11 Effortless Ideas to Create Playful Paper Craft Rolls

From trashes to crafts, toilet paper rolls can be turned into hundred fun designs or even more. Importantly, this repurposed crafting helps reducing the waste due to a massive pile up of toilet paper rolls. These materials are easy to paint, cut, and fold into various useful and playful paper craft rolls.

Encourage your kids to get involved in your recycled craft activities. Let them to embellish the paper rolls with crepe papers, pom-poms, and googly eyes to be more attractive.

Their creativity will be better, so they can do crafting by themselves. Here we present some paper craft rolls that kids can do.

1. Paper Roll Dragon Craft

paper craft rolls

Do your kids become fans of “How to Train your Dragon”? They will absolutely adore this paper roll dragon.

It’s so much fun since they can see the fire comes out of the dragon’s mouth while they are blowing the tube.

Before attaching the details, wrap the paper rolls with red and green construction paper. Pom-poms and googly eyes are for the dragon’s nose and eyes.

The fire is made from red, orange, and yellow tissue paper strips that glued inside the tube. Finish! Take a deep breath and blow!

2. Paper Roll Owls

black craft paper rolls

Have no idea to do a craft? Try to make paper roll owls. These cute owls are made from paper rolls, scrap papers, and glitter card stock.

Black and white foams act as the eyes. Draw and cut a half oval at the top of paper roll, do the same at the back side. Use the cut pieces as wings.

Patterned scrap paper which covers the roll makes the owl look adorable. Glittered beak and wings give sparkling effect. Display these paper roll owls on the windowsill.

3. Mini-Paper City

large craft paper rolls

Kids who keen on mini figures or figurines will be excited to create this mini-paper city. Construct houses and tall buildings with toilet paper and paper towel rolls.


Play with various colors to paint the rolls. Be creative to design the rooftop using construction paper. Don’t forget to draw patterns like zigzag or mini triangle on the roof.

Attach windows and doors on paper roll buildings. Cut the roll of the door and let the mini figures come in and out of the building.

4. Paper Roll Ladybug

toilet paper rolls craft ideas

This amazing paper roll ladybug has simple steps. Extra supplies you need are construction paper and wiggly eye stickers.

Those are used for covering the roll, making antennas and wings. Do a circle-shaped cutting to the red paper and cut it in half. Add dots to pattern the wings by using black marker.

Cut two black paper strips as antennas and stick them on the top. After sticking on the eyes, attach the wings. Your ladybug is ready to fly.

5. Toilet Roll Airplanes

Boys love everything that moves like planes, cars, and trains. Toilet roll airplanes will trigger the kids to create their own toys.

Transforming paper rolls into cool airplanes needs cardboard to complete the other parts of airplanes. This airplane craft uses a round head fastener as a shaft. It enables the propeller to spin.

The paper roll becomes the airplane’s body, so you need to attach the wings and other details. Paint and draw to accentuate the airplane. Get ready to have a fun flight with it!

6. Paper Roll Racing Cars

paper rolls craft ideas

Toilet paper rolls are available in large numbers. How to reduce them? Do recycling crafts will be more eco-friendly. Paper rolls that paired with colored paper, cardboard, and paint will be fantastic DIY racing cars.

Use the living room as a makeshift car factory and start assembling. Paint the rolls in different colors to get colorful cars. Make the wheels from cardboard.

For the seat, draw U-shaped pattern on the top, cut and fold it. Add decorative elements from colored paper as you like.

7. Toilet Roll Flying Fish

kraft paper rolls canada

Utilize your available supplies to create fish wind socks. This Japanese flying fish, as known as Koinobori is made from toilet paper rolls.

Colorful fish scales and tails are from colored tissue paper. Tie the fish by double knotting yarn onto a dowel.

The wind socks are not for hanging, but waving around inside or outside. You can swing the flying fish around the backyard and enjoy the beautiful sight.

8. Paper Tube Ball and Cup Game

craft using paper towel rolls

Familiarize your kids with this classic ball and cup game. This game is easy but challenging. Have the kids creating their own toys.

Use toilet paper rolls as the cups and big size wooden beads as the balls. Let the kids show off their art skills by drawing free designs on the tubes.

Use colored yarn to tie the ball and cup. This is such a simple game since the goal is to get the ball into the cup.It’s time to start the game.

9. Rainbow Butterfly

bulk kraft paper rolls

Transform an old paper roll into a rainbow butterfly easily with printable designs. Get the butterfly printable on the internet.

If you decide to color your own, ask the kids to paint the butterfly’s body and wings. The butterfly needs its wings to fly.

To attach the wings, make two incision cut on both sides of the roll. Apply glue while inserting the wings. The rainbow butterfly is perfect. Start fun flapping it around!

10. Paper Roll Chicken Craft

uline kraft paper rolls

Count on how many funny animals can be created with toilet paper rolls? Countless, of course. Chicken craft is one of funny characters you can make.

Colored construction paper completes the styles. Colored paper is cut to create cockscomb, beak, claw, and tails.

Attach blue, red, green, and yellow paper strips as tails. Also stick red comb, googly eyes, yellow claw and beak.

11. Mini Gift Boxes

kraft paper rolls cheap

Need a box to wrap in your gift? Create your own gift boxes instead of purchasing the new ones. Turn a toilet paper roll into a pretty box by adding patterned tissue paper and ribbon.

After the tube is fully covered with tissue paper, fold in both ends of the tube. The gift should be put inside first. Band the folded tube with ribbon and make a bow.

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Wrapping in the gift is totally fast and easy with this mini gift box. Hopefully, those crafty projects pop up your creativity to turn the waste into astonishing paper craft.

Kids and adults will be interested in crafting with toilet paper rolls. Paper craft rolls have endless ways to be decorated. You can transform them for anything!

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