Amazing 20 Simple Craft Ideas for Seniors and Older Adults

Crafting with older adults may differ from kids’ crafts activities. The kids usually spend about fifteen minutes to finish the art work. Otherwise, senior crafters will need extra patience and more time to finish even a simple craft.

They will spend more time-consuming to do the craft activities. Therefore, a very simple craft is very suitable for seniors. Here are amazing but simple ideas that can be applied while crafting with older adults. The following adult crafts can be used as home decor, wall art, and gift ideas.

1. Tutu Tree

Simple Craft Tutu

Decorating your room with a bloomy potted tree seems to be gorgeous. Just prepare a twiggy branch from your backyard and decorate it with tutu flowers made from soft tulle or tissue paper.

Add the bottom part of the branch with twisted soft fabric and glue it inside a pot. Twist soft tulle to make tutu flowers and glue them on each small twig of the tree. Starting from the lip, wrap yarn around the pot and make braided crown at the top. Tada! The tutu tree starts blooming your day.

2. Yarn Sea Octopus

Simple Craft Octopus

Yarn craft sea octopus is a great sea creature themed idea for seniors. This no-sew craft needs two different colored yarn, googly eyes, and a styrofoam ball. Create the octopus body by wrapping the ball with yarn. The more pieces of yarn you wrap, the thicker will be.

Make sure that the ball is perfectly covered by the yarn. Take another color of yarn to tie a bow at the bottom of the ball. Divide the leftover yarn into eight parts. Those will be the octopus legs.

Braid each part of the legs and tie a bow at the end of it. For a neat look, cut each bottom of the braided yarn. Glue the googly eyes and your yarn sea octopus is done.

3. Painted Tealight Holders

Simple Craft Painted Candle

Make your candles shine brighter by adding a cute design to your tealight holders. Seniors will do art-making with colored paints. Therefore, ask them to wear an apron and cover the area with a drop cloth.

Start painting your own design on the glass. Since glass paints are used in this craft, they usually need to be baked. Thus, the design of your painted tealight holders will be dishwasher safe.

4. Covered Tin Cans

Simple Craft Covered Can

Exotic food cans are suitable for making these crafts. Make sure that you have already removed the label and cleaned the tin. Start wrapping the tin with yarn until it covers the tin perfectly.

Use a transparent string and colorful buttons to make a string of buttons. Then, wrap the string around the yarn covered tin. To secure the string buttons, use glue to stick both ends of the string.

5. Felt and Wire Angel

Simple Craft Angel

This craft is the simplest activity for seniors since it only needs felt and wire. Draw the patterns of an angel (head, body, and wings). Cut two pieces of each part and sew the pieces together. Also, tie two small knots to make the eyes.

Next is preparing a piece of wire which is 14 inches long. Fold it into half and make a loop at the top. One inch loop is made by twisting the folded wire a few times. Then, slide the head and body up to the top of the wire. Curl the bottom part of wire, about one inch, for the angel’s legs. At the end, attach the wings to both the head and body.

6. Button Tree

Simple Craft Button Tree

Buttons are easy materials to be used as seniors crafts. The adults will be excited to make button tree. Hue three large popsicle sticks with green paint. Turn them into triangle shape by using hot glue. Make a trunk from a brown stripped scrapbook and glue it at the back of the tree.

Now, let the seniors to glue some cute buttons all around the tree. Use various colors and sizes of buttons for the sweetest look.

7. Yarn Baskets

Simple Craft Baskets

Seniors will love to do yarn crafting such as this simple yarn basket. Firstly, cover some bowls with plastic wrap, then turn it upside down. Cut a lot of strips of yarn which is 17 inches long. Make a mixture of glue and water to soak the yarn strips.

Drape the soaked yarn over the bowls until the bowls are fully covered. Allow drying overnight. Don’t forget to remove the bowls and peel the wrap before using the yarn baskets.

8. Halloween Tea Lights

Simple Craft Halloween

Turning ping pong balls into Halloween tea lights will need battery powered tealights. Cut a hole at the bottom of ping pong balls to be gathered with the tealights. Draw your own patterns by using a pencil so that you can erase easily if there is a mistake.

After you get the right design, thicken the patterns with a permanent marker. Now, the Halloween tealights are ready to light on!

9. Yarn Pom Pom Pumpkins

Simple Craft Pom Pom

Decorate your home with cute pom pom pumpkins is a good idea to give extra warmth. Take a folded cardstock as a base to coil the yarn. Keep coiling until you get a tick heap and cut the yarn from the skein. Slide off the yarn from the cardstock. Tie around the middle by using a piece of yarn (about 12 inches long).

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Cut all the yarn loops until you get a perfect pom pom. Do a little haircut to make a tidy look. Then, add a stem from a cinnamon stick. Use a green felt as the leaves and tie them on the top of the stem. For a finishing touch, add a felt flower in the center of the tied green felt.

10. Coffee Filter Turkey

Simple Craft Coffee Filter

Another simple project for senior crafters is coffee filter turkey. Start painting the edges of the filters with some colors as the turkey’s feathers. These painted filters are used to form turkey’s tail and wings. To make the head, wrap a small foam ball with a painted filter. For the face details, add a beak from orange felt and wattle from a red yarn.

