22 Beautiful and Awesome Craft Ideas for Teen Girls to Make

Female has her own taste of crafts. Making crafts for girls must be not the same to making crafts for boys. There are so many things that girls like but boys do not like. So, when you are dealing with crafting for girls, it requires special attention. In this case, we are talking about girls in the age of toddlers or preschoolers and the teenage girls.

Those two categories of crafts are what we’re gonna talk about. There are many project ideas the girls would enjoy the process to the result. Girls would really love something cute, something colorful and things that are festive. The craft ideas here would be available for various materials such as paper, sticks, buttons, napkins, socks, and any other possible materials.

Girls have more fun crafts available than before. They can create amazing stuff for room decoration, gifts to friends or family, and stuff to get the life easier. It can be just something to make them smile. We are pretty sure that the girls would really love these project crafty ideas we are about to reveal in this article. Well, fasten your seatbelt and happy crafting.

1. Marshmallow Sweetie Flower

Crafts for Girls: Marshmallow Flowers

The first one would begin with the one which toddlers and preschoolers love so much, a marshmallow. That’s right, this is an eatable craft. The kids could actually eat and taste the sweetness of this craft. It is made of Marshmallows, sticks, and sweeties.

The process would be a lot of fun for the children and the result would be more interesting for them. What girls would love about this craft for girls is the flower which is so feminine.

2. Yarn Wrap Autumn Leaves

Crafts For Girls Yarn Wrap

Another natural representation of crafts for girls, but this time couldn’t be eaten. This is perfect for your little daughter. It will support them in learning about textures and fine motor skills practice.

This yarn wrapped crafts are a great piece of unique works of art your kids would love to create. You will only need colorful ropes, crayons, and cardboards.

3. Beaded Friendship Bracelets

Crafts for Girls Friendship Bracelet

Well, this one is something your daughters would really like to have. This one is pretty easy to make, you can guide your little girls the first time, then let them be creative and make their own version of beaded bracelets to be given to their friends or the loved ones. Surely the best crafts for girls birthday party presents.

4. Blooming Flowers Pens

Crafts for Girls Flower Pen

An ordinary pen might be not interesting enough for your little girls. Try having this blooming flowers on the top of the pens or pencils. They would really love in writing practice.

5. Crafts for Girls Paper Dolls

Crafts for Girls Paper Dolls

This one is pretty common in the world of crafts for kids. You can let your little girl design her own paper dolls with the girly taste she has. To make the craft easier, it can be done with the printable templates which can be downloaded online.

6. Paper Plate Butterfly

Crafts for Girls Paper Plate

The paper plate is a great material option for crafting. Your little girls would have fun with this one. Who doesn’t like a butterfly? Everyone loves it.

The paper plate will be the wings of the butterfly. Let your little girls paint and draw the wings based on their creativity. After the crafts are done, hang them all over their bedroom or playroom.

7. Egg Carton Flower Bouquet

Egg Carton Crafts for Girls

Another flower craft that your little girls would love to make. This craft can be a special gift from the little girl to her mother on Mother’s Day. It can also be the gift for Get-well wishes or birthdays.

8. Fall Leaf Banner Craft

Crafts for Girls Fall Leaf Banner

It’s time for an easy craft. Both boys and girls would enjoy this. You could do it with your kids, starting with going for a walk and collect leaves and other interesting nature things. This is a wonderful fall decoration for your interior too.

9. Toilet Paper Pumpkin Craft

Crafts for Girls Toilet Paper Pumpkin

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Another fun project for a fall season. In order to make this pumpkin craft, you do need to take all toilet papers you have. It only needs 1 double roll of toilet paper and some other materials. This is perfect for mother and daughter project when fall season is approaching.

10. Twirling Ribbon

Crafts for Girls Twirling Ribbon

This craft is definitely for girls. It’s very simple to make and doesn’t take much time. Your little girl would have something to play or to dance with. The twirling ribbon you can purchase from the store might be a little bit pricey so the DIY twirling ribbon is the perfect solution.

