25 Adorable Tissue Paper Craft Ideas You Can Make With the Kids

Tissue paper is adorable material for crafting. Not only it is very cheap, it also comes in a variety of colors. The most important part about this is you can do almost everything with it. If it gets damaged, no reasons to be down, because it is just tissue paper, everyone! A thing you can get easily and costs you very little.

A bunch of tissue paper craft ideas is what this article’s going to have. The list will surely be long since the idea to make something from this kind of material is limitless. But the list will be cut down a bit into twenty five points for your convenience. The lists are as follows.

1. Suncatcher

Tissue Paper Craft Suncatcher

Suncatchers are mostly seen hung in kindergarten classrooms with their many colors and shapes that make the children stand to be inside. However, you can also have some of these to be your window decoration. Only consider the shapes properly so that your house doesn’t look like those of playgroup rooms.

2. Flowers

Tissue Paper Craft Roses

Imitate flowers using tissue paper, put them in a cute vase, and give it to someone as a special gift on certain occasion. It will truly be appreciated. Any kind of flowers is not a problem, though rose is recommended thus lets you have toilet paper rose.

3. Fringed Flower Decoration

Tissue Paper Craft Flower Decoration

Fringed flower is perfect to complete the look of your wrapped gift, package, or wall art. By choosing the right colors, it can make something common into having the touch of elegance.

4. Straw Fish

Tissue Paper Craft Straw Fish

To make this decoration, you need straws to make the fish bone structure and tissue paper to make the head and tail part. Be creative and brave in choosing your own colors.

5. Earth Day Globe

Tissue Paper Craft Globe

As the name implies, this craft should be created in order to celebrate the Earth Day. The color selection must be of blue to represent the ocean part and green to represent the islands part. Add a smiley face using black marker or any pen and a red heart to show that you love the planet you’re living.

6. Love Brooch

Tissue Paper Craft Love

Show your love to your people, especially mom and grandma, by giving this small gift you create yourself. Make tiny heart shape on a cardboard, stick some crumpled tissue papers which comes in three different red shades, and attach a pin using hot glue at the back of it to make a lovely brooch.

7. Safari Animals

Tissue Paper Craft Animals

For this cute craft, you will need some animal printed tissue paper along with wiggle eyes and suction cup. The suction cup will make this perfect to hang on any window, be it cars, classrooms, or bedrooms.

8. Decoupage Sneakers

Tissue Paper Craft Decoupage Sneaker

Decoupage is in trend nowadays. People willfully pay so much to have this kind of craft, furthermore if it is applied on sneakers. Now, why bother to spend a lot of money when you can create one yourself? With the right decoupage solution, your sneakers will be wear-resistant even if you use them for months.

9. Canvas Art

Tissue Paper Craft Painting

Like has been mentioned earlier, tissue paper comes in so many colors. It lets them able to be turned into a painting. The tissue papers this project requires are the artsy type you find in craft stores, not the usually used as gift wrapper. Beside art tissues, you’re going to need canvas, water, foam brush, and scissors.

10. Fish Kite

Tissue Paper Craft Fish Kite

Fish kites, or more known as koinobori, are so popular in Japan. There’s even a koinobori festival to celebrate Children’s Day there. To make this unique kite as a tissue paper craft, you will need markers, glue, and a hole punch. The color selection of this tissue paper crafts ideas for kids should be of those that attract children.

11. Heart Card

Tissue Paper Craft Heart

It is another great way to show your loved ones how precious their presence in your life. The steps are similar to make Lovely Brooch, but instead of attaching pin, you will need a greeting card to be tagged along. The card will contain your deepest appreciation

12. Mini Pinata

Tissue Paper Craft Mini Pinata

Pinata is one of party favors. It’s a decorated container that mostly has a shape of big four-legged animal, like horse or even unicorn, and filled with candy or toys. Its aim is to be hit by people at the party using blunt object and in time it breaks, the content will fall out. Now, you can decorate the pinata with colorful tissue papers to get the fun fiesta look.

13. Baby Boots Candy Container

You can make a cute looking candies container with tissue paper in a shape of baby boots. Have them displayed at your baby shower and they will be the perfect party favor.

