11 Interesting Chalkboard Craft Ideas and Inspirations

Having a chalkboard art as part of the house decoration would add value to the wall decoration in your house. If you have some kind of artistic skill, you can apply your own artwork into the chalkboard and have it as your interior decoration item.

Chalkboards are also great for doodling, writing quotes, to-do lists, and other functional stuff using chalk. For those of you who plan to have some chalkboard crafts for your decoration, you need to take a look at some of these interesting ideas first.

1. Window Chalkboard for Shabby Chic Style

chalkboard and whiteboard
Source: escapebuzz.com

It’s a combination of two things, a chalkboard, and a rustic window frame. Who would’ve thought that two different things can go together really well? The window frame divides the chalkboard into six little squares.

Each of the squares can be used in categorization. That’s why it would make a perfect board for writing schedules, notes, and to-do lists.

2. DIY Chalkboard Tree for Christmas

a chalkboard trolling gadget
Source: coolcrafts.com

This idea is probably the most favorite one especially when the holidays coming. If you tired of having the same Christmas tree every year, this year can be different. You don’t have to spend a lot more money to get a Christmas tree with this chalkboard tree.

You will need a chalkboard with the size of a Christmas tree. Then, draw it with chalk on the board. Draw it according to your perception. It could also be just like this chalkboard, quotes that form like a tree. After that, you need to add string lights to make it become more impressive.

3. Chalkboard Alarm Clock to Start a Day

a chalkboard sign
Source: recyclart.org

Let’s start the day with such a simple “Good Morning” that you see on your side table in the bedroom. If you have an unused alarm clock, you can turn it into an art medium like this one. The words “Good Morning” is in line with the use of the clock.

Apply the chalk-based on your creativity. For example, you can draw a clock on the chalkboard paint to make a fake clock.

4. DIY Chalkboard Lettering Ideas

a chalkboard school
Source: homebnc.com

This idea surely requires some special skill in chalk lettering. So, if you want to have a nice chalk lettering art of your own, you may need to learn about it from some tutorials. There is a lot of inspiration when it comes to choosing the right font for your board.

Just go with the easiest one if you are a beginner in the making of chalkboard lettering. Check out this interesting quotes with various chalkboard fonts.

5. Easter Chalkboard with Unique Frame

chalkboard banner
Source: escapebuzz.com

It’s one of those unique chalkboards on wall ideas. Many people celebrate their Easter holiday by eating with the family in the dining room. Because of that, the “Happy Easter” chalkboard should be placed on the wall of the dining room.

Just by looking at the chalkboard item from here, we already know that this easter decor is completely DIY. The frame is made to be looking like a big bird nest. The characteristic of a birds nest is somewhat connected with the image of Easter day.

6. Colorful Blackboard Craft for Spring

chalkboard backdrop
Source: fancydecors.com

Welcoming the spring season with special decoration would make a great value for your house design. Colors and Flowers are typically used in the artwork for the spring season. The lettering of this craft is using a cute, thin font to get matched with the minimal flower’s presence.

The frame in this idea came from an old mirror painted blue. You can also add flowers to make the sign more alive. The frame is painted in blue that’s enough to create a focal point in the middle.

7. Minimalist Chalkboard Decor for Beginner

chalkboard birthday sign
Source: fancydecors.com

A simple phrase can be something that motivates you going through the day. You don’t have to make a complicated artwork on the chalkboard if you don’t have the skill. You can ask someone to make it or you can go with the simple one like this chalkboard decor.

It only has “Be Happy” words on it with a simple style of connected font. To fill up the upper side of the board, some colored chalks could make a great festivity. It’s an ideal decoration for your minimalist interior style.

8. Artwork for Memorial Day

chalkboard b&m
Source: pinterest.com/aftrtuesday

To celebrate the memorial day, Americans tend to express their honor by waving the flag and add American flags ornament to their house decoration. This one shows the celebration of the memorial day that uses some artistic touch on the chalkboard.

On the board is written “Happy Memorial Day, in Memory of Our Memories”, that’s some perfect quotes for the celebration. You can make your own quote to honor the veterans. Prepare the chalk with color or red, white, and blue.

9. Wedding Ideas to Welcome the Guest

jeannie b chalkboards
Source: coolcrafts.com

The wedding decoration is an essential part of the ceremony. The planner needs to make sure that it’s all settled. Many wedding ceremonies have a great decoration on the walkway right from the gate.

Having a chalkboard could be a nice addition to welcome the guests right before they enter the venue. It’s inexpensive wedding ideas that look custom. The lettering is very simple, you can just copy this design and change the wedding couple’s name. As a result, it would feel special for everyone.

10. Colorful Chalkboard Menu Sign

b&q chalkboard wallpaper
Source: pinterest.com/pfhmom

If you’re running a restaurant, you have to inform the customer what foods you have for today. When it’s written on the board, the customers will efficiently choose the dish they want after reading the menu.

The flower drawings really make the board more interesting to read. It’s also an ideal idea for the wedding menu chalkboard signs.

11. Chalkboard Ideas for Kids

b&q magnetic chalkboard paint
Source: pinterest.com/klbunker72

When your kids love rabbits, you can let them draw rabbit on the chalkboard you have for decoration. It can be special decor items to be placed in your kids’ bedroom. The rabbit image would make a nice chalkboard background for those colorful rabbits.


Overall, a chalkboard is an alternative artwork that anyone can make. It’s a popular decor item that adds interest to the wall. The purpose of having a chalkboard is not only decoration but also function.

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