10 Easy Peasy Duct Tape Craft Projects You Can Make Right Now

If you think that duct tape can only be used for household repairs, well, you’ll be amazed at the duct tape craft projects provided in this article.

Duct tapes have been known as one of the first solutions to patch a leaky faucet or any other leaky things.

We’re not gonna be talking about the household repairs here. You’ll explore some great ideas to use the duct tape in a fun and crafty way.

Using duct tapes, you can create some interesting crafts since they’re available in tons of colors and patterns.

It would be an easy peasy project you can have with your kids. Here are some duct tape craft projects to get you started crafting. Let’s do it.

1. Duct Tape Flowers Pens

duct tape crafts

These DIY flower pens are made using only pencils or pens and some colored duct tapes. The steps are easy enough for both kids and adults. If you’ve worked with duct tape before, then it’s a lot more simple and fun to do.

This duct tape craft is surely an easy way to transform a plain old pen or pencil into a colorful and beautiful daisy pen.

It’s not a craft project for only decoration. It’s something you can use as one of your writing or drawing tools.

2. Simple Cute Duct Tape Belt

duct tape craft kit

This duct tape belt is so fun and colorful, yet it’s so simple to make. It looks like anyone can make because it only needs three items.

This belt can be a great idea for a gift too. The friend of your daughter would be very happy to receive one.

The key to achieving this cute belt is in choosing the pattern and color design of the duct tape. It’s available in many designs.

This project will only take a total of 15 minutes of your time. You will only need one roll of colored tape, a roll of masking tape, and a set of one-inch metal D rings.

3. Duct Tape Craft Phone Case

duct tape crafts youtube

Nowadays, a cellphone is like the main needs of daily life. Giving it an impressive and beautiful design is a must. If you like to make your phone more colorful and eye-catching, this is a unique option to try.

You can design your own version patterned phone case. The strips of colorful duct tape will shine your phone way better than before.

You can even create some experiments and make the design more unique. Do it according to your creative minds to make your phone trendy.

4. Tote Bag 

duct tape crafts for school

Check out that colorful tote bags. The trash bag liner could be very helpful to support you in the making of these clever bags. They are both sand and waterproof which is perfect for your traveling hobbies.

You can bring this tote bag during your trip to the beach. Walking nearby the beach won’t give you any worry.

Some flower crafts can be a nice addition to make it more meaningful and impressive.

5. Duct Tape Craft for Desk Organizer

duct tape craft projects

Having a problem in organizing the pens and other stuff on the desk? Well, this would be a great solution you can have on every desk. With a few simple steps, your desk will be out of the clutter.

Compared to the previous craft ideas, this one is a bit different. It’s using duct tape as the main material but you will need the cardboard center of the duct tape.

You can make by simply attaching two or three cores with duct tape. Make as much as you need. The ideal amount is six.

6. Chevron Duct Tape Frame

duct tape craft videos

It’s one of the easiest craft projects with duct tape. The key to this project is to choose the right tape design.

More Ideas to Try :

In the picture, you can see that it’s using a colorful chevron pattern. That’s what makes this duct tape frame so unique and eye-catching.

You can use this frame for your family or kids’ pictures. The frame itself will stand up on its own. It will also make the picture even more impressive.

7. Fun Tie Craft

duct tape crafts for ag dolls

This fun craft looks really cool. This craft shows you how duct tape can get into the fashion category. It’s a nice accessory to your Halloween costume or a party.

The colorful creations on each of the ties would easily be the focal point of your entire clothes.

When it’s done, you can simply stick in on your collar. It would fulfill the fashionable effect you need in your clothing.

8. Duct Tape Key Chains

the escapists duct tape crafting

It’s another simple idea of duct tape craft. It will add a little bit of character to your key chains. Keys are something you bring every time, whether it’s car keys, door keys, or any keys, they are one of the most important stuff.

It’s a fun and clever way to keep an eye on your keys.

The gold-colored tapes and a few sparkling accessories would get your chains into the next level. It’s kinda fancy, right?

9. Easy Envelope-Style Pocket

duct tape projects book

This pocket craft is made out of duct tape with coordinating colors. The color of the tapes is free to choose according to your will.

It can also be based on the occasion. If the pocket is made for a Christmas gift you may wanna have it in red and green or red and white color.

The self-stick velcro rounds need to be added as closures. This pocket can also be very useful for organizing the coupons, keeping the coins, and many more.

10. Colorful Necklace

duct tape crafts plastic bottles

From the jewelry category, this necklace is a must-have item for your stylish fashion. The project of making this craft might be pretty complicated.

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With a little bit of creativity and patience, you might be able to achieve the beautiful look that this necklace has.


There you have it. 10 duct tape craft ideas that are so easy to make. With some simple materials without wasting a lot of money, you can be creative in making your own version of those crafts.

Obviously, duct tape is more than just a sticky for the leaky.

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