22 DIY Craft Lights Ideas You Can Create From Everyday Objects

When talking about craft lights, it’s all about decorative lighting. Lighting is one of the crucial elements anywhere. Without lighting, there’s no taste of beauty in that place. So, you have to give enough lighting to make a room or a place to be comfortable. Whether it’s natural light from the sun or the artificial light from lamps, it does make a place to be alive.

Making lighting fixture more decorative is perfect for a party. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have it as a permanent house decoration. A decorative lighting makes a house more alive. You can create a dramatic feeling with a crafty dim lighting or you can make it more festive with string light.

There are so many ideas you can apply as your decorative lighting fixture for a party or any other occasion. We are about to give you about 22 ideas to help you DIY your own decorative lighting. You can actually make it from used stuff such as beer bottle, mason jar, and much more. It would be easy and inexpensive. We bet you will experience a happy ending because of the result.

1. Dixie Cup Garland

Craft Lights String Cup

Take a look at this dazzling cups of lights. They look so pretty when strung together. You will love this amazing string lights when you are dealing with it. This Dixie cup garland is super easy to make. You can prepare this garland for a house party or for your bedroom decoration.

Choosing pastel colors would be the right thing to do because this kind of shades giving is perfect to be combined with lighting. It lets the lamps shine better.

2. Hemp String Pendant Lamp

Craft Lights Hemp Lamp

In order to form that round shape, you only need a ball and some tacky glue. Take out your ball from the storage, and make pendant lamps with it. You are not actually using the ball as the pendant lamp, it just helps you to make a round shape. This is a great weekend project because it’s so easy to make even though it looks so complex.

3. Stainless Steel Pendant Light

Craft Lights Stainless Steel Lamp

This one is the lighting craft you could put above the dining table or kitchen breakfast bar. It matches that room atmosphere. This pendant light is made of modified silverware caddies. If you already have the main material, you just have to attach the cord, wires, and hardware.

4. Book Lampshade

Craft Lights Book Lamp

This DIY lighting is made of the actual book. If you have a book with a hard cover that you don’t read anymore, you can make a lampshade from that. You just have to combine that book with a lighting bulb. The book pages would create an alluring effect. It adds the dramatic feelings into the room. This simple lamp shade is perfect for your bedroom.

5. Diamond Ribbon Lampshade

Craft Lights Diamond Ribbon

Another pretty lampshade you can have for your home decor. You can make your boring lampshade to be more interesting with this simple project idea. It only requires a cotton herringbone ribbon for about 10 yards long. If you want another color instead of pink, you pick your desired color that matches with your room and the lampshade’s color.

6. Candle Holder Pendant Shades

Craft Lights Dining Room

This one is an outdoor craft light. You can have this in your backyard living room. You can enjoy coffee or barbeque with your family or relatives with the beauty of this unique candle holders pendant lighting. With this light, you will get a dabbled light effect which is perfect for your outdoor area.

7. Recycled Wine Bottle Torch

Craft Lights Bottle Torch

Another outdoor lighting feature that will make your outdoor space more impressive than ever. This one is made of a recycled wine bottle. If you do not know what to do with the wine bottle, before you throw the bottles into the trash, it will be useful for your next craft lights for wine bottles. In order to get the tiki torch wine bottle hung perfectly, you need to make the hanger first.

8. Mason Jar Pendant Lamps

Craft Lights Mason Jar

This pendant lamp is also made of recycled material. A mason jar tends to be reused for any other purpose, one thing you could make with mason jar is lighting. Make use of your spare time on the weekend to do this DIY craft lights project.

9. Tin Can Lamp

Craft Lights Tin Can Lamp

Doing this project is like doing workout and craft at the same time. It’s quite a heavy project, if you are not working out lately, you may experience a sore muscle a little bit. But, the little pain you are about to have are so worth it. The only tough part is to make holes all over the can.

