How to Make Super Easy DIY Paper Flowers for Kids

Are you looking for a DIY idea that your kids can engage with? Why don’t you try making these super easy DIY paper flowers for kids? This flower paper idea is extremely easy and thus it is very suitable for your kids. Read on to learn the steps of making this super easy flower paper bouquet.

Kids and Crafts

Letting your kids involved in creating things can make them get an abundance of advantages. Engaging themselves with crafts is definitely much better than let them lounge on the couch while playing games on the phone.

One of the advantages of being involved in creating things because it can improve their confidence and creativity. One of their favorites is making flower papers. Letting your kids explore their imagination and create a flower paper bouquet, for instance, will allow them to improve their fine motoric skills.

Paper Flowers for Kids and Craft

Another advantage of letting your kids engage themselves with crafts is they will be able to enhance their visual processing abilities because they work with various kinds shapes and colors. While accompanying them creating flower papers, you can introduce them to different names of shapes and colors.

The most important thing about creating things with your kids is you can bond with them. You can also catch up on what your kids have been doing at school while busy folding and cutting the papers.

But since they are kids, they cannot do it by themselves. You need to guide and accompany them.

To begin with, you can try making this wonderful yet super easy flower paper bouquet with your kids. You will find them thrilled and smile exuberantly.

Making Super Easy DIY Paper Flower Bouquet

Paper Flowers for Kids Bouquet

This super easy DIY paper flower is very suitable for kids because it does not require many materials nor advanced skills. Your kids will be able to make beautiful flower bouquets by themselves. Just make sure they will not hurt themselves.

But they still need your help, especially with the materials. Make sure that you help your kids out with the supply list. And here is the list.

Supply List:

Paper Flowers for Kids Supplies

  • Glue (you can also use a hot glue gun)
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • 2 sheets of green cardstocks
  • Origami papers with various kinds of colors

Step 1: Shaping The Stems

Paper Flowers for Kids Stem

We begin with the stems first. To shape the stems, you need to take one green cardstock. Fold it in half. Using a ruler, measure an inch from the open edge to the center and draw a line. This line will help you with the cutting. But if you are pretty sure that your cutting will be accurate, you can skip this one.

Make some strip narrow cuts from the folded edge up to the line that you have made. If you have done the cutting, unfold the paper. Using the scissors, straighten the paperback so that it is as straight as it was. Apply some glue to one of the edges of the paper and fold it in half.

Paper Flowers for Kids Shaping Stem

Take another green paper and fold it in half width-wise. Fold it in half again. Make a line along the width of the folded paper. Again, if you are sure that you can cut the paper accurately, you do not have to draw a line.

Make some zig-zag cuttings from the edge to the line. Make sure the zig-zag cuttings are not too wide. They have to be less than an inch. To make it more natural, you can vary the length of the cutting.

If you have done the cutting, you can unfold the paper.

Step 2: Assemble The Stems

Paper Flowers for Kids Assembling Stem

Take the folded green paper and apply some glue along the edge of the paper. Attach the edge of the paper with the zig-zag cutting firmly.

Apply some glue to the side with zig-zag cutting and roll up the papers. Make sure that the zig-zag cutting is the inner part of the stems.

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Now, you have the stems for your flower bouquet. Now it is time for you to make some beautiful small flowers.

Step 3: Shaping The Colorful Flowers

Paper Flowers for Kids Shaping Flower

To shape some beautiful flowers, you need to get a square paper with the color of your choice and cut it off to create four new smaller squares.

Take one of the smaller squares and fold it in half. Fold it in half again so that you get a very small square. Fold the tiny square diagonally to get a tiny triangle. Cut off the bottom part of the folded side a bit. Cut it diagonally and do not cut more than ¼. After that, cut the opposite side a bit. Cut it diagonally, too. Unfold the paper.

Repeat these steps to the other papers. You can make small flowers as many as possible. But if you think that these steps are quite difficult, you always have a plan B.

Paper Flowers for Kids Shaping the Flower

Take one of the smaller squares and draw a flower on it. Cut off the flower by cutting along the line you drew and a flower is ready. These steps might take more time to make a flower, but it is much easier than the previous one. But the choice is yours.

Once you have got all the flowers, you can begin to make some tiny circles. After that, apply a little glue to the circles and attach them to the flowers. Make sure that the circles you are going to attach have a different color from the flowers so that they can make conspicuous as well as pretty good centers.

Step 4: Assembling The Flowers

Paper Flowers for Kids Assembling Flower

If you have got the flowers that you want, apply some glue to the back of the flowers and attach them to the green stems. If you use a hot glue gun, make sure that you only apply a dot of glue. Applying too much hot glue will only create a bulk on the surface of the flowers which will ruin their look.

Now a wonderful yet simple flower bouquet is ready to embellish your kids’ bedroom. Colorful colors look really great with simple green stems, don’t they?

Although paper flowers for kids are easy to make, it does not mean that you are allowed to not pay attention to every single detail. Keep doing the steps meticulously to get a stunning flower bouquet. Follow this video for full tutorial.

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