would love to wear. It would easily make them stand out in the crowd.

The fact that it has such an interesting green color makes it looks like kelp. It’s like you’re wearing real kelp from the sea around your neck.

5. Gold Chain

how to make a crochet necklace with ladder yarn
Source: pinimg.com

Getting the value of your “Jewelry” back again is what this crochet necklace aims to do. That gold chain is the real deal. It really makes this necklace more than just a crochet craft. It becomes a real crochet jewelry.

For a more impressive look, some beads would make a great addition. The gradation of green shades blends really well with the gold accent from the chain.

6. Irish Crochet Necklace Design

crochet necklace book
Source: pinimg.com

Unlike the Turkish crochet necklace design, this one has the bigger and bolder size of motifs. This fabulous necklace is created using Irish crochet lace.

The necklace consists of a carnation motif, fan motif, floral, large medallions and the small ones. This gorgeous crochet jewelry is available on Etsy, If you want to make it yourself, you can follow its easy patterns.

7. Charming Pattern

crochet collar necklace pattern
Source: bp.blogspot.com

This crochet necklace pattern is inspired by a Charming Bracelet pattern from some website. Instead of thread, you’re using yarn to stitch. The rich look of the necklace has a smooth texture. It also comes in beautiful shades.

It’s a lovely idea you can try for your next crochet project. This charming necklace is simple and elegant. It’s perfect for a more formal occasion like a corporate party or awarding night. Seriously, this crochet necklace looks so expensive.

8. Crochet Button Necklace Idea

crochet necklace design
Source: bp.blogspot.com

This colorful crochet necklace is at an easy skill level. So, it’s recommended for beginners. The fact that this craft is using a larger yarn type makes this necklace becomes quite easy to make.

The buttons would help you to form a round shape that looks like a flower. You can choose any color you like to be the crown of the flower. The crochet chain represents the stalk of the flower.

9. Pom Pom Scarf Lariat

crochet beaded necklace pattern
Source: etsy.com

Check out this necklace, it’s got a really large size that makes it possible to be the neckwarmer scarf. It’s got a nice color combination, copper red, purple, pink, brown, and green. If you like a boho-chic look, you should definitely want this to warm your neck.

To make it more useful, you have to work with a wool yarn that’s one hundred percent wool quality with a super soft and no itch.

10. Crochet Chain Scarf

crochet daisy necklace
Source: pinimg.com

Another type of neckwarmer necklace, this one is surely gonna keep you warm every time you need it. You should make this crochet necklace to welcome the cold season. The large yarn used in this project makes it easier to stitch and quicker to finish.

This chain scarf necklace is warm, stylish, and bold. You might feel a little bit more weight compared to other kinds of the necklace. However, you will definitely get the warm you need during the cold day.

11. DIY Clay and Crochet

crochet necklace collar
Source: pinimg.com

The combination of polymer clay and crochet cotton thread makes a lovely necklace that has a unique modern touch. It’s fun to wear and it’s also fun to make. You have to make the clay and the crochet croft separately.

The crochet part in the step of making this necklace is very simple. The tassel is the element that completes the unique look of this jewelry.


The crochet necklace is definitely an amazing type of craft that you can wear. All of those crochet craft ideas are perfect for your main consideration in making one. Crochet is a popular method you can try to make a craft that uses yarn to make.

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