10. Copper Lighted Wreaths

Craft Lights Copper Lighted

If you want to keep your house design to be fairly minimal in house decor, you might want to choose to have this copper lighted wreaths. You can make this copper project for the holidays. You might see this copper just like hula hoops. If you are having a hard time to find the right copper, why don’t you go with hula hoops, it might be easier to find and have some various colors.

11. Ping Pong Ball Lights

Craft Lights Pingpong Balls

If you think colored string lights are so outdated, try this string lights made of ping pong balls. Choosing the white ping pong balls to create white lights are the right thing to do. The lights would look so pretty. You will need ordinary string lights and ping pong balls.

12. Quilt Light

Craft Lights Quilt

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This charming and super simple DIY light. It will be hard for you to make this quilt light your own from scratch. You can’t also buy the finished product at any store. What you can do is to make your own quilt light based on the template you can download online. There are some custom details you can choose based on the size you want and the design you like.

13. Cloth Chandelier

Craft Lights Cloth Chandelier

We bet it’s gonna be your favorite DIY project you’ve ever done. Make some variation with the fabric you use. You could cheap fabric you can get from the store. The design of the fabrics could decide the impression you will get from the lighting.

14. Popsicle Stick Chandelier

Craft Lights Stick Chandelier

This creative design of chandelier makes a great decoration for your ceiling. It would be perfect for the house with rustic style. Designing this craft light could be based on the taste of your creativity. This popsicle stick chandelier is not painted in order to leave it with the natural wood look. If you want to color it, just spray paint your chandelier before you hang.

15. Hula Hoop Chandelier

Craft Lights Hula Hoop Chandelier

It takes time at least 2 hours and spends money at least 20 dollars to make. It is created from basic plastic hula-hoops. The modern looking chandelier would be perfect for your corner room decoration. The size is large but it doesn’t look heavy.

16. Stack-Books Table Lamp

Craft Lights Stack Books Lamp

Another art lighting that is made of books. If you have some hard-covered old books inside your storage, you may want to take it out and let it shine. Take look at this simple table lamp made of stacked-old-books.

17. Kitschy Lamp Beaker

Craft Lights Kitschy Lamp

Do you have some unused lab supplies? Do you like unique sci-fi decoration for your house? Try this kitschy lamp. You can turn basic science lab supplies into a unique set of a lamp. This one will be a quirky and fun table lamp for your office.

18. Egg Basket Pendants

Craft Lights Egg Basket Pendant

If you have some vintage egg baskets, just spray painted in neon hues. Pick your favorite neon hues from the pallet and combine the egg basket with a monochromatic light kit.

19. Halo Light Pendant

Craft Lights Halo Light Pendant

You can create a halo light halo with painted wires. In order to get the perfect combination of color, you need to choose the right paint colors to combine. Three circled wires in each bulb, as you can see in the photo, three bulbs are using three different colors. It would be perfect for teen’s bedroom.

20. Skateboard Chandelier

Craft Lights Skateboard Lamp

If you like skating, you might be having a good time making this craft chandelier. Just use your unused or broken skateboard and install a lighting system in the wheels’ spot and make an artistic and creative lighting.

21. Craft Lights Wash Tubs

Craft Lights Wash Tub

Having a pair of buckets as the lighting fixture? Why not. A pair of galvanized buckets are not expensive, so there will be no problem with your budget. You can actually convert them into charming patio lighting.

22. Embroidery Hoop Pendant

Craft Lights Embroidery Hoop Pendant

This is the embroidery magnifying lamp you will love. In order to make this lighting fixture, you will need at least 30 minutes of your time. This pendant is such a great idea and it uses quilt hoops which are not expensive at all.

Final Word

Well, all of those ideas should be done the right way. Be careful with the tools you use. Try to be focus when you are enjoying and having so much fun time with the crafts. Watch for the kids’ activity nearby, make sure they are safe from dangerous tools and materials.

Making a DIY lighting fixture may be pretty challenging, but you can make it easy and fun. It needs creativity and ideas. All of those creative craft lights ideas would be an inspiration for you to make one or two for your home decor. All of them are easy to make and they are required inexpensive materials. So, make use of your lazy spare time and get to work.

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