Every Mother Of Pearl Ideas You Need To Know

If you’re familiar with mother of pearl, you will immediately realize it when you saw it. do you really know what this material is all about? Mother of pearl is the name for an iridescent inside line of a mollusk shell which is most commonly found in abalone, pearl oysters, and freshwater mussels.

Primarily, this kind of material is used for jewelry. However, people have also had them for many other uses. Mother of pearl is also used as home decor in the form of mosaic tile. It can also be used to accent various things to make it more decorative.

In this page, you will be provided with many kinds of mother of pearl ideas to make everything more valuable.

1. Mother of Pearl in Jewelry

mother of pearl art

The term mother of the pearl refers to the nacre which coats the mollusk shell’s an inside layer. In other words, the mother of pearl jewelry is organic jewelry which is originated from a living creature. One of the differences between the mother of pearl and pearl is in the focal piece.

This material has much larger pieces of focal then pearl. Compared to the natural pearl, mother of pearl is thinner and slightly rounded.

When it comes to pricing, natural pearls are obviously more expensive than this type of pearl. It’s because of the rarity of the material. The price can also be made based on its size.

Some of the popular jewelry with this material is the mother of pearl pandora ring, necklace, and bracelet.

2. Mother of Pearl Wall Tile For Bathroom

mother of pearl bar

This bathroom has a technique of mixing tiles to boost visual appeal. This small bathroom has the tile from Oceanside Glasstile covering the wall. All of those tiles are using glass and mother of pearl. The geometric flooring design blends well with the attractive wall tile.

This material is mostly used for jewelry. It means this kind of tile will be a nice luxurious touch to the bathroom wall. The minimalist vanity design gives a huge chance for the wall tile to spread its charm.

3. Contemporary Mother of Pearl Vanity

mother of pearl accent table

Check out this amazing vanity which is designed by Nada Debs. The entire surface of the furniture is filled with mother of pearl pieces. All of those pearls are installed beautifully in order to create a charming beauty that can attract everyone.

The mosaic look from the pearl arrangement is so amazing. Thanks to the artistic crafty hand of the designer. It’s an interesting addition to a dark-wood vanity like this one. It can also be an outstanding remodeling idea for any wooden furniture.

4. Kitchen Backsplash with Mother of Pearl

mother of pearl apple watch band

A backsplash is one of the most important elements of kitchens. It’s the one that balances the upper and lower side of the kitchen. It’s also the one that can look so attractive without even have to become some kind of destructions to the kitchen.

The tile space is filled with this gorgeous mother-of-pearl tile. You can even buy this tile on Amazon. It’s available to buy in packs of size with 12 x 12 squares dimensions. It’s a thin but strong material for your kitchen idea.

You should clean and wipe it immediately after you’ve done your cooking. It doesn’t come with a lot of colors, that’s why it’s perfect for your stylish living room.

5. Wallpaper Pattern with Zigzag Stripe Design

mother of pearl accordion

Instead of having a mother of pearl items as your coffee table centerpiece, you can apply it on the entire wall space of the room. The cool charm comes from the pearl textures spreading all over the room. You can balance the texture with a cotton woven blanket like the one on the couch.

That wallpaper won’t be a standout in any room. If you want to make it the center of attention, the rest of the room’s element should be as calm as the wallpaper scheme.

6. Vanity Mirror with Lovely Frame

the mother of pearl nyc

That circular mother of pearl mirror frame will become the focal point of any bathroom. Pairing it with that vintage sconce is just lovely. For farmhouse bathroom interior, mother of pearl frame offers a stunning mirror design.

The rustic vanity cabinet plays an important part in this atmosphere. It strengthens the charm of the pearl frame. That vessel sink on top of the vanity is just what this scene needs. That’s why it’s the complete farmhouse bathroom.

7. Shimmering Mother of Pearl Chandelier

mother of pearl fiji

The stylish combination of polished appeal and coastal inspiration is what makes the room more appealing. This 6-light novelty chandelier has a sleek metal frame that could hold the beauty of shimmering mother of pearl.

This is what you’re looking for if you want a chandelier that’s not too glamorous but able to carry a charm of the entire ceiling. The chandelier looks so simple, it can even be one of your DIY craft projects.

8. Table Lamp Pearl Inlay Ideas

the mother of pearl crossword clue

It’s another mother of pearl idea to impress you. A table lamp is an element that can be both functional and decorative to any room. This handsome set of table lamps pearl inlay will illuminate the room in style.

The posh pair of this table lamp is in a teardrop shape that inlays to pearl panels. It adds a hind of coastal flair to the entire body of the item. The cotton drum on the top shade the 13 W bulb’s light softly. It’s one way to amp up the space for your relaxation time.

9. Decorative Table Runner with Pearl

mother of pearl butterfly

This table runner is well decorated with mother of pearls which really improve the value of this item. The ivory linen fabric is looking so much better with that pearl decoration. With some basic sewing skill, you can pull out this pattern smoothly.

This mother of pearl table runner can be a great idea for your DIY project. When you make it yourself, you can choose whatever pattern you like to have for your table runner. It will draw attention around the table.


Mother of pearls is quite popular these days. It surely becomes such a powerful addition to any interior design scheme. Since it’s mostly used for jewelry, it offers some luxurious touch to the scene.

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