14. Confetti

Tissue Paper Craft Confetti

Confetti is needed in surprise party. It somewhat leaves the surprised person’s mouth slightly ajar. You are able to make the confetti using affordable and easy to get tissue paper instead of fancy confetti. Put the confetti inside of balloons and pop them out when your target is locked.

15. Mugs Decoration

Tissue Paper Craft Mugs

No need to spend a lot of money to have beautiful decorative mugs because you can decorate them on your own using very affordable and widely available materials: tissue paper. The result will be as outstanding as those for sale on stores.

16. Tissue Paper Craft Tassels

Tissue Paper Craft Tassel

Believe it or not, even tissue paper tassels are available for purchase both on online and offline stores. But rather than buying it, you should create them yourself. You can make them come in any color you desire and save some fortune at the same time.

17. Flower Crown

Tissue Paper Craft Crown

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Flower crown is a lovable property in princess themed photoshoot, especially for your little princesses. A fresh one is mostly the first thing that came to light. But fresh flowers have time limit until they become brown and withered. To avoid the problem, use tissue paper flower crown. It’s one of the best toilet paper craft ideas so far. You’ll surely live it.

18. Flower Headbands

Tissue Paper Craft Headband

This is another little girls’ favorite thing. Use any plain headband to make this DIY project, choose a happy color that suit your little princesses, and you will find them gladly smile from ear to ear.

19. Printed Photos

Yes, this is neither a lie nor hoax which too good to be true. People can print their photos on tissue paper. And so can you. Before you try it, prepare some tape, white tissue paper, printer, regular printer paper, and scissors. The recommended printer paper size is 8.5 x 11 inches. And you will only need one regular sized tissue paper to print up to four pictures. This is so adorable and creative.

20. Centerpiece Decoration

Tissue Paper Craft Centerpiece

Such a decoration will fits any occasion, be it New Year celebration, baby shower, graduation, birthday party, just name any. To shape the letters or numbers, you’ll need foam board. Do not worry of the bad cutting shape since eventually they’ll be covered up with colorful tissue paper, anyway.

21. Wall Art Display

Tissue Paper Craft Wall Art

This craft project may swap the use of photo booth backdrop in the future. The making process is easy and so is the installation.

22. Plate Decoration

Tissue Paper Craft Plate

Decorate you plates with printed tissue papers. This also a part of decoupage technique, and one of the best tissue paper craft ideas for toddlers. To print the decoration, you’ll need a tissue paper transfer, a paint brush, a mod podge, a sanding block, and a glass plate.

You can use a printed tissue paper according to your preference. It can contain a saying, quote, a random words or numbers, or patterns.

23. Glowing Campfire Craft

Tissue Paper Craft Campfire

With tissue paper and tea light, you can make this harmless campfire. It is functional to light your night, decorate table for camping themed party, or merely for your children’s pretend play.

The materials you need are a clear plastic cup, a tissue paper in fire colors like orange, yellow, and red, a Tacky glue, an LED tea light, a thin craft stick or a twigg, cotton balls, a brown construction paper, and a scissors.

24. Patriotic Flag Door Hanger

Tissue Paper Craft Flag

On the Independence Day, create this DIY project using a tissue paper and a styrofoam craft. The color selection should be of those which represent your nationality and country. For example, blue, white, and red for Americans, white and red for Polish people, and so on and so forth.

25. Jars

Tissue Paper Craft Jar

Make use of your empty glass jars into something crafty with the help from tissue paper. This is of course a part of decoupage technique. You will need a corrugated paper, a scissors, a white glue, a mason jar, and a paint brush. You’re not only functionalize some unused things, but also get to have some additional decorative storages.

Final Word

The DIY projects that this article contains, all aims for cost saving, and mostly make use some things that lying idle. Not to mention you can also polish your crafty side probably to the extent of those who are professional.

One main benefit of these tissue paper crafts is that you don’t have to be worry if they are broken or damaged in any way. Because it’s cheap, easy to get, and easy to create, you can simply replace the broken ones.

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