10 Clever Yarn Crafts Ideas that Evokes Your Creative Side

The idea of crafting is to make something useful out of trivial materials which are easy to find and also affordable, such as embroidery floss or more known as yarn. In some cases, crafting could even cost you nothing if you already have the requirements needed. Today’s article will discuss yarn crafts ideas.

Some of them might not as easy as the others, but that’s where the fun lays. Well, everyone, the list is as follows. Check these out!

1. Crochet Pineapple Pendant

Yarn Crafts Crochet Pendant

As it looks fresh and cheerful, this kind of pendant is best suitable for your lovely girls. The picture sets an example to use them as earrings, while you could also wear them on your neck as a necklace or wrist as a bracelet.

The materials you’re going to need are yarns in two colors of green and yellow, hooks, and small seed bead in turquoise.

Apart from the things mentioned above, you’ll also need a long wooden bead, head pin, pliers hook, and one of the three optional accessories: earring base, necklace, or bracelet.

Your stitching skill is needed in the making process. It requires patterns of chain, crochets, slips stitch, and fasten off at the very least.

2. Woven Yarn Bangles

Yarn Crafts Banglet

If you’re searching for a craft to welcome winter, then this will be a perfect choice for you. When your bangles are wrapped in colorful yarns, they will warm up your wrists amazingly.

Gather the supplies first if you want to have ones. You’ll need assorted yarns, double-sided tape, scissors, tapestry needle, and wooden bangle.

Stick the double-sided tape at the inner side of the bangles. It is to secure the work with the yarn crafts later. Then, do the wrap with whatever color you desire.

In selecting the color, two contrasting colors would be your best bet. Meanwhile, to have the woven impression, tapestry needle could help you with that.

3. Yarn Wrapped Stick Teepee

Yarn Crafts Teepee

This craft brings teepee on another level. It’s not meant to cover you from the weather of course.

It’s more as an outdoor decoration at the very least. To have a set like the one shown in the picture, you’ll need to find some branches and yarns.

The branches you require should be in similar size and height. Or else, their ends aren’t going to meet. As for the making process, your kids will surely like it.

They only have to wrap the branches from the bottom part all the way to the top using yarns in different colors.

4. Bedside Pom-Pom Rug

Yarn Crafts Pom-pom Rug

To touch something soft first thing right after waking up in the morning is surely a nice thing to feel for your feet. And this pom-pom rug would do.

It is suitable to put in any of your family members’ room, especially in the nursery. To have this nice rug, the requirements are wool yarns in numerous colors, textures, and sizes.

Beside yarns, the other supplies are two paper rolls, scissors, and a rug mat in the size you desire.

The said rug mat must be of the nonstick type. You could find one at the local hardware store.

5. Serving Basket Embroidered with Yarn

Yarn Crafts Basket

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By looking at it, you already feel festive at a party, don’t you? It does feature in a summer backyard party. But it doesn’t have to be summer to use this kind of serving basket. Any kind of season would do.

The super easy job is involved in this yarn crafts. What you need to do is only string the yarn onto the basket.

6. Colorful String Banner

Yarn Crafts String Banner

Selecting bold colors are apparently a genius way to enliven the image of a party even when nobody is around. You could see an example of it dangling above the party area.

Orange, pink, green, and purple are some of the choices you have. As to have them hung, you could use a clothespin and tie to any possible things, like trees.

7. Cardboard DIY Photo Frame

Yarn Crafts Photo Frames

The way to treasure your moments should not stop until the point when you capture them only, but how you treat the picture afterward should also be your concern.

Is it enough to save them in your gadget? Printing them would be more meaningful, of course. Print and make them some lovely frames to put into.

Get some help from colorful yarn and your old cardboard boxes, in the matter. You only need to wrap the frame side with the yarns and fit the picture in the middle of it.

8. Hanging Planter Makeover

Yarn Crafts Hanging Planter

The upside of buying something at the dollar store is you could save some cash, but the downside is the thing you buy would be below your expectation.

Say you buy a plain hanging planter from the local dollar store at a good price but you don’t like how it looks.

Take some yarns along the way and do a makeover at home. The creation process is very easy that you don’t need any tutorial while you go.

9. Pom-Pom Cake Toppers

Yarn Crafts Cake Toppers

We have another pom-pom form here. If the previous one is used as a fluffy rug, this time around we have pom-poms to be some cake toppers.

The process of pom-pom creation is very easy and takes no time. You could make some during the cake chilling process.

The requirements are a fork, scissors, wooden skewers or plastic straws, and a hot glue gun.

10. Yarn Embroidered Desk Accessories

Yarn Crafts Desk Accessories

If you have a messy work area and too lazy to fix it, do this simple craft to boost your mood up. The supplies you need to gather are pencil cup, yarns, darning needle, and scissors.

To have the exact diamond pattern like seen in the picture, the work starts from the middle of the cup.

More Ideas to Try :

Make other patterns also, like a running stitch and zig-zag to embroider both the top part and bottom. Choose a different color for each pattern to jazz up the white cup.

Ideas of yarn crafts are abundant if not limitless. This article has presented 10 of them and you could modify by adding or reducing ideas here and there. Who knows by doing that you could create some brand new ones? Happy crafting!

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