10 Cool DIY Crochet Craft Projects That Are Perfect For Beginners

Are you the beginners in the world of crochet crafts? You have come to the right place. We will show you some DIY crochet craft ideas that are not so hard to make. But before that, you have to know a few things.

According to the terms, Crochet means making dishcloths from wool. But, that’s a long time ago. Nowadays, there are a much wider variety of crafts from crochet, from blanket to slippers.

Crochet is the work of patience. You have to control yourself and stay focus in order to achieve the result you want. You have to carefully follow the instructions you’ve got especially for beginners. 

1. DIY Mickey Mouse Keychain

crochet afghan patterns

Who doesn’t love Disney character? Mickey Mouse is one of the most popular ones from Disney. In fact, it’s the first character that begins the Disney universe. So, this Mickey Mouse keychain will be loved by everybody.

It’s quite easy to make using a few simple steps. You will need some wool with two different colors, red and black. Also, a pair of yellow buttons. If Mickey is your favorite Disney cartoon character, it should be the first crochet project you do. 

2. A Crochet Blanket Idea For Babies

crochet along

The stitches are the key to make a perfect crochet craft including this blanket. There are a lot of ways to make a blanket using crochet techniques but you have to look for an interesting idea that requires a simple technique.

For your baby boy, this foxy baby blanket is pretty cool. With the granny patchwork concept. The colorful pattern and cute images could really accommodate the comfort that your baby needs. Well, wool is a soft material in the first place. 

3. Hanging Dishcloth Craft Idea

crochet cardigan
Source: universalyarn.com

A dishcloth can be the easiest crochet craft project. It’s a great recommendation for beginners. Dishcloths are also useful in any sort of activity in the kitchen. As you can see, these textured crochet dishcloths become the perfect additional items in the kitchen.

It’s got a colored edge and hanging loop that makes it a little more decorative. The edge color can be matched with the color scheme of the kitchen. 

4. Cute Flowers Crochet Craft To Make

a crochet hook

Gorgeous and colorful, that are the essential charm of flowers. A flower itself is a symbol of love, natural beauty, and peace. That charm can be represented by crafts. You can choose to make a crochet flower that’s functional as accessories.

Or, you can also opt to make a simple flower for an additional decorative craft. Well, let’s go with that. Take a look at this crochet flower. It has three layers that offer a colorful look and beautiful textures. 

5. Simple Crochet Slippers Craft

a crochet ponytail

Making a wool slipper on your own? Well, that’s not impossible with Crochet craft. Beside slippers, you can also make shoes, boots, flip flops with crochet craft. Slippers craft becomes so popular already.

The key to make crochet slippers easily is simplicity. First of all, you have to know how to knit. Knitting is like the soul to all crochet crafts. By having a simple inspiration or sample, making a slipper out of wool is not an impossible task anymore. 

6. Functional Crochet Picnic Basket Craft

a crochet mystery series books

A picnic basket has its own traditional design. Everyone knows how it looks like. So, it’s gonna be easy to make.

Basket is so useful in the house. It’s used to take stuff outside of the house. This kind of basket is a totable one. In order to achieve the traditional look, it uses post stitches. It would create a wicker-like texture to maximize the appearance. 

7. Braided Crochet Headband Craft for Girls

a crochet in music

Braided is one of the most classic patterns in the world of fashion. Usually, hair is the one that gets braided. This headband has a simple, beautiful look that spice up the beauty of the hair. It’s very useful to keep the hair together and steady for girls. So, it doesn’t get messy so easily.

You can make your own version of braided crochet headband with the color and texture of your choice. This headband craft allows you to have an accessory that also serves as a fashion statement. 

8. Crochet Hat To Get Ready for Winter

crochet baby booties

Yep! Winter is coming. You should gather all of your warm clothes including the hat or beanie. A crochet hat could be a nice craft project to welcome the winter season. This hat craft has a nice stitch pattern and cute design that looks fashionable.

It’s something that you don’t see very often on winter hats. That faux pom on top is really a game-changing to the whole design. 

9. Simple Crochet Scarf Pattern

crochet b letter

With some easy-to-follow patterns, you might be able to make a scarf on your own. Take a look at this scarf. the name of this craft is the Andie Scarf. It’s not that hard to make but it takes a lot of time to make since it’s pretty long.

It’s designed to be that long to wrap around the neck. The texture and design make it more fashionable to wear in so many ways. You can do the knitting while watching TV or listening to music. The time will pass by on its own until you finish. 

10. Funny Mouse Crochet Bookmark

dana b crochet

Check that out, I believe this is probably the most hilarious bookmark you’ve ever seen. The mouse seems to be having a hard time getting stuck between the pages. It really a mood booster of your reading activity.

The small size of this craft makes the project easier to do. It measures approximately twelve inches long from the tail to nose. If you are into such kinds of a hilarious and unique thing, you gotta have this mouse bookmark inside the book you read. 


Attention all crochet beginners. If you already decided which crochet craft project you want to make, it’s time to gather all the supplies. Follow the instructions you’ve got carefully step by step. Focus on the texture, stitches, and knitting technique. The result will be outstanding.

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