25 Best Simple Cross Stitch Alphabet Patterns Ideas

If you’ve done cross stitching before, then you knew that deciding the right alphabet pattern is the very basic thing to do. Like font types in typing with computer or any other gadgets, there are a lot of cross stitch alphabet patterns exist.

But font types are provided automatically by computer system, and that’s what differentiates it from alphabet patterns.

The interesting part in cross stitching is you can imitate computer font types by doing it manually with your very own hand.

Some certain quotes, sayings, or names, will read greater with the perfect alphabet patterns selection.

Commonly, cross stitch patterns are widely available for purchase, so it is rather difficult to find the free explanation as they are copyrighted.

However, this article provides a bunch of pattern options for free which hopefully will help you in your letter stitching project. The lists are as follow.

1. Corsiva Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet Corsiva

Corsiva alphabet gets the look of Monotype Corsiva font type. It’s just perfect for single initial affixed at the center of your work or at the corner to give finishing.

Both uppercase and lowercase letters are 20 stitches tall each.

2. Bluebird and Hummingbird Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet Hummingbird

This cross stitch alphabet is all about symbolizing your love by adding a bird figure to each letter of your bird lover’s name.

Each letter is 21 stitches tall. You can see an example in Bird Cross Stitch.

3. Fancy Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet Fancy

Fancy alphabet sits between Old English and plain san serif font types. You need 13 stitches tall per each letter to use this cross stitch alphabet pattern.

4. Old English Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet: Old English

This pattern is the real deal. Old English is perfect for monogramming towels, clothes, scarves, and other household items. But using all capitals with this style is not recommended, because it will be very hard to read.

5. Patriotic Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet Patriotic

Well, this alphabet is related to your patriotism side. While the example in Robins Nest Design here is for Americans with the colors of red, white, and blue, you can customize it for certain into your own national colors.

Use patriotic alphabet to spell out some of these lines: “THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME”, “WE SHALL OVERCOME”, or something similar.

6. Times Roman Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet Times Roman

According to its name, this pattern gets its look identically from Times New Roman, the very basic computer font type.

Use this 14 stitches tall alphabet to make a statement that doesn’t require all the knick knacks.

7. Block Letter Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet Block Letter

This block letter alphabet requires nine stitches tall. It is basically a free counted cross chart but can be adapted for filet crochet and tapestry.

8. Seasons Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet Seasons

As the name implies, it is seasonal alphabet that used differently according to the four seasons, and will be gorgeous if paired with stitching for each season.

With this kind of alphabet, you can make a big work or several for different holiday.

9. Baker’s Dozen Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet Bakers Dozen

Baker’s dozen type uses thirteen stitches vertically and can be applied as charted, as a sampler, or as any different arrangement you desire.

This one alphabet is really simple and is perfect for beginners who first learn cross stitching.

10. Birth Announcement Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet Birthday

This pattern is originally designed for representing the free Stork Birth Announcement patter, but later it can be used for other projects as well.

Use this pattern to create a sampler for announcing the birth of your baby, especially to the baby’s grandparents. They’ll absolutely like it.

11. Monogram Alphabet Pattern

Cross Stitch Alphabet Monogram Patterns

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Monogram alphabet pattern has the shape of a diamond used for a monogramming linens or other fabrics.

From its name ‘monogram’, we know that it’s only used for stitching one kind of letter, usually an initial. Stitch your monogram pattern on napkins, towels, pillows and more.

12. Cursive Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet Cursive

The better cursive alphabet is usually stitched in italic. It is perfect for signing names or initials on your project.

This cursive alphabet will need DMC floss and only one color. It is suitable for beginners since it comes in full cross stitches only.

13. Harry Potter Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet Harry Potter

If you have read the book or watched the movie of Harry Potter, than you know the title font at the very beginning. Now, it can be cross-stitched, too.

It is simple and easy to configure in any shape. Make a project using this alphabet to show how Potter-head you are.

14. Walt Disney Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet Disney

It is about the famous cartoon creator font type that exists in all its films. Stitching it in your fabric will be a great idea as a present.

Add one picture of Walt Disney characters and give the whole set to your little Disney lovers. Imagine how happy they’ll be.

15. Flowery Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet Flowery

This is so girly and rather similar with those of decoupage artworks. This alphabet has so many variations.

As long as there is one single flower in your letter stitching project, then it can be named as flowery alphabet.

Its purpose is definitely to beautify each and every letter. One tip for you: do not give flowery alphabet stitching project to any men. It doesn’t fit the image.

16. Cat Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet Cat

If there is bird alphabet, then cat alphabet also exists. This is kind of cute, actually, because you shape each letter with the whole body of a cat.

You can’t miss anything, from head, two ears, body, feet, to tail, all of them must be seen. It is surely great for cat lovers.

But try using this alphabet on the initial only, since it’ll be difficult to read the complete word.

17. Funky 70’s Alphabet


For you who don’t past the era of 70’s, this is a little touch of that time. Make a project using this alphabet and give it to your older loved ones.

They who miss that time when Star Wars was the highest-grossing film of the decade and Bruce Lee fostered the popularity of martial arts cinema. Everything were fun, and colorful.

18. Game of Thrones Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet Game of Thrones

Something cute for movie freaks, especially for Game of Thrones (GoT) lovers! You can cross-stitch every letter from A to Z which represents the GoT characters, from Arya to Zalla.

The digital tutorial file for this alphabet is available online. You’ll get two versions of this pattern that you can choose later: alphabet with names and alphabet with only letters.

19. Comic Sans Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet Comic Sans

It has the look of Comic Sans font type. However, due to its translation in cross stitches, it loses the cheerfulness of this font.

The smaller the letter, the less cheerful it’ll become. The smallest loses the fun completely.

20. Amano Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet Amano

Amano alphabet is free hand drawn type. All the letters have thick and thin parts where they’re not of the same size and aren’t placed on one line precisely.

That’s why this embroidery alphabet is relatively big when it is translated to cross stitch patterns.

You are able to freely delete one or two stitches whenever you think the better result.

21. Curlz Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet Curlz Font

Curlz alphabet is translated from Curlz MT font type. This pattern actually is almost not suitable for translating in cross stitch. Though even so, the result is pretty good and funny, too.

22. Robot Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet Robot

This pattern is kind of unique. Unlike cat alphabet that stitch every letter using the shape of a complete cat figures, this robot alphabet appears to have every each letter at the center of each robot.

It is obviously good for beginners as it only has the easy backstitches and cross stitches.

23. Harrington Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet Harrington

It is inspired by the font’ harrington’. This alphabet surely adds special touch to anything you work on. It is good for stitching onto almost anything. There are so many possibilities.

24. Little San Serif Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet San Serif

This alphabet type is simple and small perfect for limited space you have on your project. If you don’t want the letter to get caught up in the tassel, use this great space saver alphabet pattern. Its each letter is 7 stitches tall in maximum.

25. Bloody Cross Stitch Alphabet

Cross Stitch Alphabet Bloody

Like the name implies, it resembles the look of the scary dripping blood. Use it to make a project that fits certain occasion like Halloween or horror themed party. This is not for a finished project, by the way, but more for cross stitch pattern.


Those are all this cross stitch alphabet article has for you. Of course, there are so many more alphabet patterns out there since they can be adopted and adapted from a lot of things; computer font types, movie title font types, famous cartoon font types, and else. Not to mention they can be derived from the shape of animals as well. The ideas range super widely and it super fun to create, too.

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