11 Gorgeous Popsicle Stick House Miniatures You Wish They’re Real

Popsicle or craft sticks apparently come with multi purposes. These certain sticks are also useful in projecting real houses or buildings; we call it miniature. People often use them to ‘foresee’ the plan they have for house constructing. We’ve collected 10 pictures of popsicle stick house and building in today’s article.

Well, keep on reading to find out the list.

1. Gazebo

Popsicle Stick House Gazebo

Here is our first miniature. Not a single builder was involved in this beautiful gazebo project, shockingly.

Yet, the outcome is as if has no flaw whatsoever. However you look at it, you just want the real one constructed in your yard, don’t you?

Not only it has an elegant design, but this miniature also looks sturdy remembering what material it was made of. Well, the best materials are actually not the important thing. Commitment to quality, it is.

2. Seaside Pink and White House

Popsicle Stick House Seaside

This model house featured in a book titled ‘Seaside Tinkered Treasures’. In line with the title, the book was written because the author loves an idea of furnishing a seaside house.

And that was where the inspiration to construct such a mini house came from. The feminine color represented the author’s gender.

It turns out that she does crafts on daily basis, so you see now how this cute little house could form a perfect sight.

The combination of pink and white is covering the entire house evenly, only to be colored perfectly by pops of fuchsia on the flowers decoration.

3. Countryside Model House

Okay, maybe it comes too strong as a miniature with the animal toys and whatnot, but that’s fine.

Then again, you want to portray the model house to be as exact as the real one, don’t you? So, here it is a countryside miniature house.

Constructed entirely out of popsicle sticks, except for the window frames, it projects the actual design of a simple countryside house.

We just hope that the dwellers of the real house in the future don’t get to encounter a bear with a bucket next to the house like it’s seen in the picture.

4. Grand Tree House

Popsicle Stick House Tree

It surely needs a lot of effort to make this gorgeous miniature tree house. On top of that, it uses a real branch to give a solid impression of how a tree house should be constructed.

It has the elements which are too real to be true. The cabin lighting, the decking, swinging stairs, and pulley set; all of them support the plan of an awesome tree house.

The builder team even pays attention to the condition down below. They put an artificial grass and set a model fence.

Not to mention about the sand landing and tire swing. It is so jaw-dropping detailed. We could go ‘wow’ all day looking at this masterpiece. Wow!

5. Church

Popsicle Stick House Church

In churches case, their window designs are what attract the most from the outside. They are designated so typically that people directly recognize them to be the element of a church.

The windows are ones and the chimney is the other. By now, you could surely imagine the cross stands on top of the chimney, right?

6. Two-Story House with Deck

Popsicle Stick House Two Story

To have a two-story house is all about the sturdy foundation of the lower level. This miniature visually tells you a story about it.

The upper story solely depends on the strength of the first floor walls. The upside of this design is you could have a pretty deck above.

7. Realistic Rooftop Bars on Miniature

Popsicle Stick House Rooftop

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To get as realistic as possible, miniatures should have all the details. In this model house, there are seating sets, swing chair, sunshades, and the outside stair that support the idea.

Oh, and that stylish-looking bars also. We love how they surrounding both the lower and upper terraces.

8. Modern House

Popsicle Stick House Modern

All of the modern-looking houses have the same condition: they’re almost impossible to build since they involve at least one unusual element.

For this model house that carries the concept of modernism, the extraordinary parts are there at the front side, with the roof, and on the wall designs.

However, the more you look, the more acceptable it becomes. The parts mentioned are somewhat intriguing and it’s pretty sure challenging for the house builder in the future to materialize all the modernity poured here.

9. Barn Design

Popsicle Stick House Barn

With this kind of color combination, people could easily assume that this barn’s miniature is dedicated to girls. It will be a cute and lovely sight to see in the middle of a livestock.

Aside from the color selections of white, pink, and brown, the area provided at the side is also fascinating. The stock farmer could feed the poultries there.

10. Elegant Roof on Miniature

Popsicle Stick House Roof

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Except for the plants, all of the elements constructed in this miniature are made of popsicle sticks.

The deck flooring, seating set, windows, door, plant stands, and even the roof are all built beautifully out of the craft sticks. It gives the feeling that this building idea is easy to materialize.

11. Dream House

Popsicle Stick House Dream

Every craft is not a mere craft if it’s done with solid intention and fixed dedication. That’s what it’s seen in this miniature dream house using craft sticks.

Though it’s not the real one, the builder team still constructs this house with effort. Neat and clean are two words that would best describe it.

The measurement is just right. The additional protruding attic makes us wonder if it’s measured with thorough scale calculation.

The other interesting parts are the diagonal arrangement sticks on the walls and the triangle mailbox area at the corner.

And that’s a wrap. Hopefully, the popsicle stick house listed above tell you the important message of building the miniature. It to see whether or not the house or building you desire is possible to construct. If it’s possible, you could continue to build the dream house.

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