Wrap a large foam ball with a filter to make the body. Next is glueing the head, tail, and wings on the body together. Your coffee filter turkey is finished!

11. Pineapple Lamp

Simple Craft Lamp

This home-based project is such really like a pineapple. The feature of the pineapple is formed by applying a lot of yellow spoon layers onto a squash bottle. You need to cut both sides of the bottle and also cut the handles of the spoons. Hundreds of spoons are needed to cover the bottle perfectly.

Color the spoons with acrylic paint once only to get an opaque look. Cover the bottle with spoons from the base to the top, layer by layer, until all spoons arranged well.

Additionally, use green cardstock to make the spines. Cut into shiny star shapes and spear shapes. Arrange the green spines and glue them on the top of the pineapple. After the pineapple is done, get a small lamp shade off your lamp and plug your pineapple lamp.

12. Suncatcher Craft

Simple Craft Suncatcher

Suncatchers as outdoor home decor can add beauty to your patio and yard. Turning some colorful glass gems into gorgeous suncatchers need only three supplies that consist of gems, plastic lids, and fishing wire.

First thing to do is spreading clear glue on the plastic lids to place the gems. You may also draw any patterns as desired. Follow the patterns while sticking the gems.

Let the suncatchers dry for about three days. After that, peel off the suncatchers carefully. Thread a piece of fishing wire through each suncatcher. Hang the suncatchers on the window.

13. Halloween Treat Bags

Simple Craft Burlap Halloween

Hand out a treat bag to trick or treaters is such an interesting idea. Cut burlap into rectangle shapes to make the bags. You don’t need to sew the burlap, just use a fabric glue. Fold the rectangle shaped burlap into half. Glue each edge, but let the top part of the bag open.

Decorate the bag with googly eyes, a felt nose, mouth drawn with dimensional black paint, and a raffia bow tie. This bag is perfectly matching to halloween crafting.

14. Pumpkin Seed Poinsettia Brooch

Simple Craft Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin seeds can be arranged into beautiful flowery brooch. You need  at least 40 seeds to make a poinsettia flower. To arrange the flower, use a circle cardboard as a base. Start gluing at the edge of circle and place the pointed seeds out. Place the seeds ring by ring and leave a small circle in the middle.

Paint the seeds with red spray paint and let them dry. After the red seeds dry, put navy beans into the center of the flower. To finish the brooch, add a pin at the back side of the flower.

15. Peanut Snowman

Simple Craft Peanut

This cute snowman is a great senior craft made of peanuts. Paint the peanuts with a white paint. Use colored paint such as red, purple and green to draw the hats on the top part of the peanuts.

On the face, make two dots for eyes and curved line dots as mouth. Tie a yarn around the neck for the snowman’s scarf. Hang them to decorate your room.

16. Socktopus

Simple Craft Sock

Make full use of old socks into a socktopus craft. Socktopus means an octopus creature that is made of sock. Cut the socks even from the front part. The front part will be the head. Turn the sock inside out and tie the top with a thread. Turn it back and fill with polyester filling.

For the legs, cut the bottom part into slices. Pull each slice of strips to make a curl and tie a knot at the end part. Roll the legs and place them inside the head. Make the neck closed by using another piece of thread. For the finishing details, add two felt eyes on the head and a scarf to the neck.

17. Flowery Button Tree

Simple Craft Flowery

Even older adults can create a button tree easily. You take turn to draw a tree silhouette on a thick card. Have the seniors add the colorful buttons around the branch. Use a glue to stick them.

Creating the foliage from colored buttons will give a bright texture to a tree. Use different color of small buttons as flowers and large ones as leaves. Your flowery button tree is done!

18. Pumpkin with Blings

Simple Craft Pumpkin

Although bling is related to the young, seniors also feel excited to make pumpkin with blinks. As room decors, you can put these blinged-out pumpkins around the corner of your house.

Start by painting a pumpkin with a black spray paint. Allow the paint dry and decorate the pumpkin with some assorted craft jewels. Enjoy the blings!

19. Snowman Mason Jar

Simple Craft Mason Jar

To emulate snow on the jar, you need a fluffy plastic material. Pick up a mason jar and spread Decou-Page around the jar. The thicker you make the layer, the more frosty snow will be. Coat the whole jar with the fluffy to make the snow.

After it dry, stick two black buttons as the eyes and a carrot shaped nose from orange clay. Put a decorative Mason jar lid before adding an earmuff. You need a white and red pipe cleaner to be twisted together. Fit to the lid by molding it into U shape. Stick two large red pom pom on both sides to finish the cute earmuff.

20. Mommy Bird Craft

Simple Craft Bird

Mommy bird craft will be an adorable decoration for your table. Prepare a vine nest, no need to make it, just simply buy in the craft stores. Put some specked egg candies inside the nest. Ask the seniors to make color painting with finger print onto a boiled egg.

Cut a beak, tails, and wings from patterned craft paper and glue them to the egg. The mommy bird is ready to be attached on the nest.

Those simple craft ideas are not childish, they are fun and easy adult crafts. Therefore, the seniors will be interested in making the projects. Those who nursing at homes will not get bored while they are doing the art craft activities.

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