10 Popular Animal Crafts Children Are Madely in Love

Parents should be able to educate their children by playing with them using any stuff or toys you can use to deal with when your children are being naughty.

Animal crafts can be a clever way to teach them by telling a story children are keen to listen to. A fun activity can help children stimulate their skills. An inspiring story can also evoke children to be just like figures they hear in the story, which is good.

Don’t forget to ask your children to take part when making crafts, and let them be as creative as they can be. Let them learn by making mistakes when making crafts that will be good for their emotion.

1. Little Monkey

animal crafts for 2 year olds

Children love something that’s adorable, funny or interesting. Creating animal crafts out of cupboards can be a smart means to teach your kids about a story of kindness, generosity or heroism.

That’s the way how they learn something from. You can make them by using scissors, a utility knife and some glue. Parents should be involved with their children when making crafts not only let them play but also teach and give them a good example.

Ask them what kind of animals they love and want. Then help and instruct them step-by-step to make one. It’s good for children’s growth as they feel like you’ve been guiding them all the time.

2. Cute Owl Made Out of Paper Plate

animal craft kindergarten

By spending time together with your children, you’ll have a strong bond with them. Something that fun doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can still have fun with your children by making animal crafts with them.

It’s made from everyday goods or items you’re probably familiar with, I suppose. And it won’t cost you a fortune – it’s cheap, after all.

Steps to Make Paper Plate Owl

Steps to make this crafts are so easy. Firstly, you can either draw or glue something that looks like an owl’s feathers and add any colour you like.

Secondly, fold the two sides inside and then fold down the top. Consider to glue them down. Next, You can cut construction paper to complete the rest of the owl parts such as eyes, feet and crest.

3. Tiger Mask

animal crafts to sell

This craft will also not that complicated to make. It’s a mask made out of a paper plate, which is easy to buy in stores or markets.

You can simply colour the back of the surface and then draw or cut construction paper as it shown on the picture, or you can use your own imagination and make it as wild as you may want it to be.

Next step will be to put a stick so that you can hold it to put on your face. Don’t forget to make holes to let you be able to see.

A suggestion from me, when I was a kid I loved to make holes each side of the mask and put two elastic bands so I could wear it without bothering to hold it up.

4. Rope Snakes

animal craft ideas

Snakes are dangerous animals because they’re poisonous, but snake lovers would see them from a different point of view though.

They’d consider them as adorable creatures instead. If your children are in love with snakes and want to make snake crafts then this picture will give you a good example to make one.

How to Make Rope Snakes

Take 3 pieces of sisal rope with the same length. Use parchment paper and duck tape with different colours then wrap it around the whole body.

Tuck in a bamboo spoon to create the head. Draw or glue something to create eyes. Finally, cut a forked shape to create the tongue and tape it under the head.

5. Bottle Pig

animal craft activities

Bottles are ubiquitous. You may find them on streets or beaches. They can also be in your house too, right? If you have plenty of unused bottles in your house, then why don’t you make use of them as crafts. It can be a good way to keep the environment clean. And I’m sure you kids would love it.

6. Giraffe Box

animal adaptation craft

Many kids would love to see this tall animal with a long neck at a zoo. This herbivore animal has a unique pattern all over its body that makes it easy to be known.

If your kids love giraffes then you can create crafts for them using a milk box or any box. Colour it as your children would love to see. Voila!

7. Toilet Paper Roll Animals

make a animal craft

You perhaps will throw a toilet roll once it runs out. But after you read this article you might consider to have it a try. You can build this little cute animal with a toilet roll. And it doesn’t require a great skill to make it. Just wrap it with a construction paper and cut shapes that look similar to any animal you want and glue them.

8. Penguin Puppet

animal day craft

This funny penguin finger puppet looks so adorable, isn’t it? It’s made out of felt in several colours as you can see in the picture.

It’s not a bed idea to use a finger puppet to tell a story when it’s time to bed for your kids. They certainly will love if you can tell a story with a very expressive voice and mimic.

9. Zoo Animals

animal craft card

You can start to teach your children to love zoo animals by showing these animal crafts to them. The first question they’d ask you probably “Do you know how to make them?”

It means that your plan works, and you can continue to tell them that these animals can become extinct one day and how to save them.

10. Paper Bag Giraffe

animal craft easy

Here comes another giraffe! This craft comes in handy. It’s a paper bag craft. By looking at it, you know it won’t that difficult to make a new one, and of course, you can have any kind of animal your children like.

How to Make Paper Bag Giraffe

Make some circle cuts and stick on it. Some different shape for its ears and horns. Use any colours to make it look just like the animal you imagine it to be.

It’s important for parents to educate and guide their children with proper education, not just spoil them by giving them everything the want as they mightn’t really need it.

You can use any animal craft as a tool to tell them an inspirational story that they’d get inspired by. Do you know what’s your children favourite animal crafts?

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