4 Ways Of How To Tie A Bow For Your Beautiful Presents

Everyone needs to know how to tie a bow so they can wrap the special gift beautifully. There are some methods of tying a bow depending on the finished look of the gift.

Some people think it’s hard to make a perfect bow for their present but it’s actually not as challenging as they think. A bow will add polish to many things like wreaths, presents, or any kind of decorating items.

In this post, we’ve compiled some methods of how to tie a bow according to the style. You can choose which one meets your needs to wrap up your presents.

1. How to Make a Classic Bow

how to tie a double bow
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This first method will show you how to make a simple classic bow that will impress everyone. Check out that full and elegant classic bow that looks perfect on your gift box.

The ribbon is just what you need to make a classic bow like this one. You can use a ruler and scissors to support. You can begin by cutting 15 inches of ribbon. Then, form 2 large loops to begin the tying step.

After that, you can just cross the right loop over the left one. Next, just bring the left one right under and go through. The final step is pulling the loops tightly.

You can see the detailed step-by-step on the Better Homes & Gardens website. Don’t forget to choose the matching wrapping paper. Well, Christmas is around the corner. You can use this classic bow to decor Christmas presents for the kids.

2. How To Tie a Bowline Knot

how to tie a bow tie video
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A bowline knot is one tying method which forms a look that won’t slip. This mothed of tying a rope is mostly used to tie around the waist of someone requiring rescue.

It’s perfect for adventure activity using the rope. Also, it’s easy to untie this kind of knot. You might be wondering, is it great for a gift wrapping?

Well, people don’t use it for a gift but that doesn’t mean you can have a bowline knot for your present. You can start by making a small overhand loop. Make it in the standing rope part.

Then, you can bring the end of the rope up through the loop. Bring it around, behind the standing rope, and back down through the loop, afterward.

The next step is to bring the working end back down into the loop that’s overhand. That would cause it to be exited the knot in the direction of the fixed loop inside.

For a final touch, you can pull the standing rope part away from the loop to tighten the knot. There you have it, a bowline tie for your unique and edgy style of gift-wrapping method.

3. How to Tie a Loopy Bow

bow tie knot
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In this part of the post, you will learn how to tie a pretty loopy bow for your presents. You can also make it for the displays, packagings, decors, and more. For that, you will need some ribbons, the wire, wire cutters, and scissors. That’s all.

how to tie a bow with burlap
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After you have all the materials in your hand, you can begin to curl the ribbon over. It’s the step to make a center loop. Then, you can make a pinch at the base.

how to tie a bow blouse
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After that, twist the tail where you pinched. That would cause the fabric’s front side facing up.

how to tie a bow for christmas tree
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Then, make the first loop by folding the ribbon under. Twist it to get the front side face out and keep the pinch in the center.

how to tie a bow tie from a regular tie
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Fold the ribbon on the other side of the first loop in order to make a second loop. Then, hold the loops and make them have the same length. You can twist and pinch the ribbon.

how to tie a bow gift
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It’s time to create the second set of loops by repeating the same method as before. Remember to keep them at the same length. Repeat the step until you have five loops on each side.

how to tie a bow for hair
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For the next step, you need a ribbon wire to tie the loop right through the center loop and around the back. Tighten the wire and make sure the tail is folded back.

Using the scissors, trim the ribbon to the desired length. Then, insert the tail through the center loop and set it as high as the length of the loop. Tighten it using the wire around the back.

how to tie a bow out of ribbon
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Twist it tightly in the center loop and you can cut the remaining ribbon tail to make it even.

how to tie a bow for present
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Make another loop up and down to make a full bow circle. Then, you can cut the top tail and make it even with the other loops.

There you have it, your very own loopy bow. It would make a great addition to any kind of package.

4. How To Tie a Simple but Perfectly Balance Bow

how to tie a bow belt
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When you don’t wanna spend a lot of time learning a complicated style of bow or knot, why don’t you just go with the simple one? It would be time-efficient and easy to follow.

Prepare the ribbon for the bow and find the center. Begin to make a loop on both sides of the center. Then, just tie a simple bow by crossing the loops over to create an X.

After that, bring the back loop forward under the X through the opening to tie the bow. Make a twist to the center and tails to make the ribbon’s right side exposed.

Next, you can tighten the bow by pulling the ribbon loops. You can shorten the loops by pulling the tails. Do it again and again until you get the right size you want.

There you have it, a simple but perfectly balanced bow to be a decoration of your wrapped gifts.


There are some other kinds of bow you can have for your wrapped gifts. Those 4 tutorials are some of the easiest available. After you’ve learned how to tie a bow, you will be able to make a nice bow in no time.

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