Crochet vs Knitting: Which One Should You Choose?

For beginners in the world of fiber arts, you may wanna read the whole explanation about this crochet vs knitting post. Even some of the experienced ones don’t really know when it comes to comparing these two methods.

However, everybody would easily recognize the difference between crochet and knitting. If you want to jump into the world of fiber arts, you should choose which one you wanna learn, crochet or knitting. Before that, you should know more about these two.

The Similarities They Share

crochet vs knitting yarn

Before we dig down to the difference or which one is the best for you, we need to know what both of them share.

Crochet and knitting need yarn or fiber as the main materials. With them, you can make some projects like wraps, sweaters, scarves, mittens, shawls, blankets, and many more. However, they offer a slightly different result.

Both of the techniques are worked from patterns and use abbreviations to follow. Knitters and crocheters share the same abbreviations sometimes.

The skillset of both techniques is quite similar. They are; an eye for color and design, hand-eye coordination, an affinity for fiber, start-to-finish project plan ability and see it through. If you’re good at math, it would be quite helpful using these techniques but it’s not strictly necessary.

Crocheters and knitters need to have a high level of patience. It’s necessary to get you to keep working, stitches after stitches until you finish the project.

What Knitting Has to Offer

crochet vs knitting difference

Knitting is a technique or method by which yarn is turned into cloth or other crafts using knitting needles.

For those of you who want to learn knitting, you need to get some supplies that are special for the project. For hand knitting, you need needles. Most needles have a pointed and a blunt end, while others have 2 points.

The needles are available in various sizes and lengths. You need to have more than one pair for backup. When you’re doing several projects of knitting, you have to prepare needles more than the number of projects.

Besides hand knitting, looms or machines are used to complete beautiful projects with a more complicated pattern. It’s mostly used for larger projects like in manufactures.

What Crochet Has to Offer

crochet vs knitting needles

Crochet is a technique or method of creating fabric from yarn and other material strands using a crochet hook.

If you’re interested in learning crochet, you need to have a special tool for crochet. This method doesn’t require needles or machines. You just need hooks, one hook at a time. That’s it.

Crochet hooks come in various sizes. There is a whole colorful set available at the store. Unlike knitting, crochet cannot be done by a machine, hands are the only tools to finish the crochet craft. Similar to knitting, crochet also uses the same fabrics and yarns.

Using a thin crochet hook, you’ll able to handle a delicate material like a thread. This is something that knitting won’t be able to achieve.

What Are The Differences

crochet and knitting pattern

There are many differences between crochet and knitting. You will recognize it as you learn. Here some of them:

  • Knitting needs two or more straight needles while crochet needs a single curved hook.
  • Crochet can handle thin material like thread, knitting can’t.
  • The basic look of knitting is a series of braids while crochet comes in the form of posts and loose-tied knots.
  • Knitting needs more of your patience than crochet because some projects can be faster.
  • The cost of material from crochet will be from 75 cents to 14 dollars. For knitting, you will spend about 3 to 25 dollars which depends on the material you use.
  • The basic techniques are also different, In crochet, you will start by creating slip-knot and then pulling the loops through previous loops, and post stitches will be created by wrapping the material around the hook. Creating first stitches in knitting, you will start by casting on.

Which One You Should Choose

crochet and knitting tools app

Well, if you have more patience than other people, you should choose knitting projects because it takes more time, especially to make it more detailed. Knitting saves money because it uses less yarn to make compared to crochet.

If you want a craft project that won’t take a lot of your time, crochet is a quick project to choose from. In crochet, you don’t have to be afraid of mistakes because it’s easier to rip out work and continue. In knitting, when you make a mistake, you will face more complicated issues.

Knitting offers you an extensive library of patterns because it’s more popular then crochet. However, crochet allows you to be more creative. The patterns of crochet can be scarcer if you want to make your personal touch to the pattern.

Each of the methods has its own specialty, pros, and cons. You should choose one method that connects to your character or style. Of course, you can also learn both of them if you want.

Crochet vs Knitting, Which One is Easier?

crochet and knitting bags

Finally, the question remains. Between crochet vs knitting which one is easier. Well, according to many reviews in the world of fiber arts, crochet is easier than knitting. However, there have been many debates over which is easier, cheaper, better, and more fun.

Just by looking at the two results of crochet and knitting, you might not be able to tell the difference. Even an expert may find it easy to recognize the method until further checking.

Actually, both methods are quite similar in difficulty. It’s just according to the pattern you follow. As a recommendation, if you’re a beginner and don’t have any experience in this craft project, crochet is the best choice.

Crochet is easier and faster and it doesn’t mean that it’s difficult. Knitting is not very difficult. It just takes more time to finish. The good news is, people can choose to learn or do both. There are some great tutorials you can easily follow online.


Well, This crochet vs knitting post won’t announce to you who the winner is. It all comes down to your comfort. Some people would choose the one that they learned first, no matter how difficult it would be.

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