10 Best and Lovely Crochet Heart Pattern Ideas To Knit

Some crochet heart pattern ideas would inspire to welcome Valentine’s day. It’s one of the easiest gift ideas for the loved ones.

Besides expressing your love, a heart pattern in a crochet craft would be a nice additional accessory to dress up the blankets, pillows, and even the wall space.

Crochet heart is always a favorite pattern for crafting. Well, it doesn’t have to be for Valentine’s day. You can enjoy and share this lovely craft idea for any occasion.

In this post, we’d like to let you explore some of the lovely ideas to knit with a crochet heart pattern.

1. Crochet Heart Pattern Necklace Craft

crochet heart pattern free

According to the crafter, this crochet heart necklace is described as a one-minute crochet craft. Well, that description is not a lie.

You can literally crochet it into a necklace in less than a minute. That’s why it would be a great last-minute option.

For example, if your kids are planned to use the necklace in one hour. You’ll have a lot of time to make some of these crafts.

This crochet craft consists of 15 stitches. When you finish the knitting, you may add a decorative bead to emphasize beauty.

2. Crochet Rose Heart Pattern Wreath

crochet heart pattern diagram

Hanging a wreath right on the front door is a stylish way to welcome the guest. Having this kind of wreath on the door will give a lovely character to the house right before the guest entering the house.

This crochet is quite easy to make. You can make it with just two simple rows. It would make perfect accents add to the decoration of the house. You will need small amounts of yarn, an H hook, and tapestry needle and scissors.

After making a lot of crochet roses. You can move on to make this wreath decor for Valentine’s Day. Using the glue, you can keep all of the crochets together in a heart shape.

3. Crochet Heart for Christmas Ornaments

crochet heart pattern uk terms

Besides Valentine’s Day, a crochet heart pattern can be a great ornament for Christmas. This red heart love ornaments would make your Christmas tree even more decorative.

You can also hang it in other places to improve the Christmas value of your house.

4. Cute Snakes Shape

crochet heart pattern afghan

There are two snakes that come together in this crochet craft. They create a heart shape with their tales. It’s a cute gift that represents the sentence “we belong together”. It’s a great present to give to your best friends or loved ones.

A cute figure of the little tiny crochet snake is adorable. The tongue on each face of the snake really increases the cuteness of the figure. Some tiny beads for the eyes complete the consistency of a snake image in this crochet craft.

5. Crochet Heart Garland for Wall Decor

crochet heart afghan tutorial

Check out this pretty pink garland made of crochet. This craft would be a big addition that elevates the decor of your room.

It’s something you can use to fill up the empty space on the wall. As you see in the picture, the empty wall shelves look even better with the garland.

This crochet heart garland is also called as the granny square heart crochet bunting. If you don’t have time to make one.

This bunting is also available on some craft stores online. The pink, red, and white colors really represent love and hearth.

6. Pink Earflap Hat

crochet a heart pattern blanket

Take a look at this super cute earflap hat. It’s got a pretty but easy pattern to adapt. You will need some pink and white yarn from the Lion Brand Pound of Love. Also, you should prepare the size H crochet hook.

This crochet hat with a heart pattern is specially made for babies that are around 9 to 12 months. Don’t worry, you can make the hat as large as you want. You can get some free patterns to make an earflap hat like this for adults.

7. Danish Style Crochet Heart

crochet heart pattern b hooked

This stunning craft is simple and ingenuine. There are two ovals of contrasting colors get folded in half with some perfect slits. You will get a charming checkerboard heart pattern to form a little basket.

This pretty little heart basket can be a nice Valentine’s gift. You can also choose to make some of this craft for some special people you want to show the love to.

8. Fruit Pillow with Sunburst Pattern

crochet heart bobble pattern

The whole pattern of this pillow craft is the classic crochet granny square. You should begin to work the basic heart shape. You can work it in five rounds.

Get the full tutorial on its website. You can see the detailed photos to make it easier to follow every step in making it.

You can make the heart shape looks like a strawberry by stuffing it in the center. It would give a toy or ornament for a perfect presentation.

The sunburst pattern really adds more colors and characters to the space around it. It’s nice additional furniture for your living room or bedroom coach.

9. Small Crochet Heart Pattern for Accessories

crochet heart pattern coaster

This small crochet heart craft has some various sizes. You can have these as an accessory to the other crochet crafts, like blankets, hats, bags, and many more.

This mini heart pattern will be very useful as one of the crochet supplies. You can make some of the crochets during your spare time and use it anytime you need it.

For example, you can make various sizes of mini crochet heart during one weekend, then whenever you make a bigger crochet craft, you can have the hearts dressing up your craft.

10. Pink Crochet Heart Pops

crochet heart chain pattern free

It’s like the lollipop of crochet. Obviously one of the easiest options you can go with. It’s a nice craft to make to welcome the month of love, February.

You will need toothpicks in order to create the pop. A small amount of stuffing is also needed to make the heart chubby.


There are so many crochet heart pattern guides online. It’s very easy to find. You can make a variation to your crochet craft based on your creativity. All of those ideas above come with its crochet pattern.

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