9 Fun DIY Birthday Cards For Special Person

For some people, birthday cards don’t matter as much as the gift. But, we think this special card really matters. It can be a special gift when it’s handmade and comes with a personal message. A lot of people will keep their birthday cards longer than the gift.

So, you’re gonna need some DIY birthday cards ideas for an extra special and thoughtful present for your friends and loved ones.

There are countless ideas for DIY birthday cards you will find on Google and Pinterest. Here, we’ll make everything easy for you because we gather all the best ones on this page.

1. Simple Washi Tape Birthday Cards

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Just by seeing the card design, we know that it’s definitely designed for adult people. It would be less interesting for kids or girlfriend. That’s why it’s a perfect card for daddy’s birthday. It’s very easy to make.

You will only need a few washi tapes that have different colors and patterns. You can simply stick the tape just like that. There you have it, a birthday card for your father which can also be a greeting card for father’s day.

Suggestion, just buy various colors of tape to make other kinds of cards for other celebrations like Christmas, Easter, and more.

2. Simple Happy Birthday and Colorful Buttons

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The soul of DIY craft is on this birthday card. You’ll realize just by looking at it. The concept is so simple. You don’t need a tutorial to make it. All the things you need to know about these cards are on the picture. You can quickly recreate this craft.

Write a “Happy Birthday!” on the card then draw the simple straight lines with various heights. The colorful buttons will resemble balloons. Add the name of the person to make the card more special.

3. A Cute Owl Holding Balloons

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It’s such an adorable idea for birthday cards. The idea is perfect for your kids’ birthday. They will love the look of that cute owl with its huge eyes. To give the sense of 3 dimensional, some thin ropes are included to connect with the balloon.

This idea can be your inspiration in the DIY project with your kids. A few crafty skills will be very helpful to achieve this adorable looking card.

4. Colorful Birthday Cards Printable Ideas

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In this modern era, people would have it printed rather than making it with their own hand. But, the design can still be made by themselves through the computer.

There are also plenty of birthday cards printable free on many sources. You can just google it. Because of the sophisticated method, a lot of people would go to this option. There are countless possibilities for dealing with cards that are made using a computer. That’s why it’s cool.

5. Birthday Cards with Hilarious Quote

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Writing a funny quote and image on a birthday card is the things between friends and siblings does. So, this one is gonna be a perfect gift for them.

For example, this funny birthday card has a cute cat that startles after knowing about your age. And then he says, “How old are you again !!” with that hilarious expression. That’s gonna be something that makes your friends laugh hard.

You can just copy this idea or you may search for more inspiration about what to write on the card. If you have your own funny quotes for your birthday friend, just write it down to make it more special for both of you.

6. Candles in Tunnel in Pop-Up Birthday Cards

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A candle is one of the main birthday items. It must be in every birthday party on top of the cake. Candles are part of the must-do rituals of the birthday party which is blowing the candle. It’s a special moment at the party. People usually make their wish right before blowing the candles.

The beautiful concept of this DIY card is “A candle inside tunnel” which is seen on the picture. It’s completed with nice words saying “To a friend who lights up my life” which will be loved by your friend.

For the record, it’s a pop-up card. When the card is folded, it’s just looking like an ordinary card. But, when it’s open, the 3-dimensional candles in the tunnel will pop up.

7. Rainbow Cake of Birthday Card

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For those who in love with a rainbow cake, you should give them this card for their birthday. The emerging rainbow cake looks so yummy. The bright rainbow color can really poke the appetite. This idea is very simple and making it is not that complicated.

You just need a white simple card that says happy birthday and 6 different colors that are applied neatly. Then, you can add some texture that makes it looks like a real cake.

8. Card Shaped Like a Gift Box

birthday cards box

This is the DIY handmade cards that will wow the birthday person. It shapes like a birthday gift box. This 2D gift box looks so amazing and you can make your own version of it. Just follow the basic steps of this birthday card idea.

You need to prepare a piece of patterned paper with perfect thickness. Then, the steps will include cutting, folding and accessorizing. There’s a special message that says “it’s a beautiful day for a birthday”.

9. Pop-Up Stars Birthday Card

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A card idea that resembles the beauty of stars in the night sky could be an amazing gift for your loved ones. A birthday gift should include things that the person’s like. This star festival birthday card will pop up immediately while it’s opening.

It could also be a perfect card for kids birthday. They will amaze with this pop-up star festival. The one you see in the picture isn’t actually DIY. But, it’s an ideal concept you can copy. It’s moderately easy to make but it needs some craft skills.

You can find the Pop-Up Stars tutorial in here.


Well, finding the perfect birthday cards ideas won’t be hard anymore. Before picking the card idea, you need to consider about the birthday personal taste. Give something that represents your relationship with the person.

Hopefully, you will find the best idea from those DIY ideas. You can even add some of your own creativity to make it more personal.

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