How To Sew A Button The Easy Way

Knowing how to sew a button is quite important for everyone. People need this kind of skill so they don’t need to go to a tailor just because of a popped-off button. You might realize that a lot of shirts come with extra buttons in case you loose ones.

Do you know how to sew a button? Many people including you might think that sewing should only be done by women like your girlfriend, mother, wife, or grandmother. Well, you will never know when you might need this skill for a quick fix on your shirt’s button.

Buttons can be fall off accidentally in the laundry. They can break apart easily when the shirt is too tight. Sewing a button is not so complicated. It’s, in fact, a pretty easy process. You’ll just need a needle, some thread, and of course a button.

If you know how to sew on a button, you will make yourself more sufficient. So, here things you need to know for sewing the button.

Choosing the Right Button to Sew

how to sew around a buttonhole

If you already know how to sew a button on a pair of pants or shirts, well it’s only half the battle. Unless you have one of those extra buttons that come with the clothing, it’s important to choose the right button according to your need. Here are some types of buttons to choose from.

1. Flat Buttons

how to sew a collar button

It’s the type of buttons that are used by most shirts. Flat buttons most are on some of your shirts. They come in various sizes and shapes. One thing that makes them the same is the flat surface against the fabric.

Flat buttons have holes on tops of them. Some of them have two holes, some others have four holes.

2. Stud Buttons

how to sew a button down blouse

This kind of buttons is used for denim jeans. Well, you don’t even need to know how to sew a button to replace this button on the pants and jeans. It’s nearly used in all denim jeans.

It’s a two-part button with a back and front piece in which the back piece goes in through the fabric’s underside. For the top side, it goes on top. In order to snape them together, you might need to force it a little bit.

3. Shank Buttons

how to sew a button back onto pants

If you think all buttons have holes, you’re not completely right because these buttons don’t have visible holes. On the surface, you won’t see any holes. However, there’s a hook at the back of the button.

Unlike the flat button, it won’t lay down flat. It makes the buttons to stand on top of the fabric. It’s very functional as a collar fastener for a dress that has buttons on the back. There’s no need to get it expertly maneuvered in slipping the buttons through the opening.

Choosing the Color and Materials for Sewing a Button

how to sew a button a shirt

Buttons also come with various materials and colors. You need to choose the buttons that go well with the color of the fabric. You are in charge to make it stylish to the clothing. Most buttons are in colorful plastic. For some reason, you can also use metal or wooden ones.

The buttons you’re about to sew to the clothes need to be consistent. Don’t go with mismatching concept because it might be weird to see since it’s not a trend yet.

How To Sew a Button

Well, let’s get to it. Sewing a button would be easier by hand. You don’t need to prepare your sewing machine just to sew a couple of buttons on your clothes. In this tutorial, we were using a flat button since it’s the most-used ones.

1. Things to Prepare

how to sew a clip button

To sew a flat button, you’re gonna need a needle, a thread, toothpick, pen for mark, and of course the button.

2. Spot Marking

how to sew a button coat

You can begin by marking the sewing spot. Bring the needle up through the fabric beside the spot. Bring it through one button’s side. Then, bring the needle down through the other side. Get it through the fabric right beside the spot.

3. Using a Toothpick and Winding

how to sew a button and buttonhole by hand

The use of toothpick in this step is very helpful to hold the button. Push the toothpick in between the button and fabric. It creates a space in between for the easier sewing.

After that, you should bring the needle up and down through the buttonholes and the backside of the fabric several times. You can do this for at least eight to 10 times. For the last time, get the needle up through the fabric right beside the stitches. Don’t go through the button.

how to sew a button back onto shorts

Wind the string counter-clockwise on the thread for a few times to the fabric. Pull it tightly and leave the toothpick attached. Then, remove the toothpick and wind it again a little bit.

4. Knotting for Security

how to sew a button down dress

After that, get the needle to the wrong fabric’s side. Then, knot it well using small stitches in the fabric. Knot it for at least three times. It’s great security for the buttons, making it attached sturdily. For the last, trim the ends and it’s done.

Tips and Hints in Sewing a Button

  • The first tips you need to know is to double the thread every time you do the sewing especially if using polyester or regular cotton thread. If you’re using something thicker like upholstery thread, then using a single strand would be okay.
  • You can use a dab of fabric glue to get more secure knots. The recommended product is the Fabri-Tac.
  • In the process of sewing, you’ve gotta make sure that the stitches are unseen under the button. It would avoid the messy look and keeping it safe from snagged and break.
  • If you’re dealing with four-holes button, make sure to anchor the top two holes first and then continue to the bottom ones.


After all, that’s all you need to know. Those steps of how to sew a button and all the knowledge would be so useful for you to begin your sewing. Let’s get to it and make your clothes great again.

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