9 String Art Crafts To Spice Up Your Wall

If you are looking for some innovative ways to decorate your space, string art could be one of them. You’re missing out if you haven’t tried making this artistic craft. It’s liked because of its endless option, affordable, and easy to make.

Even though it’s simple to make, the result would be so impressive. Everyone will think that you’re an artist because you’re able to make the art yourself.

If you love this kind of art craft, you may need to read this entire page. We’ll provide you with string art ideas you’ll need to spice up the wall decor in your house.

1. The Golden Heart of String Art

a cross string art

It’s a quite simple idea you can easily make for your room’s decoration. The red base plays an important part to stripe up the golden accent from the heart string art.

The gold color becomes the focal point of this artwork. It’s not a complex shape to make with art craft.

Even though you’re a beginner, you might be able to make this heart-shaped string artwork as your first project. You can connect the theme of this craft with Valentine’s Day.

2. Joyful String Art Craft

a butterfly string art

With string art, you can also bring the holiday cheer to the house. The word “JOY” in this wooden craft is not just a word.

It can also bring a joyful feeling to your holiday vibe. It’s a great idea to decor your house for Christmas.

Instead of using the ordinary, this beautiful craft uses a precut wood plaque as the best. It gives some kind of rustic vibe to the entire craft design.

You can hang it in front of the house as part of the exterior design scheme. You could even have it on the wall right beside the Christmas tree.

3. Starburst Letter for Personalized String Art

string art book

To make the string art decor on your wall more personal, this idea would be a great option. It’s monogrammed string craft that’s crafted using an oval wood plaque.

The shape of the starburst and letter can be made using printed paper as the template. You can hang this craft on the wall by sticking it using adhesive strips or a picture-hanging kit to the back.

4. DIY String Art with Pegboard Base

string art bear

Many string art craft ideas using nails to connect the string. However, this craft is using pegboard holes to connect the strings making it just like sewing.

Before there, you should prepare the string art kits to begin the project. You’re gonna need a plywood board about 10 square inches.

You also need to prepare a drill to make all the holes. Make sure all the holes symmetrical to each other to make a neat string craft design. This DIY string art features colorful chevron string patterns.

It’s chosen because it’s chic, classic, and easy to work with. With pegboard base, you can also make other sewing or string patterns. There’s a wide variety of options available.

5. Pineapple Shape String Art Ideas

string art birds

In the world of string art, there are no boundaries in using your imagination and creativity. You can make almost anything to be your string craft template.

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The image of fruit could be a fun theme for your string art craft. This pineapple design on a string art craft is perfect for your kitchen wall decor.

It looks quirky and fun. You can also have this on the wall of your kid’s bedroom. If they love pineapple so much, they will enjoy it.

6. Halloween String Art Decor

string art arrow template

Get your interior ready for Halloween with this happy-looking skeleton string craft. Halloween is not all about spooky stuff.

You should make a variation to make the celebration more fun. The size of this artwork is quite large to dominate the wall space. For the base, you should choose a dark hue.

It will give a great chance to the white string design image to show off its charm even more. It’s a great wall decor that would easily be a standout.

7. Adorable String Art Craft for Easter

letter a string art

To celebrate Easter, you can have some festive wall decors to make it full of excitement. This easter string craft is super adorable.

It’s filled with a cute bunny, a little carrot, and some colored eggs. Those are super adorable. It’s a great way to entertain children.

They will feel very happy when they see this craft hanging on the wall during Easter. It’s one of the string art with nails you can make at home.

You need to prepare the wooden board as the base and embroidery floss. Because this craft is string art nails, you’re gonna need a bunch of nails to connect the string. You can use a template to make an exact shape of each character.

8. Sweet Elephant Wall Decor Art

string art american flag

It’s an ideal string art craft you can hang on the wall of your kid’s bedroom. Who doesn’t love this animal?

Even though it’s so big, it can be super adorable sometimes. It looks so complicated but is actually so simple to make.

The base is used as a white blank canvas for the art. The bold pink color looks so impressive on a white base.

There’s no other color to disturb its sweet beauty. Your kids would love it on their bedroom’s wall.

9. Rustic Home Sweet Home Board

a string artwork

It’s a great decor item you can hang at your front door. It would be something that defines your house style.

You can also hang it in the area of the entryway and have a brick wall as the background. The combination will maximize the charm of this rustic string craft.


The three different colors of strings will really give more interest to the craft of string. This craft will show off the charm of the house to the outside world. It’s a great way to make the first impression on your guests.


Dealing with artwork is challenging to your creativity. Some of string art crafts are perfect for beginner’s DIY project. There are more string craft ideas out there that require some special artistic skill to nail.

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