11. Chinese Ladder Friendship Bracelets

Crafts for Girls Chinese Bracelet

This is one of the craft activities for teens you can do at home. This is for teenage girls that look for a unique twist on a bracelet for friends. This bracelet is one of a kind, the colorful ropes would shine the friendship even better.

12. Adorable Donut Garland

Crafts for Girls Donut Garland

If you like a donut with decorative toppings, this sweet garland is a great accessory for the bedroom. The flat walls would be looking more interesting than ever. Yeah, it looks like that donut is ready to enjoy but don’t take a bite out of it. It can also be an option of birthday party crafts for girls.

13. Mason Jars for Bathroom Organization

Crafts for Girls Bathroom Mason Jars

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As we know, girls like things to be well-organized. So, this one might be the right craft for them. This mason jar craft would be very helpful for them to organize the bathroom stuff. They could separate the tools based on its use. For example, as you can see in the photo, four Mason jars with four different stuff inside. You can add labels on them.

14. Decorative Box Charging Station

Crafts for Girls Charging Station

This is what teenage girls need. In this wireless technology era, they would really love to spend a lot of their times with gadgets. This charging station craft would be very helpful and functional for them, They could charge their gadget in a decorative way. The cluttering wires are no more.

15. Lovable Mitts (Fingerless Gloves)

Crafts for Girls Lovable Mitts

This project will be challenging especially for girls who are new to this kind of crafts or the girls who don’t know how to crochet. They can actually learn step by step, it’s a fun project that worths trying.

16. Rotary Phone Succulent Planter

Crafts for Girls Rotary Phone

A rotary phone might sound so old school but it’s actually a pretty good option for your home decor. If you have a broken or unused rotary phone, just transform it into a planter. Then, the rotary phone would become useful again. But, if you do not have that kind of phone, well you do not need to buy the real rotary phone, that would be very expensive. You just have to get the toy one.

17. Illuminated Chalkboard sign

Crafts for Girls Illuminated Chalkboard

This is something that could add a dramatic effect to the wall. You can hang it in the living room or bedroom walls. When it’s in the living room, it’s like welcoming everyone over. You could set the sign with inspirational quotes or some words you like to impress your guests.

18. Ice Cream Sprinkle Shoes

Crafts for Girls Painted Shoes

You can DIY painted your white shoes with ice cream sprinkle. In the picture, it’s a white tennis shoe covered with rainbow sprinkles. It looks so cute on you, you can turn your old white tennis shoe into a more impressive and interesting ice cream shoes. You can do it just by adding little paints with different colors.

19. Folded Paper Bracelets

Crafts for Girls Paper Bracelet

A paper bracelet, some craft you need to try. With only some pieces of paper and a few origami skills, you will get this colorful bracelet around your wrists. The tutorial is needed in order to create this folded crafts. This will be fun activities you can have with the girls in a class.

20. Simple Button Pendants

Crafts for Girls Button Pendant

In order to make this craft button, you need to follow a few easy steps. These simple and elegant button pendants would be pretty around your neck. This is a unique choice of accessories. It’s also the things you could do to recycle leftover buttons.

21. Adorable Painted Pasta

Crafts for Girls Adorable Pasta

It’s about time to reveal another decorative food. This time is pasta. This is an actual pasta decoration. Cooking a meal is the activity that girls would enjoy, so being creative in the kitchen is the basic instinct of girls.

22. Leather Feather Earrings

Crafts for Girls Leather Feather Earrings

This is a special craft for teen girls. From teen girls to fancy women, they like to wear earrings as the head accessories. This kind of earring is pretty unique because it’s DIY or homemade. You can make it yourself with your own hand using feathers which are made of leather.

Final Word

There are still a lot more craft for girls ideas you can explore, but all of those ideas would be very helpful for you to decide which one inspires you the most. The best thing about making crafts for girls or for anyone is it gives people a little fun time with themselves. They can be relaxed, and recharged by doing something they love.

For girls, crafting is like their instinct. If they like crafting so much, they wouldn’t need to spend a lot of money on buying gifts for special ones. They can save their budget by making their own version of gift based on their creativity making crafts for girls or for anyone.

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