3 Easy Steps to Make Absolutely Stunning Paper Art for Kids

Kids are energetic and creative. They blow off steam by engaging with various kinds of activities including crafts. One of their favorite crafts is paper arts. If you are looking for some ideas to keep your kids busy and creative, here are some stunning paper art for kids ideas that are super easy peasy.

Post-It Notes Giant Dahlia Paper

Paper Art For Kids Post It Dahlias

Let’s begin with a beautiful yet effortless giant Dahlia paper.

Many people are dying for flower papers because they always make a spectacular backdrop of any events. Dahlia is one of the DIY paper flowers that is extremely easy. You do not have to be excellent at craft if you want to make one. Thus, it is really a great project for your kids.

Once it is finished, it will be nice if you hang it on the front door to show it off to your neighbors and passers-by. Your kids will be beaming with pride when knowing that their masterpiece can make a pretty good decoration.

Before making this super easy giant flower paper, get these following materials.

Supply List:

Paper Art for Kids Supplies

  • Glue.
  • Some 3” x 3” or 4” x 4” post-it notes in 3 – 5 different colors.
  • A cardboard or disposable plastic plate as the base. Cut it out to form a circular base.

Step 1: Shaping The Petals

Paper Art for Kids Shaping Post It

Shaping the petals is just a piece of cake. You only need to take one post-it note. Apply some glue to the sticky edge. Bring it and the opposite edge to the center so that it forms a cone.

Now you have a petal. Do the same thing to the other notes until you have 30 petals for each color. You might use 20 or 25 of them, but it is always nice to have some extras, right?

Step 2: Assembling The Petals

Paper Art for Kids Assembling Petals

Apply some glue to the bottom part of a petal. Attach it to the outer edge of the base. You can try flattening the bottom of the petal so that it can stay in place. Do the same thing to the other petals which have the same color until you have the outer row.

Next, make the inner row. You only need to do the same thing until you get 5 rows with 5 different colors for each row. Now your giant Dahlia is ready to amaze your neighbors. Full instructions available on Abbi Kirsten Collections.

Colorful Paper Bag Snowflakes

Paper Art for Kids Colorful Snowflake

Snowflakes are pretty and amazing. They come in various shapes and sizes with sharp edges. That is what makes them a pretty good decoration. Just let them hang above your kids’ bed so that they can stare at them while listening to bedtime stories. Now let’s help them with the supply list.

Supply List:

Paper Art for Kids Snowflakes Supplies

  • Scissors.
  • Glue/tape.
  • Some small paper bags. For a more attractive look, you can use any gift wraps of your choice and shape them into some paper bags.

Step 1: Stack and Glue The Bags

Paper Art for Kids Snowflake Glue

Take one paper bag and straighten it up. Apply some glue to one of its sides. Take another one and attach it right onto the previous one. Repeat this step until you get a stack of 7 paper bags.

Step 2: Cut a Pointed Triangle

Paper Art for Kids Cutting

Cut the open edge of the stack so that it forms a pointed triangle. Apply some glue to the surface of the stack.

Step 3: Shape The Snowflakes

Paper Art for Kids Snowflake Ready

Pull both of the sides together and bring them to the center. A snowflake is ready.

Wonderful Paper Snowflake for Your Decoration

Paper Art for Kids Snowflake Decor

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Holiday is coming and your kids are so excited. One of the best part of holiday is when you decorate your kids’ room together with them. And what makes it better is some handmade decorations made by your kids. They will feel proud when seeing their creation is hanging on the palate.

If you are looking for an epic DIY adornment that can be made together with your kids, you should try making a wonderful paper snowflake.

Supply List: 

Paper Art for Kids Snowflake Decor Supply

  • Papers. They can be cardstocks or copy papers. Just make sure that the papers are not too thick. It will be better if you use square origami papers.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.

Step 1: Cutting The Papers

Paper Art for Kids Snowflake Tutorial Cut

Take one origami paper. If you do not use it, you can use copy paper, then fold it diagonally and cut off the edge so that it turns into a square.

Fold the paper diagonally to get a triangle. Fold it again so that you get a smaller triangle. Make three cuts parallel to the open side (the opposite side of the fold). The cut closer to the edge should be the longest. But make sure you do not cut them off. Then, unfold the paper.

Step 2: Shaping The Petals

Paper Art for Kids Snowflake Petals

I know it may sound weird. A snowflake with petals? Well, they do look like the petals of a flower. Let’s get started!

Apply some glue onto the inner corner. Bring both sides together to the center and glue them together.

Flip the paper and bring the second corners together to the center and glue them together. Flip it again and repeat the steps for the third and the last corner. Make sure that the third and the last corners are rolled on the same side.

Now you get one petal. You need to make 6 petals to create a beautiful snowflake.

Step 3: Assembling All The Petals

Paper Art for Kids Snowflake Tutorial Petals

Place the petals in a row and make them face the same direction. Take two of them and apply some glue to the joints and glue them together. Then, join them at one end to create the center of the snowflake. Repeat these steps to the remaining petals until you get a full circle.

For the finishing touch, add a loose thread to the snowflake so that you can hang it on your ceiling. Isn’t it wonderful?

Paper art for kids is not that arduous, isn’t it? It is extremely fun, instead. Now you can get your kids to explore their creativity. Craft is a really great activity to make your kids busy and improve their fine motoric skills. It can also help you bond with them. It is much better than letting them sit while playing video games. Have a good time, moms!

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