13 Easy and Creative Diorama Ideas For School Projects

Making a diorama is actually a fun project for students. It’s a way to encourage the creativity they have. There are plenty of diorama ideas you can try to build.

Pick one idea that matches to your skill. If you aim to make a more complicated one, you gotta have some special skills.

However, if you follow the right tutorial carefully. You may be able to pull off a diorama that has a complicated design.

Besides being a school project, dioramas can also be a nice decoration above the cabinet or a table’s centerpiece.

So, after the diorama you made got marked by the teacher. You can showcase it in your room or living room as part of the decoration.

1. House Garden On A Plate

diorama arctic

A plate can be a perfect circle base for your diorama project. You can just grab one from the kitchen.

The one with the vintage design would be better. Besides, you will also need a bowl for the miniature house exterior.

Some simple miniature plants and flowers are added to make a beautiful garden diorama. Those plants and flowers are made using only paper and wire.

2. Diorama Shoebox of Sea Turtle

diorama aquascape

This one is quite popular on school projects. Boxes are the perfect items for the diorama base. A shoebox would make the diorama making a lot easier.

This shoebox represents the life of underwater focusing on a sea turtle. As you can see, the crafter pay attention to detail.

As you can see, any space is filled with interesting items that connect with the theme. In order to make this diorama, you may need some turtle miniatures, to begin with.

3. Shadowbox Pumpkins for Halloween

a diorama of the solar system

Getting ready for Halloween means preparing all the decorations to make a more festive celebration.

Some DIY Halloween ideas could make the night more special for all of us. Diorama ideas are quite fresh for Halloween decors.

This haunted house diorama deserves to be as the main decor item to celebrate Halloween. Cut the paper in shape of that creepy haunted house.

After that, Add it inside the white pumpkin with a big hole on it. After it’s done, light the background up using a battery-powered candle.

4. Easy Diorama Dinosaur Ideas

a diorama community

Making a diorama with a bunch of creatures in it could be a challenge for crafters. This idea will become a fun way to learn all about dinosaurs and their habitats.

Also, this diorama uses a shoebox as the base. The steps of making this diorama will include cutting, coloring, and gluing. Obviously, You’re gonna have a fun time doing this project.

According to the tutorial, this diorama has two kinds of grounds, the paper mache ground and the clay one.

5. Diorama from a Detergent Bottle

a diorama model

By seeing it, we immediately know that it’s a DIY diorama. It looks very crafty for a school project. It uses the empty detergent bottle which is so thoughtful.

The theme of this bottle is a laundry room which is the place where a detergent belongs. That’s what makes a perfect sense to this thoughtful idea of dioramas.

You can buy some miniature laundry items to fill the space. Or, you can also make your own miniatures using papers and wires.

6. Paris Theme with Wooden Frame

diorama building

It’s a perfect diorama for wall decor. It could represent your dream of traveling to Paris. This Showbox will be an ideal gift to your friends. That hot air balloon miniature in the center creates a magical scene to this decorative box.

Also, there’s a tiny vintage red car that carries a big suitcase that shows how ready you are to go to Paris.

7. Fantasy Diorama Box Ideas

diorama bag price

This show box is called a fantastic Mr fox diorama. It resembles the stop motion animated movie titled “Fantastic Mr. Fox” which was released in 2009. It’s a groundbreaking movie and quite popular among movie lovers.

This idea will definitely bring that fantasy comes to life in the form of a Showbox. The idea is also very interesting for a school project.

This idea can’t be fully DIY for beginners. It’s recommended to make the box and fill it with miniatures from the store.

8. North Pole Diorama and Penguins


Another interesting them for your craft box project. It looks impressive but it’s actually very easy to make. You will only need a bunch of papers, clay, and a shoebox.

For the background, you’re gonna need to print out a picture of a waddle in a north pole. It’s a great diorama idea of animal habitats.

9. Tropical Rainforest Show Box

diorama civil war

A paper waterfall can only be found in dioramas. This tropical theme diorama will bring you to the wildness of the jungle.

The beautiful waterfall that flows perfectly to the round is the focal point of this showbox. All of those tiny animals are the essential additions to make the rainforest more alive.

10. Diorama Desert Ideas with Oasis

diorama coral reef

Sand is the most important material in this idea. It doesn’t have to be real sand. You just have to choose a material that looks like real sand.

The infamous magnetic sand is a perfect alternative for it. In the middle of this diorama desert, there’s an oasis that’s made using a blue-colored paper.

11. Doodles Diorama Cardboard

diorama c'est quoi

It’s an awesome idea for kids’ school project. There’s a lot of things happen on this set of the diorama. Most of them use paper and cardboard.

A few drawings could substitute the miniatures in filling up space in the shadow box. Add miniature person inside to live up the scene.

12. Winter Image in a Showbox

diorama dior

This diorama idea is probably the most simple one in this list. Three miniature trees with various size, a bunch of tiny lights, cotton, and a tiny fox toy.

All of those items in a box resemble a cold night of a winter season. It will be a perfect Christmas decor for your house.

13. Fall Diorama from Cereal Box

diorama def

Instead of a shoebox, a cereal box could also be a perfect medium for diorama craft. You can do this project with your kids.

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In this idea, it uses a Cocoa Pebbles box that has a typical size and shape of a regular cereal box.

The steps will make you do the cutting, painting, shaping, and gluing of course. That big paper tree really represents a fall season.


All of those DIY dioramas ideas are easy to make. Some of the ideas are made from scratch. Some others require some miniatures to complete. But, all of them are perfect for school projects.

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