12 Creative Grandparents Day Crafts To Make Them Happy

Show your love to the elders with these grandparents day crafts. This post will provide you with inspiring craft ideas for the grandkids to make for celebrating the National Grandparents Day.

If that day is still a thing in your family, you should get ready for it. These crafts would also make a great project idea to do with the grandparents.

It’s such a nice way to spend quality time together. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and money to make these crafts. They only need creativity and lovely grandparents.

1. Button Ornaments Holiday Gift

grandparents day 2019 crafts preschool
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Button ornaments like this one would make a perfect craft idea to get ready for grandparent’s day. The kids will have so much fun doing this project.

It can be done with any kind of buttons in various sizes. Your kids can choose to have the design that relates to the celebration.

This button craft looks so simple to make but it needs an artistic touch to form the right shape of the character. The grandparents will be happy receiving this button ornament from their grandkids.

2. Stained-Glass Cookie Ornaments

grandparents day school crafts
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If button ornaments are not so impressive for them, then this one should impress them. This decorative ornaments would make a great item hanging from the ceiling right before they eat the cookies. It’s such a fun DIY project for kids to do.

The result of this craft looks so yummy. The granny and gramps would enjoy getting this one as a gift in the Grandparents Day.

It begins with cooking the dough with some ordinary ingredients to make sugar cookies. For the decoration, you will need about 50 assorted hard candies with clear colors.

3. Plaid Ball Ornament Grandparents Day Crafts

grandparents day arts and crafts for toddlers
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It’s another DIY ornament craft to make for Grandparents day. It’s quite easy to make and it offers a design that matches an old people style.

Making it is as simple as winding bias plaid fabric strips around balls that are made of foam. The grandparents can use this plaid ball as one of the ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Besides the balls, you can see the plaid banners too. It completes the plaid ornaments to fill up the tree. It’s also very easy to make, it’s as simple as snipping and folding ribbon into banners and add kilt pins.

4. Simple Photo Calendar in a Frame

grandparents day craft
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This kind of craft was quite popular once. You’re gonna make this popular again among your family members. This photo calendar is a very simple gift for grandma. Add the grandkid’s photo right above the month.

Instead of using such a fancy frame, you can have a clipboard for a more chic look of this calendar gift. For the calendar design, you can just download a printable calendar file online. With some cutting and taping, you’ll be done with it. It’s inexpensive, easy, and beautiful.

5. Stovetop Potpourri Gift Idea

grandparents day projects for infants
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It’s such a great homemade gift idea from the grandkids. It’s got a great sweet smell and a festive look. The good smell comes from the ingredients of this potpourri jar.

You can fill the jar with some peppermint sticks, sprigs of pine and some cinnamon sticks. You can use any jar you like for the gift.

For a better smell, try adding other ingredients like orange peels and cloves. That would easily make this potpourri gift a favorite choice for grandparents day crafts.

6. Grandkids Photo Clock Craft

grandparents day pre k crafts
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This photo clock craft is made using an old homemade wooden clock. You can also make the clock from scratch using a simple clock machine and an MDF round.

Using spray paint, you can begin to apply the color you want for the gift. In this one, the crafter uses a Rustoleum Aqua color.

Add some artistic patterns to dress up the gift and don’t forget to add photos of grandkids as the substitute of numbers on the clock.

The grandparents would be very happy hanging this clock on their bedroom’s wall. Every time they want to know the time, they’ll see the grandkids.

7. Family Tree on a Tray as Grandparents Day Crafts

grandparents day crafts for 2 year olds
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It’s one of the sentimental grandparents day crafts your kids can make for their grandmas. The grandparents would love to have this on their wall. Just grab the old tray along with the Cricut to cut out the pieces of tree and mod podge.

Those materials would only need your kids’ creativity and crafty hand to make it more impressive. Make sure all the names of the family members stuck on the tree tray.

8. Handprint Aprons for Grandparents Day Crafts

grandparents day crafts ideas
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Obviously, Grandmas would enjoy wearing this lovely handprint apron made by the grandkids. In this black apron, there are handprints of all the grandkids that would make grandmas feel so special wearing it. It’s super easy and fun to make.

The only challenging part of this project is applying the handprints in the right places without wiggling a lot. To do this project, you will only need an apron as the canvas, fabric paint, matching thread, and heat transfer.

9. Handprints Kitchen Gloves and Napkins

grandparents day crafts for preschoolers
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Handprint seems to be one of the most favorite methods in Kids craft. This one would excite the kids to begin the project right away. Handprint craft project would let them play with the colored paint with their bare hands.

This handprint gloves and napkin can be the perfect gift for grandparents. These crafts would be very useful for them in the kitchen. The grandparents will be happy to wear them when they’re cooking for grandparents’ day celebrations.

10. Rock-in-a-Jar Craft in Box Frame

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Besides for grandparents day, this one would also make a perfect gift for grandpa. It’s simply putting a cute rock with googly eyes inside a jar and display them in a box frame. You can just change the name to make it more personal. Grandpa will love this cute frame very much.

11. Paper Craft for Fridge by Kids

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This papercraft is such a great project for toddlers or preschoolers. It’s super easy to make. It only needs some special drawings for a reminder. It would be a nice craft to stick to the fridge.

12. Oil-Based Sharpie Mug as Grandparents Day Crafts

grandparents day crafts for 5th graders
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A mug is a perfect gift for grandparents who enjoy drinking coffee or tea. It would be something that they use every day. Let the kids use their creativity in applying the color and art into the mug to make it more special.


After all, you know now how to impress the grandparents on their special day. Those grandparents day crafts can be made using some simple materials without spending a lot of time and money to make. Let your kids decide what’s the gift gonna be.

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