10 Fun Frog Origami Ideas To Have Fun With

A papercraft such as jumping frog origami is a lot of fun for kids. They will enjoy playing with it. Before that, you can ask your kids to join the making of frog origami. Origami method of craft is an easy and fun activity that everyone can do.

There are many designs of frog origami you can have for the DIY project. You need to choose the one with easy instructions so your kids will able to pull it off. Otherwise, you can choose the one with a more complicated method.

After it’s done, you can let your kids play with it. Besides kids’ toys, origami can be a piece of art that you can use to decorate the room.

You can make it as a frog garland that dresses up your wall. In this post, we’ve compiled various ideas of frog origami so you can choose the craft based on your needs.

1. Colorful Origami Frog with Tounge

frog origami video

This one is an easy peasy frog origami that you can make alongside your kids. You can make this colorful paper frog jump by pressing the back of the frog with your fingertips. This project is quite simple. Your kids will have fun making and playing with the frog.

To make one origami frog, you will need a square paper or an origami paper with the desired color. Then, you should have googly eyes and red paper for the tongues. They would set the character of the frog more real.

2. Easy Jumping Frog Origami for Kids

origami frog jewelry

Check out this simple and easy frog paper craft idea. Just by looking at the photo, we know that it’s got a simple shape and fold that would be easy to make. It’s a perfect project for kids. You can let your kids do it by themselves after you show them how it’s done.

The directions are easy to remember after they know how. This frog can really jump. It may jump further depends on how the pressure is.

3. Origami Jumping Money Frog

jumping frog origami video

This origami craft is proof that you don’t have to use a craft or colorful paper to make a frog. Even a piece of money can be an origami frog that can jump.

You can call this craft as a good luck money frog. You can even give this as a gift to your own kids or relatives. It’s a fun and impressive way to give money to other people.

It can a great ice breaker to impress your friend. In order to make one, you just need a piece of money and your two hands. Very simple isn’t it?

4. Cute Origami Chocolate Frog

origami frog instructions easy

It’s such a cute origami chocolate frog that everyone would love. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter movies, you may be familiar with the design of this frog.

The crafter of this frog was inspired by one of the snack characters from the movie. It’s a good piece of decor item for Harry Potter night you’re about to hold. The key to this chocolate frog is the paper pattern.

It’s required an editing software to make the exact pattern of the paper. You can make the color as close as possible to the one in the movie.

5. Origami Frog Face for Corner Bookmark

origami frog step by step instructions

This craft is so different from the previous one. It’s focusing on making the frog face in 2D because you make this as a corner bookmark. The cute and funny face of the frog would make this activity quite fun.

It can also be a cute gift idea for loved ones or friends. The frog face consists of eyes, mouth, and tongue. Make all the face pieces out of paper with different colors. You can also use markers to draw the face.

6. Frog Origami with The Lily Pad

directions for origami frog

Your kids will enjoy making this cute origami craft that can double as a playful toy. You can teach them how to fold an origami paper into a frog by following the directions carefully. Let them choose any colorful pattern they like for their frog.

You have to prepare a square sheet of origami paper, some cupcake liners, number stamps, and its pad. Other than the origami paper, they’re optional. If you just one to make the frog, you actually just need a piece of paper.

As you can see, there’s a stamped cupcake liner in the picture. For a fun game, you can ask your kids to launch the frog they’ve made into the liner that looks like a lily pad.

7. Easy Origami Project from WikiHow

origami frog directions

This easy tutorial of how to make an origami jumping frog is posted on the WikiHow website. It comes with some simple instructions that you can follow easily. First, you need to fold the paper into a triangle with the corner meets.

Then, fold it again half that size and unfold it. Next, you need to unfold the bottom edge to meet the center. Turn it over and fold the edges to get together in the middle. You are almost done from here. For a final touch, you can draw the eyes with a marker.

8. Origami Frog as Decor Item

frog napkin fold

This is the type of paper frog that can’t jump. It’s designed to be a nice decor for the table at the party. The choice of color is important to improve the festive atmosphere.

9. Unique Origami Frog by Japanese Crafter

origami frog lily pad

This unique origami craft is something else. It’s not like many others. The Japanese crafter named Toshikaxu Kawasaki made his own version of origami frog.

10. Complicated and Artistic Origami Frog

frog fold up book

This frog craft is unlike many others. All the crafts above are using only a piece of paper. This one requires a lot of origami papers to make. It also needs an amazing artistic skill and patience.


Finally, it’s time to make your own version of frog origami that’s inspired by all of those ideas above. Hopefully, it can bring joy to your family having a fun time together with crafts.

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