12 Holiday Craft Ideas for Your Cheerful, Independence Day/Fourth of July

What is your decoration idea for the Fourth of July? With stars and stripes in your heart, it is time to celebrate The United States’ Independence Day with these holiday craft ideas. Check out these top 12-holiday craft ideas with your loved ones:

1. The American Flag Fruit Pizza

Holiday Craft American Flag

Bored of the same old pizza? Change the toppings with some fruits and whipped cream.

For The Independence Day of The United States, be proud of stars and stripes in the flag. Strawberries are for the red and blueberries are for the black, with the whipped cream in between.

2. The Stars-and-Stripes Bike Parade

Holiday Craft Bike Parade

This holiday craft idea is perfect if you are a part of the stars-and-stripes bike parade. To stand out, cut some wide triangles out of any red, white, and blue papers. Fold them in half lengthwise. Make sure they are the exact match to the spokes.

You can attach the papers to the spokes with paperclips. If you want something stronger, use a tape or staples. Ride your bike and they can see a whirring of red, white, and blue in motion on your wheels.

3. The Hanging Decoration

Holiday Craft Hanging Decoration

For something quick, you can use this holiday craft idea for your Fourth of July. Hang a string or a rope by the wall or a wooden fence. Cut off some red, white, blue, and brown ribbons of the same size. Trim the ends so they will look like a lizard’s tongue.

Tie those ribbons around the hanging string or the rope. Put the orders appropriately for the American flag décor, which is red, white, and blue. The brown can go in between the trio.

4. The Red, White, and Blue Lanterns

Holiday Craft Lantern

There is a cultural assimilation that you can do here. Although lanterns are normally used to celebrate Chinese New Year, you can get creative with the same stuff. Have some red, white, and blue lanterns as part of your Fourth of July outdoor decoration.

You can hang these lanterns under a red umbrella. They will light up your night as you sit to watch the fireworks in the sky.

5. The Wooden Firecrackers/Dynamites

Holiday Craft Wooden Dynamite

The Independence Day of The United States is not complete without fireworks. No worries, these ones are safe. In fact, they do not explode at all.

For this holiday craft, use logs or some wood railings for this. Trim the edges so they become wooden bars. For the red and blue painted ones, paint the writing white. Paint the writing in red or blue, for the white painted bars.

For the fuse, use a white rope cut in an appropriate length. Create a hole in the top of the bar. Put one rope end in and glue it securely.

6. The Confetti Cake

Holiday Craft Confetti Cake

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Your kids may need help on the cooking part. However, they can apply the white whipped cream all over the cake and the colorful chocolate sprinkles on it. Then, once it is done, stick some real, small fireworks on top of the cake.

7. The Straw Star

Holiday Craft Straw

This holiday craft is made of red and white, striped paper straws and blue cardstocks. Glue two or three layers of paper straws together. Assemble them in a way that they create a circling hole in the center.

The stars are made of blue cardstocks. Glue them on the red and white wreath too. Leave them dry before you hang them by the front door.

8. The American Flag Table Runner

Holiday Craft Table Runner

Let’s create a Fourth of July table runner. Your Independence Day feast will be more cheerful. To get this craft’s done you must prepare:

  • A 2-yard burlap cloth for the table runner.
  • A small paint brush.
  • 2 bandanas (1 red and 1 navy blue).
  • A mod podge.
  • A hot glue and a glue gun (for alternatives you can choose a needle and threads).
  • A pen.
  • Scissors.
  • A 5/8’’ white ribbon.
  • A star pattern print.

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What to do:

  1. Cut the burlap with the size that you want (length and width wise).
  2. Brush the mod podge (on a thin line) around the burlap’s edge to keep it stiff.
  3. Cut out the stars (big and small) from the pattern print. They will become the outlines on your bandanas before you cut the fabric with that shape.
  4. If the stars are creased, iron them.
  5. Once the stars and white ribbons are ready, arrange them on the burlap. Position them in any way you like before you glue them to the burlap. Once the glue dries, your table runner is ready to use.

9. The Hanging Streamers

Holiday Craft Streamers

This holiday craft is also easy to make. You can collect red, white, and blue ribbons as many as possible. Make sure they are also the same size.

Tie them around something circular. For example, an old bracelet. Then use another rope to tie the streamers in the foyer. Your hanging streamers are ready on display.

10. The Fourth of July Greeting Cards

Holiday Craft Card

The Fourth of July greeting cards does not require expensive materials. Just use a big cardstock and apply some glitter to it. Use red, white, and blue cardstocks for the pinwheels. Fold them in a 1/8 piece. With scissors, cut four diagonal lines without trimming off the center. Fold the stuck out pieces.

With the glue gun, stick the pinwheels onto the card. Add some matching buttons for the center. For the rest of the design, you can use cut out regular papers and a marker for the greeting.

11. The American Flag Mason Jar Lantern

Holiday Craft Mason Jar

For this holiday craft, all you need are mason jars and candles with the appropriate size. Make sure the candles are not too big for the mason jars. You will also need some small American flags for the decoration.

Wash the mason jars clean. Once they are dry, roll the flags in and let them touch the glass. Be careful when you put the candles in. Make sure that when you light them up, the flame does not burn the flags inside.

Alternately: you can glue the flags on the surface outside.

12. The Painted Mason Jar Trio

Holiday Craft Mason Jar Trio

Here is another idea for the mason jars. Place a plastic letter on the surface and spray paint it (you might need gloves to keep your hands clean.) Once the paint dries, remove the plastic letter.

Your Fourth of July will be much more cheerful with these holiday craft ideas. Happy holiday!

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