20 Stunning Wood Crafts Ideas That You Will Adore

Decorating your house doesn’t always make you to be a big spender. Wood crafts are surely helpful in saving some cash since they are more affordable than any decorations made from other materials. Or, rather than to buy them, you can make the decorations by yourself, especially if you have hobbies with wood. There are plenty of wood crafts DIY tutorials on the internet you’re able to refer to.

This article provides a bunch of wood craft ideas which are perfect to be decorations as well. It gives rustic look to a certain room or even to the whole house. Few of them are available to be purchased online. All the lists are as follows.

1. Pallet Shelves

Pallet Shelves Wood Crafts

Old pallets are really cheap and easy to get. You can do almost anything with them, such as transform them into fast and simple pallet shelves. Around three hours per shelf is all the time you require. To match them with the room theme and decor, paint with any colors you see fit.

2. Wooden Mirror Frames

Wood Crafts Frames

This one craft is very simple. You don’t make the frame from wood, but add slices of wood to any common frames you already have. Use small diameter wood like tree branches and cut rather thinly to fit the frames. You will be amazed by how whatever frame can be transformed into something rustic for decoration.

3. Wooden Clock

Wood Crafts Clock

Clock kits are available in any hobby stores and most of home improvement stores. Buy it and find a very well piece of wood. Add the clock kit to the wood to create a fabulous wooden clock. It’s perfect to decorate your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom as it adds a nice texture and nature to a calm room.

4. Twig Candle Holders

Wood Crafts Twig Candle

Small branches and twigs can be valued as house decorations as well. Arrange them to surround plastic or glass candle holders using hot glue gun and make pretty rustic decors. To make the twigs secure enough, tie a bow around in the middle.

5. Wooden Mail Sorter

Wood Crafts Mail Sorter

Build a mail sorter made of wood and you get both mail organizer and wall decoration at the same time. A multifunctional tool is really in trend right now. Moreover, you can install some hooks at its bottom to store your keys. You get three benefits from one particular thing.

6. Ironing Board Welcome Sign

Wood Crafts Welcome Sign

If you have an old wooden ironing board, make it into some use. Or, if you don’t have any, you can find it at yard sale or flea market. The old board can be transformed into a welcome sign at the front terrace. Write a welcome message using paints and you have a unique way to greet people in front of your house.

7. Rustic Photo Ladder

Wood Crafts Rustic Ladder Shelf

This photo ladder idea is really one of a kind. You can display your pictures in a very unique way that not many people have it in their house.

Instead of using the actual ladder, make one from two long branches, probably as tall as an adult, and a few shorter ones. You can make the shorter ones into identical in length, or make them gradually longer, the first one is the shortest, the second one is longer than the first one, the third one is longer than the second, and so on. Nail all the branches after that to make a ladder according to your preference.

8. Wood Slice Bathroom Wall Hanger

Wood Crafts Wall Hanger

It goes well with blue bathroom walls due to the wood slices’ natural color. You’ll need some wood slices, all of them in similar thickness, thin ones are preferable. Place them on the walls geometrically or however you desire. Stick them with hot glue gun or wallpaper glue.

9. Tree Trunk Coffee Table

Wood Crafts Table

You can get coffee table in the most affordable way. Gathering a few tree trunks is all you need to do to have the material. It is rather unique to have them in different sizes and shapes. You can paint them with any color, but to make them to have the rustic look, leave them as they are naturally.

10. Tree Brach Chandelier

Wood Crafts Chandelier

Have you heard or seen one? This will be great as the lighting in any dining room and is a very easy project, too. You only need to hang the lights around the tree branch and plug the cord. It can be put on the deck as well during warm season to accompany you having barbecue.

11. Oversized Wood Slice Coffee Table

Wood Crafts Large Table

Simply put three or four large wood slice together to make a charming coffee table. No need to spend a lot of money with this one. You have to find wood that have great width. Cut the slices some centimeters thick and stack them at an angle to get a picturesque look. Have a few wooden blocks to be the legs and varnish it well.

12. Birch Log Coffee Table

Wood Crafts Log Table

Another stunning coffee table, but this one is probably the sturdiest of all coffee table made of wood so far. Find several logs and simply stack them together in a shape you want, circle is preferable. All the logs must have identical height to create a flat table surface. Secure the stack with twine or rope.

13. Rustic Headboard

Wood Crafts Headboard

If you love the country atmosphere, then give rustic headboard a try. It won’t disappoint you as it can give some new touch, at the very least. This project can be done with any material, but you will want old barn wood or pallet boards to give the rustic look. It is also recommended to give them darker walnut stain.

14. Wood Crafts Pallet Bench

Wood Crafts Pallet Bench

Pallets are the best wood for crafts. You can make them into almost anything. Pallet shelves seem great and so do pallet bench. This kind of bench looks fabulous inside the door, on the deck, or wherever place you desire. Sand and paint it after putting them all together. It’ll go well with any color.

15. Wooden Pallet Spice Rack

Wood Crafts Pallet Rack

Your kitchen will surely need this. Instead of having spices messy at one corner of your kitchen, organize them in a rack made of a pallet. You will need to make the shelf to hold your spice jars. Adjust the rack height so that it fits with all the spices.

Etsy.com has a rack similar to this. It’s pretty expensive but it worth the price. You can select one finishing out of these: natural finish, dark walnut, black, provincial, or weathered bare wood.

16. Wooden Backsplash

Wood Crafts Backsplash

If you have an empty wall in any of your room or kitchen, you can absolutely make it into a beautiful backsplash. Collect plentiful wood pieces and simply stick them to the wall are all you need to get it done. You will find that it makes a definite statement to the whole room as it focuses in natural element.

17. Wooden Coffee Cup Hanger

Wood Crafts Cup Hanger

A beautiful cup hanger can be made with ease of an old piece of wood and some hooks. Just install the hooks to the wood, color it with paint, and mount on the wall. This project only bothers you a little time and costs very little as well.

Scoutmob.com sells it online for USD110 if you prefer to buy it. You can add it to wishlist, and they will inform you later.

18. Wooden Stick Headboard

Wood Crafts Stick Headboard

If your bedroom is in desperate need of an update, but you’re on a budget, you can try this stunning headboard idea.

This headboard made of a bunch of medium-sized sticks. Attach all the sticks next to each other and using hot glue gun, adhere them to a plywood sheet or something similar to secure them tightly. To get a cross-eyed country looking bed, place them at the head of your board.

19. Tree Branch Privacy Screen

Wood Crafts Privacy Screen

When you want something that works both for keeping your privacy and giving rustic touch to your house, make this tree branch screen project. It’s super easy to make, no need to follow difficult instruction. You only need some thin wood strips and many branches or sticks.

20. Wooden Jewelry Hanger

Wood Crafts Jewelry Hanger

If you more of a messy person, then you must have this hanger. It helps you a lot in organizing some small things like jewelry and keys by hanging them. This wooden hanger is one super easy to create and gives you a real rustic touch.

You can use saw-tooth hangers for the back and even utilize a string of some sort attached to each end and hang it on a nail or hook. You might most likely find some good knobs at flea markets.

Though looked many, twenty is actually a small amount of number for wood crafts. There are still way a lot more of crafts than this article can provide. They are surely useful not only as mere decorations but also as the main focus of certain rooms. And wood won’t let you down as they will never fade away in trend.

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